Friday, December 4, 2015

Dec. 4: Liar, liar, pants on fire....

Yesterday, the Irving press carried the story that the province's chief medical officer, Dr. Cleary, had been put on leave against her will, had been forbidden to say anything about it. The digging Irving reporters let it go at that.

The same day, and before press time, CBC news announced the possibility that the reason may have been because Dr. Cleary was doing research on the possible dangers of a herbicide called glyphosate. Experts commonly regard it as a potent force in spreading cancer and other severe ailments. You can well imagine what effect it has on the birds and animals in our forests. (And the CBC doesn't run an item like that unless it has pretty good evidence.)

Glyphosate is now being sprayed on our forests, often by helicopters, by the Irving who just happens to be the Irving who owns the Irving press.

Being in a charitable mood, I assumed the Irving press would learn about this, and would surely report it in today's paper. (Actually, that's not true. I knew damn well they wouldn't report it.)

And they didn't report it. They did run another story about it today - but it doesn't mention glyphosate or the Irving connection. In fact, today's story is the same uninformative one as yesterday's story. Of course. There is no way this paper would run a story critical of J.D.Irving.

And it seems obvious the politicians and public servants are playing ball with the man who is boss of the province as well as of Irving press. He and his dynasty are the biggest problem facing this province. But few in this province will even talk about it - and certainly the Irving press won't tell us.

This is particularly odious because Dr. Cleary has been highly regarded as a chief medical officer and has, at considerable risk to herself, worked to help others. This is our thanks for all she has done.

Meanwhile, if an Irving were to flush his own toilet, his press would be opening a campaign for a Flushing Hall of Fame for him.

New Brunswick has no future so long as it allows the Irvings to have so much power.

For the past two evenings, I have been following the hysteria in American coverage of the San Bernardino shootings.  Suspicion was focussing on jihadists from the start. Then, when the shooters turned out to have names that sounded arabic, the hysteria exploded.  Look ----

The U.S., depending on how mass shootings are defined, has anywhere from one such attack every week to one such attack EVERY DAY. And the shooters have, almost all of them, been Christian and male. But we still get the same hysteria from politicians - Muslims are killers because it's from their religion.

I have no idea what makes Muslim killers. And I don't know if  any religion is a factor in killing. But I do know that the biggest killers in the last 500 years have been white and Christian. There are certainly the biggest killers in today's world. And I can't help noting that our clergy continue to remind our military that they are killing for GOD and country.

You know, think of this possibility. If you shoot and bomb people long enough, you have to expect them to shoot and bomb back. They kill innocent people? So do we. We're world champs at killing innocent people. Americans are also champs at killing their own people. They don't need jihadist help.

The churches (you know, the ones who tell us it is wrong to kill) have been almost invisible on this issue. The only major church figure I know of who has taken a strong, Christian stand on all this is Pope Francis. But I note the Irving press never says much about that part of his speeches.

Canada is not as generous as one could wish it to be. But it's a bastion of tolerance and helpfulness compared to the US which has been whipped into a frenzy of fear and hatred and racism by its news media and politicians. This is Hitler's Germany all over again. Why is this happening?
I suspect it's happening because important people in the U.S. want a war. A big one. US big business has dominated the world for close to a century and, especially, since  1945. It used the collapse of the European empires to expand its own after 1945. But the rise of American empire has not been as sweeping as the very wealthy wanted it to be.

The ambition to take China failed. The same was true of the attempt to get the former French empire of Indo-China. Despite massive superiority in weaponry and despite some of the most brutal killing this world has seen, the wars on Iraq and Afghanistan and Libya were really failures.

Add to that the colossal waste of money on the most expensive military machine in the world (and it also has the monstrous corruption of the military-industrial complex that Eisenhower warned about. All this creates an enormous debt that can never be paid. The American dollar is very close to becoming wallpaper.

As well, American society has become highly unstable. It is not an accident that killings by police have skyrocketed in the last five years or so. It is not an accident that so many Americans are homeless or in wretched poverty, and there is no money to help them. It is not an accident that while poverty is growing, the very wealthy are getting much more wealthy. It's not an accident that so many of the American people live in fear and hatred - of each other as much as of foreign attackers. It's not an accident that in their fear and hatred they are turning to demagogues.

Read the website "Project for the New American Century". That's one of the most important documents in history. It outlines the plan of American big business to dominate the whole world - now. It was the direct cause of the Iraq war. It was the cause of the war in Syria. And in Afghanistan. And the reason why the U.S. overthrew the elected government of Ukraine.

But the U.S. nation is in serious political, economic and moral decline. Worse, in the very near future, China will be well ahead of the U.S. as an economic power. And, unlike the U.S., China does not have a huge debt. In fact, China is a major holder of the American debt.

Economically, most of the NATO countries have the same problem as the US does. They are in decline.

The very wealthy of the U.S. need a war - now. Not because this is a good time for it - but because the time can only get worse. It's now or never.

That's why Obama has shown little interest in negotiating with Russia and with Syria about the Syrian war. A peaceful settlement of that war would leave Russia as a powerful presence in the oil fields that American oil barons want.

This is probably why Britain and the U.S. have sent jet fighters to patrol the Turkish border with Syria. The Russians have to attack that part of Syria because it's a major holding for ISIS, and the avenue for the export of oil by ISIS, and the source of weapons for ISIS.

But the only intrusion into Syrian airspace was for 19 seconds - if it happened at all. And there was no attack on Syrian positions. So, why add British and U.S. jets to patrol that area when such a move is made to order for an 'incident'?

Because the Americans who really rule the land of  'the free and the home of the brave' want an incident for a war with Russia.
I've barely made a start on all the information I have. But I'll have to continue that tomorrow. I also have some thought provoking stuff on the relationship betweent scientists and jihadism, on the possible reason for the inability of our economic leaders to think, on Gwynne Dyer.....
That doesn't leave me much room to talk about the Irving press. But that's just as well. There's almost nothing in it.

The headline, that the provincial Liberals intend to compensate the very wealthy if the federal government raises taxes on them, warmed by heart. But it really doesn't mean anything because the very wealthy probably don't pay much of their tax in the first place.

The really big story is lower on page 1. Apparently, some 23 priests in Bathurst diocese  have been accused of sexual abuse of children over the last 50 years. The Roman Catholic church has been, to put it mildly, gentle on this just about all over the world. And I remember Catholic friends telling me stories about teaching brothers in the schools.

Obviously, the church has to take some very public action on this. But, as much or more, it has to reconsider the nature of a faith that thinks sex is abnormal and anti-Christian. As the rules for religious orders are now, they almost invite abusers to join them.

The editorial and Norbert offer the government financial advice which is abusive to most tax-payers, and which is some 90 years out of date. Come on, kids. How much do the wealthy of this province cost us? How much tax do they actually pay? Should we agitate for government action on hidden bank accounts?

The Commentary page is all good. Particularly interesting is a column by Patricial Graham who is ombudswoman for the Brunswick News. The news ombudsperson is an expert on what the accepted rules of journalism are; so it's interesting to see how she reasons on an issue.

Her column replaces the regular one by Brian Murphy. The bad news is that Murphy will be back next week.

The best page in Canada&World is B5 with photos of people nobody has ever heard of holding up giant-sized cheques.


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