Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Dec. 1: Wow!

There are three BIG stories in section B on the climate talks. One is about Trudeau, one about Gallant, and one about Obama. None of them has anything to say about anything significant at the talks. All three together in, say, one column would still be a waste of space.

The real story is that in China and India people are dying right now because of the heaviest smog yet. It's so bad in some cities that visibility is close to nil. And no-one can breathe outside without a nose and mouth filter on. It's worse in those countries than in most because they both rely heavily on coal.  But that air doesn't just stay in India and China. It's helping to melt the Arctic, to destroy animal life all over the world, to destroy environments.

 But we don't get that news. We get a headline of "PM tells world climate change fight begins at home." Boy, talk about action....

If I can pick up on a theme expressed by the editorial writer in yesterday's paper, maybe we should get rid of all these politicians and civil servants. Let's hand this problem over to our leading 'entrepreneurs' in the oil industry.

Funny thing, though, the oil bosses don't seem to know there's a crisis. I mean, if they did know, they surely wouldn't be building a crude oil pipeline to St. John, and they surely wouldn't be fighting wars to get control of middle east oil.

Has any editor at Irving press thought of doing a story on that? I'm sure that if Mr. Irving knew about the crisis, he'd get out of the oil business right away, and be leading the struggle to find sources of renewable energy.

There's really only one story worth reading in all of Section B. It's a very large story, on B1, about domestic violence. in fact, it's so large it's almost a page and a half.  Now,  the Vice-President of Irving news, a young man who moved from cub reporter to VP of the whole chain in a remarkably quick time, has an Master's degree in journalism. And his name is Irving so he must be super-intelligent. But he must have missed the first-year class in journalism when students are taught that few readers read all of any story. And even fewer read all of a very, very long one. I doubt whether more than a couple of percent or readers will read all of this one - which means printing it is largely a waste of time and paper.

There's nothing about Syria, Turkey, Yemen, where we are on the edge of world war. There's nothing about Asia where the burning of fossil fuels is already killing people. There's nothing about Latin America where the American empire is rapidly moving us into danger.

There's nothing about the International Monetary Fund which has just accepted Chinese currency as a reserve currency, putting it within reach of replacing the American dollar in international trade. The U.S. dollar is already weak because of the corruption in the U.S. and because of lavish military spending - not to mention the cost of bailing out its major bankers to cover their criminal behaviour. This could be the beginning of the end for the American dollar.

There's nothing about Europe which is becoming unravelled because of its  racism, and is sufferinig from its own economic decline, a decline made worse by the greed of its major financial houses. As a result, countries like Greece and Ukraine are already in hopeless poverty, so hopeless that serious violence is a sure thing.

Meanwhile, the U.S., the country that created ISIS, along with sweethearts like the King of Saudi Arabia who has supplied it, too, is refusing to offer Europe any significant help in caring for the victims of oil greed who have had to flee their homes.

Alec Bruce has as good column on the importance of refugees  to Canada. But he is a little kind to Canada.

This country has a long, cruel and brutal record of racism. We know, or should know, about our dreadful treatment of Jews, Africans, Hindus, Chinese,  Japanese, Ukrainians - just about  everybody. Those Irish who fled here from the great famine found themselves dumped into dreadful slums for generations. There are many Irish Canadians still alive who remember the discrimination they suffered.

And, of course, we created refugees of our own native peoples, but left them no place to flee to.

However, it's quite right to say that refugees have enriched the life of Canada. And it's quite true to say that the Canada we live in was built by refugees.
I'm a bit lost today, because I have so many sites with information that isn't in the Irving press.

The first is the CBC report on a pill that made the news when the drug company bought the rights to an old pill which is still essential at one pill a day to lives. It cost about $7 a pill. But once the drug company got it, it raised the price to
$750 for ONE pill.

'Entrepreneurs' are people like the rest of us humans. And, like some of us, some of them are insanely greedy, and with no care for human life. That's why, even as most of the world knows that climate change is happening, we are still going to get a crude oil pipeline through this province. And we are still going to get fracking.


This is been a weak blog as well as a late one because some hours ago, I lost it all, and have just been able to get it back again at this late hour. I also am finding it hard to express how dangerous our situation is, how very big capitalists are replacing governments, how greedy and irresponsible they are, and how the U.S. has fallen in its political leadership. In fact, there is no difference in policy between George Bush, Obama, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. American policies are set by big money. And big money thinks of nothing but its own greed. It is willing to murder millions. In fact, it has already proven that; and it's prepared to go much further.

Contrary to what yesterday's Brunswick news editorial said, we need more governnment - much more - not less. And we need less fear and hatred of others. We are living through the most dangerous period in history; and there is nowhere to hide.

But it's late. And I need sleep. And I need time to think this through in some sort of order. So I'll give it a better shot tomorrow. And I'll try to get in all the sites I had listed for today.

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