Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Nov. 24: This may be late because......

..... I had prepared for a day of good news with the major players seemingly coming to an agreement to end the Syrian war. Then I read the news that Turkey had shot down a Russian aircraft. There isn't nearly enough news about this to offer any interpretation of what it means. We can, though, be almost certain this is a dangerous situation for the whole world.

Turkey has been a main support for ISIS from the start. Turkey is the one that was accepting Syrian oil for export sales to fund ISIS. Turkey has also been a major supply route for weapons and other supplies to ISIS.

Was the plane shot down in Turkish airspace? If so, it was scarcely raiding Turkey. It was, at worst, on the border. And, according to Russian claims, it was still over Syria. Where, exactly is the wreckage?

If it was, very slightly, over the Turkish border, was shooting it down either wise or necessary? It could have been warned off first. Oh, I know. Turkey had a right to shoot if it was over the border. But would a sane person shoot at such a small overflight - knowing that it could trigger a world war?

Who authorized this? Was the government of Turkey notified? Was Washington notified? Did either government approve of this?

A great deal of the future, our future, rests on the answers to these questions

Nor is it possible to figure who is on each side. In many cases, each country is fighting its own war for its own purposes.  Turkey  has been supporting ISIS - possibly so ISIS will destroy the Kurds. The U.S. has been remarkably gentle in fighting ISIS. How gentle is revealed by the speed with which Russia has been destroying it. Why was the U.S. so gentle? The answer is surely obvious. ISIS was the American tool to destroy Syria.

The Middle East is wars within wars. The U.S. wants absolute economic control over that region and the whole of Africa. Russia wants a strong presence in the region to counter U.S, economic control. Britain and France both want to restore at least some of their old, imperial power by getting back a share in the looting of Africa and the middle east. Belgium, too, has a greedy finger in that pie.

Most of NATO has nothing to gain by this war. From the start, NATO has been little more than a name for the American empire in Europe, and a means to place nuclear weaponry right on the Russian border. Canada would be a fool to get involved in such a NATO war. And I'm quite sure many NATO countries feel the same way.

This is all about greed and money. Nothing else. We are creating an Africa and a middle east that are fundamentally unstable, and will remain so for the foreseeable future. The West is doing exactly what it did for centuries in China, India, The Phillipines, much of Asia.

The Iraqi war destroyed the Iraq nation. It no longer exists except as lines on a map. The same is true of Libya, of Afghanistan, and is probably true of Syria. We have killed millions, and taken all hope away from tens of millions, both those who flee and those who stay.

Those who stay will probably turn to extreme forms of their religion, a common result of such wars. That's why the French of Canada turned to massive support of the Catholic church AFTER the British conquest. That's why our native peoples struggle so hard to retain their traditional religions.

These wars are not fought to bring benefit to any but a tiny number of people. And, in order to encourage us to carry out this mass slaughter, we are encouraged to hate the people we are killing - often because of their religion. For examples, just check your daily news.

By giving power to people who think only of money, we destroy not only our victims but, in the final stage, ourselves. That is what has been happening to Europe since 1914. And there are strong signs it is happening in the U.S.

And it's infectious. Read the Irving press. Notice how much of the news and opinion is about money - and very little about the needs of the people who live here.
I'll talk only briefly about the Irving press. When I saw its idea of the big   story of the today's headline, well, ....."Couple reroutes honeymoon in  wake of terror alert in Belgium." On another page, we have the breaking news that a local men's wear store is moving.

There's a good column by Dr. Pat Mansfield on the importance of palliative care; and a good one by Alec Bruce on why we need immigrants.

Section B, Canada&World, has a shocking story that Irving Shipbuilding did not get a contract it wanted. Well, I never....  I mean, I can understand leaving feeding the hungry up to volunteer food banks. But,  you know, the Irvings are real people.

And that's pretty much it for world news. It was surprised the big news story from yesterday didn't make it into the Irving press. However, it did make The Guardian.

In brief, the columnist says that information is still very scarce. But it places in danger what I had planned to write of as the good news of the day - the peace talks to end the war in Syria. At this point, any mistake could be a disaster. I well remember the last time such a crisis as the threat of a nuclear war happened. It was a showdown between Russia and the U.S. when Russia was trying to ship nuclear missles to Cuba. Everyone was gripped by the terror of that. Curiously, there is little reaction to this crisis though it is at least as dangerous.


As well, a reader has sent me a whole bunch of sites that look at this from a range of viewpoints.






Is there a role for Canada in all this? Yes. But it would be both useless and foolish for us to send our military to help either side. Our military is not big enough, and it's not well-equipped enough, to make any difference in such wars as are happening.  And if we go back to using our military that way, that really means we can only fight on the U.S. side. That would make us continue as what we are, a small branch office of the U.S. war machine.

Nor, of course, am I suggesting we should send troops to fight the U.S. But there is an important, useful (and vital) role we can play. Back in the Lester Pearson days, we made the Canadian military into peacekeepers. They proved valuable in preventing a number of wars that could have been fatal to us all. They also gave Canada an international status and respect that we have since thrown away by acting as trained canaries for the U.S. We did it most disgracefully when we sent our "peacekeepers" to Haiti. It was really a mission to make the American invasion of Haiti seem respectable.

The world really doesn't need more killers. It needs a military that can prevent killing.
I have much more. But this blog is already too long. So I'll include just two more sites. One of them is an article by a widely-travelled man from Sevastapol in Ukraine. He's an experienced journalist, and one who can be very fair-minded and objective in evaluating people.


Finally, go to google. Type Los Angeles Homeless images

There are now over 60,000 homeless in Los Angeles county. It's really quite a comment on a nation which decided that freedom means freedom to make as much money as you can - and keep it.  Freedom is coming to have much the same meaning in Canada. having little  to do with the rights of people or their needs.

For proof of that, read the Irving press.


  1. apparently there is a zone of about 10 kms from the Turkish border to inside Syria where the Turkish supported al Nusra fighters are. It appears that the Russians were targeting these anti-Assad fighters technically inside legal Syrian airspace.

    Also, the son of Erdogan is either the buyer of, or broker for, the oil ISIL/ISIS/Daesh is selling. The US has avoided targeting these convoys of oil tankers until Putin called them on it last week (or was it 2 weeks ago?).

    I suspect Turkey will get a good spanking from NATO for this.

  2. Today I watched an excellent 10 part series on an interview with John Kiriakou, an ex CIA operative who was imprisoned for admitting on the air that the US uses torture. I think you'll find it interesting since he says a lot of the topics you talk about in your blogs. US invades for economic reasons and after they're done with Iraq and Syria they'll move on to invade Iran as an example.


    The videos are on the right hand column if you have the time, watch from the bottom up.