Friday, November 20, 2015

`Nov. 20: Problems

Strange things have been happening to my computer in the last month. One of them is the tiny print on this page. All the problems are different, and all are problems I have never had before. I have no malware. This page has small print, and lots of garbage lettering. I am beginning to think I must be somebody's target. The major part of this blog is a look at the origins and financing of ISIL. There are surprises in it. On page A4, fearless Irving reporters dig deep to reveal the salaries of First Nations Chiefs, and how they're getting six-figure salaries. The story makes quite a fuss about that, also making the point that poor Mr. Gallant gets only a little more than the top-paid chiefs. In fact, only four of fifteen chiefs made six-figure salaries. As well, much of their salaries do not come from the tax-payers. This is a story with a misleading headline and with loaded writing.

However, It's nice to see Irving reporters really digging to get the truth. Now, could we have a story on the annual earnings of Mr. Irving and  his friends? And can we know what taxes they pay on those earnings?  And, of course, we need to know about how much of their earnings never appear on the record because they go straight into discreet, overseas banks?

And the rest of Section A news is of equally high journalistic standards.
The editorial makes a sensible case for legislation against adults who carry imitation rifles while walking down the street. That's not one of the really great challenges facing our society. But it's better than the usual editorial.

Norbert has very interesting and well-written one about the 'invasive' species we so often hear about in our forests and waters. One of his best.

Murphy's column is small-town boosterism. The guest column is a piece of propaganda from The Fraser Institute, the favourite reading of billionaires.

Alec Bruce's column looks like cheerleading for the Energy East pipeline. Somehow, he still cannot grasp the point. Climate change is real. We don't know how much time we have to deal with it. Making a long term investment in oil from Alberta will speed up climate change. And it will speed it up whether that oil is burned in New Brunswick or Maine or China.

To make an investment in something that we know could destroy us is insane. And it takes money away from the renewable energy sources that we need to develop as soon as possible. That's not a tree-hugging statement. That's just trying to keep us alive. We've know this for decades. Washington was first warned about this fifty years ago, and almost nothing has been done.
Again, about a third of Canada&World News is devoted to Paris. And I haven't yet seen any stories about France's history of slaughter and looting (especially of Muslims), or their flirtation with Naziism, or the fact they've been bombing Syria for over a year, or the fact that it was France that illegally supplied ISIS with weapons. Nor have our two-fisted, probing journalists made any mention of Saudi Arabia's long-known financial support of ISIS, and there seems no interest in tracking the story that G20 nations have been giving ISIS money, and none on why the U.S. and Turkey allowed ISIS to export oil for so long.  No, it's all flag-waving and sympathy, and tears for the French who are being picked on by those evil Jihadists. In general, the media have been profoundly racist in covering this.

We are being set up.

U.S. politicians are now demanding that no refugees be allowed into the U.S. Expect them to put heat on Canada to keep them out, too. And expect Trudeau to cooperate.

By the way, where did this jihadist uprising come from?  Well, it came from the U.S.

We have to go back to the Clinton years, and even a bit earlier. Russia  had invaded Afghanistan. The CIA saw the chance here to inflict a defeat on Russia.

The most warlike Afghanis were the very religious ones who had a narrow view of what Islam was - something like Protestant fundamentalists in that respect. So the CIA armed, supplied and trained those Afghanis to fight the Russians. And those Afghanis one.

And that was the origin of jihadism as a military force. Later, the CIA would seek its cooperation in the form, for example, of al Quaeda and then of ISIS, to destroy Syria. (All of these groups are closely linked, to such a degree that they're really all the same.) That may help to explain why the U.S. has not said a word to Saudi Arabia about its funding of jihadists. The U.S. has been using jihadists for years for its own purposes. That probably explains why the U.S. did not block ISIS oil shipments. It wanted Syria destroyed and Assad out so that American oil companies could control the middle east, a plan that seems to have gone off the tracks.

Similar approaches have been used in other countries. The U.S. has, for example, created similar crises in Latin America, arming and supplying local dissidents. That's how it got rid of Aristide, the democratically elected president of Haiti. That's what it tried to do with Cuba.

The western press is doing what it always does. It's building hysteria all over the western world.  I suspect Obama would like to cool it. But it's the multi-billionaires who own most of the news media.

Meanwhile, millions of refugees are still on their way to Europe. The hysteria there is going to create a breakdown even of those countries willing to accept them (countries which are becoming fewer every day.)

We have are creating one of the biggest tragedies in history. And we're creating it because oil barons   don't have enough money. (And they never will have enough

I can't erase all the inserts because, if I do, the screen turns pink. And an apology. I refered to a "black flag" operation. I should have said "false flag". I intended to write more today. But I'm afraid that if I true, I'll erase all I have done. I'm even afraid to correct tht misspelling of try and of that.


  1. "To make an investment in something that we know could destroy us is insane." Agreed. Yet despite 6 years of collecting stories about climate change, I am still unconvinced that anything more than scaremongering is going on. Therefore I submit that however misguided you think their analysis, they too do not buy into disaster scenarios. Rather, I am cynical enough to think another energy control ploy is in play which might well exacerbate price increases when the shit hits the fan for energy crunch at the next Maunder Minimum...freezing the poor. In any case, the UN is engaged in a program which will give them a lever on energy markets via a tax on resources. Some natives have picked up on the problem that monetizing 'carbon sequestration' leverages control of forests and jungles away from inhabitants of the regions to corporate machinations around an illusory market - a hotbed for fraud and resource theft. Germany and Spain have had sad experiences with alternative power generation for the grid. Renewable is subject to games as well : check out the back story on automotive NiCad batteries developed for the GM EV-1 but hobbled by patents picked up by Chevron.

  2. Oh, you're so right. I think all those scientists all over the world are just communists - and possibly Muslims. And I h aven't seen any glaciers melting in new Brunswick. Have you?
    Of course not.
    Like you, I trust those nice people in the oil industry.

  3. Oh, you're so right. I think all those scientists all over the world are just communists - and possibly Muslims. And I h aven't seen any glaciers melting in new Brunswick. Have you?
    Of course not.
    Like you, I trust those nice people in the oil industry.

  4. If you check out meteorologist and TV weathermen as sources for alternative comment. you will find they have been muzzled. Retired NASA scientists have made deprecating comments about the 'science' behind the supposed action of a trace gas regulating the water cycle. Nor are the histories of people like Denis Rancourt, pilloried for his 'Denier views of both kinds, reassuring when assessing the reliability of what is really no more than Appeal to Authority. The people in the oil industry I most suspect would be the inheritors of the types of machinations which controlled coal from Newcastle for centuries ; domination of an area by the Hostmen by controlling energy supply. The BBC had some really strange instructions on reporting of 'climate' news...resulting in shortage of snowplows, etc. in recent years because of planning around a premise of warming.
    Do I think scientists are communists ? Nope. But I would rather communicate directly and started when science writer Dr. John von Kampen praised my notes Dec 1 2009 when I first posted a WTF reaction at my then My Opera blog. It was a short hop to explore the reality of what is often castigated as blanket 'Denial' and close mindedness without the courtesy of substantitive examples. Prejudice seems to be going around,in that case. See what you think of articles at Global Research and JoNova, remembering putative ties to big oil are an easy cop out...but just as easily total nonsense.

  5. Oh, well, if TV weathermen says climate isn't warming, they must know. And I certainly don't believe big oil would ever, every lie.

    What do you think about this crazy idea that the world is round. I've travelled a lot, but everywhere I've been it's flat.