Friday, November 20, 2015

Nov. 20: Brief explanation.

The real post for Nov. 20 is below this one. In the real November 20 post, I apoplogize for errors and for the tiny print in the post. For the last month or so, my computer has been giving me problems I've never had before. In writing the Nov. post, it was astonished at the miniature print and the meanningless letters scattered through it. But when I tried to correct them, the screen just turned pink. Thus, I tried publishing without taking out the garbage letters. So I decided to make no corrections, even to my errors, and to publish it with an apology at the start. To my amazement, the published form was perfectly normal (except for the spelling errors I had made but was afraid to correct. That's why it looks odd. I hadn't quite finished it, either, but was afraid to finish it for fear of losing everything. Graeme Decarie p.s. please look at the post below this one, also dated Nov. 20.

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