Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Oct. 6: Wow! Wow! Wow!

The Trans-Pacific Trade Partnerhip was signed just recently - in fact, not long before today's paper went to bed. It must be hundreds, perhaps thousands, of pages long. Most people would take days to read that. And then, they'd need  teams of experts taking weeks to figure out the implications.

But that would be most people.

Here, in New Brunswick, we have people who are not most people. It took  our provincial minister    of busy stuff, Rick Doucet, only minutes to pronounce this deal a great success. The reporter continued that theme, even though he's never even seen the deal. And ditto for the editor who decided, in what cannot have been more than minutes that this was all honey and roses - and the big banner headline for the day.

Somehow, the story doesn't mention a part of the deal which could have a big effect on New Brunswick - and the world. That's the part that gives corporations to right to sue Canada if it tightens any of its very slack enviromental regulations. And they can sue forever and ever, even if it's discovered that some forms of business activity will be fatal to life on this planet.

This is Norbert's dream come true, a world controlled by a hundred or so billionaires.                              

Oh, and if this is such a hot deal for dairy farmers, why does Harper say he's going to give the industry 4 billion dollars? Just a big-hearted guy?

It's going to take quite a while before we understand this deal. And we will never understand it reading the Irving press.

That right for corporations to sue us even if it's proven that people are dying from the effect of their activities means we're giving up the right to run our own country. In practical terms, Canada will no longer exist. And, in reports that are not in the Irving press, I note that the international drug industry will get the power to raise our drug costs by billions each year. We can also expect massive privatization of government services.

International capitalism is on the edge of getting the power to do whatever it likes.

A2 tells us the government is hosting open houses to get our opinions about what should be done to improve reading, math and science in our shools. Great idea! We could use the same principle to determine how doctors should conduct operations in hospitals......just call a meeting for the general public, and follow the advice of whoever turns out.

On A4, we learn that  the Moncton Chamber of Commerce is holding a federal election debate.But only local business owners and operators will be allowed to ask questions.

Get stuffed, Chamber of Commerce.

de Adder's cartoon is superb.

The editorial is decent.

Norbert again discusses the provincial economy without mentioning those very wealthy people who seems to get a good deal of government welfare - and whose tax records are murky. Norbert, if you ever want to seriously discuss the provincial economy, you can't do it without mentioning the big I.

Alec Bruce is in top form with a column on the Harper government's efforts to destroy public scientific research as carried out by universities.

Then there's Canada&World. Once again, the biggest story in the world is the Oland Trial.

B1 also has the Trans-Pacific Trade Deal. But, unlike the front-page headline in the paper, it does not praise or condemn the deal. That's because, as The Canadian Press story says, nobody has read the thing yet. And, yes, nobody includes provincial cabinet ministers, and reporters and editors for the Irving press.

What's significant so far is that we've heard nothing from business leaders. Given Harper's very far right-wing views,  there is not the slightest chance that he entered the TPTD
 negotiations without the massive support of the very rich. Nor is their the slightest chance that the Irving press would have carried today's worshipful, front-page story without consulting the wishes of J.D. Irving.

This is not a deal for us ordinary people. It is a deal for the very rich, the ones who can pop into the P.M.s office at any time, the ones who are paying for his very expensive campaign in the federal election.

It would be very unwise to follow this deal as if it were something to benefit us. These are people who don't give a damn about us. If Canadians benefit - that's nice. If they don't, the very rich will take some of their money from their tax havens and invest it somewhere else. And they'll also be able to use Canada as they use other poor countries - as a source of cheap labour.

Od course, they might need us to fight a war for them as is now happening with our air force in Iraq. Then the Irving press will carry stories about patriotism, and we'll all sing O Canada!

The people behind this trade deal are the same sort  (often the same people) who have killed by the millions - to increase profits.

Nor has any news medium that I've seen thought about the implications of including China in the deal. Why not Russia? Oh, I know. Russians are evil. Still, China must be evil, too, because the U.S. has been circling it with bases, threatening it, is encouraging a rearming of Japan which can only be aimed at China and Russia, and it has also based a powerful aircraft carrier in Japan. And I don't think it's there to attack Alaska.

Is it possible that perhaps the purpose of the trade deal is to separate China from Russia? And is it possible that this could be a prelude to a western assault on Russia?

The very greedy become quite insane.

Yemen, Ukraine and Canadian fighter-bombers in Syria aren't mentioned at all. That's because they're not nearly so important as the Oland trial.

We can't even imagine the scale of the disaster in the Middle East. We're nowhere close to the end of the refugees. Observers expect millions more. There is no possibility that Europe can handle these numbers.    There is no possibility that Canada or the US will offer any signifcant help.

We in the west have created this. The whole Middle East is ravaged by death and starvation and suffering and fear. Canada is playing its part in doing that. And it's going to get much, much worse.
And it has all happened because of the influence of very greedy billionaires, many of them the same ones who have encouraged the TPTD.

Their greed is quite insane. And it's going to get worse. Much worse.

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