Saturday, October 31, 2015

Oct. 31: Damn!!!!

I have just completed four hours of writing a blog, Then, it disappeared just as I tried to send it. I have no idea why.

Instead of devoting it to the Irving press, I spent most of it on foreign press, and wrote about that. (The Irving press today is desperately bad.)

But it's now sunset. And I'm tired and hungry. and discouraged.

I'll try again tomorrow.

graeme decarie


  1. This seems to be somewhat of a regular occurrence. Have you considered writing it in Notepad or Microsoft Word and then copy-pasting it to your blog? Etherpad is another option since it auto-saves as you write.

    After all this must get frustrating after a while.

  2. I thought you were writing these in a separate word program first? There are good free ones out there such as

    Sometimes a website will time out especially if you have to log into it with a username and password. When you try to send the text data it has no where to go since the connection to the internet was severed in the background then the text you typed vanishes forever. Whenever I type something long (like this paragraph) I copy in into the computers memory before sending it. If the connection times out I can paste it again and resend.

  3. I did it (and saved it) on open office. Then, I discovered it had saved only one sentence. That's when I cried.