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August 5: The news in brief....

...the American Empire is falling. Its governments, prodded by the billionaires who really operate them, have all but drowned in a series of unwinnable wars in order to maintain their imperial control. But it's not enough. The U.S. has called in its colonies (Britain, Canada, France, Saudi Arabia et al) to save it - just  as Britain called in its colonies to fight its wars for it in 1914 and 1939. But the wars are still unwinnable.That means the U.S. billionaires will have to sign up even more patriots from their colonies to keep them rich by killing Russian and Chinese billionaires - and everybody else.

We have pilots and aircraft killing people in Syria.  That's an act of war. But we never declared war on Syria. Harper sent them anyway. Remember that on Nov. 11 when we're told that our 60,000 dead in World War One are what  gave us the right to decide, through our parliament, when Canada should go to war.

The middle east is a mess created by American governments. The killing, mostly of civilians, is immense. What the hell are Canadian pilots doing there? Don't Canadians realize that in sending those pilots to bomb Syria, we have sent them to kill or be killed in a war that has nothing to do with Canada (or democracy or freedom). Worse, it means that as this war spirals into something worse; our being there commits us to a full war, and soon.

The same is true of our presence in Ukraine. And that  may get much, much worse because the Kiev army has not been very effective. Indeed, the Kiev troops who are fighting the Russo-Ukrainians are heavily Nazi and have been shooting at their own side.

All the west has achieved in Ukraine is to help international bankers strip the country bare. And the only reason the U.S. is there is to help the bankers, and to have a base for an invasion of Russia.

None of this is even hinted in the Irving press.

The exciting headline on B1 is "Candidates pace themselves for long campaign". Who would have guessed?

The real, big story on the page is "Union sorry for partisan email sent to utility workers." It seems the N.B.Power union has been acting as a branch office of the federal Liberal party to help it win seats in the federal election.

Why on earth would any union be working for the Liberals? The Liberals stand for just about everything unions are supposed to be fighting against. If I were a utility worker, I'd be furious that my union fees were being spent in that way.

And that's it for anything that could be called news in section A.
The editorial is another petty, feeble-minded and trivial one -  this time about how Moncton can make money with its restaurants serving local foods " create a dining experience for visitors that they will not find anywhere else in the world."  Whoever wrote that nonsense has surely never eaten anywhere else in the world..

Norbert has a good, if a little bit tame, column on climate change, rising sea levels, and how these will affect us. It's a very sensible column - and a pretty daring one for the Irving press.

The guest commentary on A 9 is on the same topic - and it's very good, too. Something must be happening at Irving press to permit this sudden change of attitude toward climate change.

Brian Cormier attacks Donald Trump as a wealthy man who is indifferent to the needs and wishes of others. He's scum of the earth. True enough. Then, Cormier goes on to say that not all wealthy people are like that. No. Some have compassion, are philanthropic, and help worthy causes. Why does he feel it necessary to put that in?

Well, is it possible Cormier knows of a wealthy man who wants people to think that way? Let me guess.....

I've known quite few wealthy people. Some I liked, personally. But I rarely met one who would give any significant part is his income as a means of showing compassion or philanthropy. Some give money out of a sense of responsibility.(Canada's biggest bootlegger and thug of prohibition days gave tremendous help to Jews after World War Two.) And some give money for PR - making sure they give it for causes named after themselves, and perhaps setting up a philanthropic hall of fame for themselves. But they all still dodge the taxes which would have cost them a lot more.

Their wives are usually worse - and their daughters unspeakable.

Alec Bruce, too, turns to climate change in a rather odd column. It actually quotes a pretty solid authority that says it's happening. (check the website of a U.S. agency he mentions - National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association - it's easy to reach by google.) The site also makes it clear this is caused by the burning of fossil fuels.

That's the odd part. Bruce has never shown much respect for environmentalists - especially on this issue.

Odder still, he then quotes an "authority" who does not believe in climate change - a financial and business writer in the U.S. Is that the best authority he could find?

Where do you stand, Alec?

And how come over half of the Opinion and Commentary pages are on the same topic? There's a story here.

The Canada&World section is its usual, disgraceful self. There's a story on p.2 about  Russia challenging Canada's claim to the North Pole.

Look, nobody has ever recognized most of our claims to the Arctic. The U.S. has very publicly and deliberately refused to recognize our claim to the Northwest Passage by sending ships through without asking permjssion.  The U.S. isn't saying anything about oil fields in the Arctic; but that's because it knows its billionaires will have full access to them.

Harper has been a big and tough talker ("Mr. Putin, get out of Ukraine") But he's never really done anything. Claiming the North Pole is probably Putin's way of telling Harper to keep his big mouth shut.

As well, our claim to the north pole is more than a little doubtful. It was put in writing only in 2013. For that matter, our claim to most of the Arctic is open to question. Much of it is based on a ship expedition to Arctic waters very early in the 20th century. It was a sailing ship - in the water. It really couldn't get to most of the Arctic - and nobody tried.  As it happened, I was loaned the diary of the second in command on that trip. He was shocked to realize that there was nothing scientific about the 'expedition'. The captain used it to trade cheap goods for Eskimo ivory and carvings.

There's no mention of special SAS troops in Syria. These are British special ops. They've actually been there for a while. And they aren't there to fight IS. In fact, they are dressed as IS fighters to attack Syrian government troops. There are also unconfirmed reports of US special ops doing the same. (And Canadian fighter-bombers). As well, more American and British troops are moving into the region.

So who are we really supporting in this?  Well, the Syrian rebels, largely mercenaries, are dominated  by Al Quaeda which, just months ago was the worst of terrorist extremists. But they haven't been doing well. So we're now helping them to kill Syrians loyal to their government.

Mind you, if you read Harper's statements, they're all about the tremendous help we're giving Syria. Harper is a liar. We are not helping Syria at all. We never did. We're helping terrorists to fight against Syria and its legal government. Assad has been the real U.S. target from the start. And Canada is a bum boy for the US government (which means for the U.S.oil industry.)

And there's lots more war to come in that region - all to make a very few people very, very rich. And, despite parliament never voting to go to war, we're in it, and we're killing for God and oil billionaires.
For British reports on what's going on in Syria, read the following.

In fairness there is a story that Israel has arrested one of the 'settler' extremists who firebombed a Palestinian house, killing a baby. Well, I guess they really had to. They've never done it before, though plenty of Palestinians have been beaten and killed over the years.

Oh, and page B4 tell us that U.S. courts have awarded $218,000,000 to Americans whose relatives were killed by Palestinian terrorists. That award will automatically be tripled by the U.S. anti-terrorism laws, and be billed to the government of Palestine - though I have heard of no evidence it h as any connection with the terrorists.

I don't think Israeli terrorists would ever be tried by an American court. After all, Israel is officially, not a terrorist state.

Nor is the U.S. a terrorist state despite having killed more than ten million people over the last fifty years - in Korea, Vietnam, Guatemala, Libya, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen among many others. It has even killed some 60,000 or more in Pakistan. The majority have been civilians, including women and children - those people have been the main targets in any war since 1940 or so.

In Washington, there a wonderful memorial to the nearly 60,000 American soldiers who died in Vietnam. Heroes, every one of them, as they died to----to----?

Well, to kill at least 3,000,000 million Vietnamese - mostly civilians.

I don't know of any memorial to those 3,000,000. Perhaps Harper will propose one.

We are living in a world that is quite insane, and living and killing on the basis lies to make a very few people rich. The soldiers on either side are no longer heroes. They are just victims.

There was a time when people cared about that. As I wrote my blog yesterday, a song from my last year of high school teaching kept going through my  mind. It was by Pete Seeger. "Where have all the flowers gone?"

Go to YouTube and search for Pete Seeger where have all the flowers gone?

But that was 1963 when people still cared for what was happening. Now, we just hate and kill at the command of a very rich few who are looting us even as we help them to loot the rest of the world.

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  1. If the Irving press is mentioning climate change then they're probably just talking about the tip of the melting iceberg

    Will capitalists sacrifice profit even to save themselves? I doubt it. Capitalism has no solution to this.