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August 20: The return of fascism.

Damn, Damn, Damn

I've done it again. I've lost a whole blog just as I was finishing it.

So this is going to be short. I do have a life - I think.

 As it happens there is almost nothing in the paper worth reading. If fact, I start the blog with a column from the New York Times about Harper and the Canadian election. I think it's gentle with Harper. But I'll explain that after you read it. It's from a reader, and I thank him for it.

I think Harper is a fascist. I'm not just calling him names. I'm using the term exactly as it was used to describe Mussolini. I think we're entering an age of fascism in the western world, in Russia, and in China.

First, what are characteristics of fascism? Well, it's anti-democratic. It sees big business, though, as having a right to be represented in government without any need to be elected. With that\ goes the use  of hatred and fear of some group so that people will not notice that their own rights are being taken away.. Hitler based his power on this.

Is Harper anti-democratic? You bet he is. By nature a loner and distrustful and ego-driven, he was no interest in what happens to anybody else in this country. He doesn't give full trust even to his cabinet members - and none at all to a stooge like our local member, Robert Goguen.

He presents legilation to parliament for approval at the last minute, and hands out so many bills at once that MPs don't even have enough time to read them. That's a deliberate destruction of democracy.

He has disregarded court order he doesn't like.

He has changed the voting laws making it more difficult for young people and the elderly to vote. I don't know why. There is not the slightest evidence that young people or the elderly have been abusing the election system.

What we're seeing in the Duffy trial is the extent of secrecy and lying in his government.

He has ramped up fear and hatred of Muslims to win votes - just as Hitler did with Jews. He has destroyed out right to  privacy with a gestapo that is far more intrusive than Hitler's gestapo ever was.  We, for all we like to kid ourselves, are not a free people. Almost everything we write or say is kept, and handed out to Harper and to big business for use against us.

We have never seen a prime minister so contemptuous of democracy. The U.S. is, if anything,is  worse.

Another characeristic of fascism, especially under Mussolini, is granting the right to the very wealthy to be members of the government without being elected at all. John Irving claimed exactly that in a column he had published in the Alward regime. But these days, we are going beyond that stage of fascism.

In the U.S., presidents and congressmen are owned by big business. That's why Americans don't see much in the way of third parties. It's not possible for an honest party to raise the money it takes to get elected in the U.S. All those U.S. leadership candidates we follow are flunkies. (With the exception of Trump who's a TV clown.) The U.S. is directly governed by big money.

So is New Brunswick. And, under Harper, so is Canada. Just wait till  you see the Trans=Pacific partnership deal. It rermoves all control we have over our own environment and our own laws. That's Harper's doing. We will legally become the property of international big business.

None of this is exaggeration. It has all happened. Don't kid yourself it couldn't happen here. It IS happening here,  just as it happened in Italy and Germany. We are not a race superior to Germans or Italians or anybody else. We are as human as all humans are - and built into us is greed, hatred, fear, and a willingness to be 'respectable' just as fascists were once respectable in Germany and Italy.

I have no doubt that another Harper government will be the end of Canada, the end of human rights, the end of any real independence, the end of democracy. And it is very likely there will be a Harper minority government because, in the crunch, the Liberals will support Harper. We are rapidly approaching the point at which I shall be ashamed not to be in prison in what was our Canada.
There's really nothing in the paper - except....
Norbert writes a column justly critical of the governments of the province of the last 13 years for not putting safe water regulations into effect. They are ready. They have been for 13 years. But they have never been put into force - with the result that we now have fresh water sources that are dangerous.

Norbert's problem is that he cannot write about this without blaming civil servants and environmentalists for it.

Norbert, the idea that 'bureaucrats' held up this legilation through 13 years of elected governments is nonsense. There is only one person in this whole province with the power to have done such a thing. But you don't mention his name except, perhaps, in prayer.

The 'brueaucrats' didn't do this. And the politicians were obeying orders because they're gutless.

More to the point - how the hell could this have been going on for thirteen years without the news media knowing about it??? And I  refer, in part, to a man who was editor for much of that time!

As for environmentalists, they scarcely deserve to be called extremists for demanding some action that even Norbert now agrees is necessary.

Oh, to be fair, Norbert has one sentence in which he admits resource companies might have some responsibility for all this pollution. Too bad he didn't name them. But we wouldn't want to be nasty to any of our elites.

Rod Allen treats us to another ponderous dose of his elephantine humour. Alec Bruce is back singing hallelelujahs for the super-new hockey rink. There was also a mention somewhere in the paper that the homeless are having a hard time finding water to drink in this city. But not to worry. I'm sure a million dollar rink will have a drinking fountain somewhere. Be patient.

On another note of thoughfulness for today, don't forget this Sunday to join with the Lord at the Irving Chapel. For the homeless, it's a long walk; but they might be allowed into the barn for coffee and Christian fellowship.

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