Thursday, July 9, 2015

July 9: Just a short on today... I'm off to the shore with my children and grandchildren.

Luckily, there's almost nothing to say about the Irving press today.

The editorial is yet another simple-minded piece of local boosterism and, again, it's about money rather that people.  Norbert has a fairly balanced column about the Greek economic crisis. Well, almost fairly balanced. He blames both sides for the confrontation. But he can't help singling out 'ideologues of the left' who are spewing out venom about those poor, misunderstood bankers (who actually are the major cause of the crisis.) Would he ever dream of referring to ideologues of the right?

However, it is good of him to notice that if the bankers get their way, Greece will face dreadful poverty and suffering forever. If Greece gets its way, the bankers will suffer.......?

Rod Allen, again, thinks that a commentary means pointless stories about himself loaded down with adolescent humour. Alec Bruce does the same, but with better writing.  The guest commentary at the bottom of A11 is the one worth reading. It's about the the extravagant profits being made by the pharmacare industry. This has been an extravagant industry from the start, and a prime example of why we should keep big business out of health care.

There's nothing worth reading in Canada&World. Well - maybe one headline - "Fanatical shock troops a key weapon in Islamic State's arsenal." Notice the word 'fanatical'. Have you ever seen that word (or any other derogatory word) used to describe troops on our side?

Two, nuclear bombs were dropped on two cities in Japan in     1945.  The cities were chosen because they were almost entirely civilian and with no military value whatever. The words   savage and barbaric occur to me. But I have never seen them in any report of that  incident.

Allied bombing of Germany in World War Two was aimed, quite deliberately, at civilian targets from 1941 on. The most destructive conventional bombing of World War Two was aimed at civilian housing in a massive air raid on Tokyo.  Laos and Cambodia  were subject to daily bombing for two  years directed at civilians. Vietnam suffered millions of dead, many of them burned alive by napalm bombing or killed by chemical sprays that are still killing them all these years after. Drones roam the skies over Yemen, Pakistan, Afghanistan - and nobody knows how many other countries, killing at random - and mostly civilians. Saudi Arabia is killing civilians by bombing in Yemen. The U.S. supplied poison gas to Saddam Hussein to kill Iranians.

I have never seen derogatory adjectives used to describe any of these. As we read the story in today's paper,these 'fanatics' are ' terrorists' because they kill innocent people in cruel ways. Goodness.

Is it nicer to be killed by poison gas, more genteel to be burned alive by napalm. And isn't all war about terrorism? And always has been? Why are the adjectives all on one side?

An American sniper kills 300 people, including women and children. He's a hero, a model for Americans. They make a hit movie about him. But there are no heroic movies about Islamic snipers who, unlike the American sniper, are   defending their own homelands against foreign invaders - unlike THE AMERICAN SNIPER who was killing people who were no threat to his homeland.  

Today's whole paper is pretty dreary stuff. Take a break. The site below is from The Guardian which is the paper that Irving press reporters brag about when it says nice things about Moncton - but a paper which they obviously never read. It's on the same topic that Norbert chose for his commentary - but it says rather more.

Then there's the site below which takes the same question - but applies it more widely.

Finally,  for those who admire Noam Chomsky - and I do - here's the man on video.

Now, I'm off to the shore with the kids. Eat your hearts out.


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