Tuesday, July 14, 2015

July 14: Wonderful!

The US and Iran have signed a deal that Iran will not build nuclear weapons - something Iran wasn't doing, anyway. And will t his bring peace to the middle east? No. It won't even bring peace to Iran because both Israel and Saudi Arabia want Iran destroyed as a nation.

Meanwhile, Israel has at least 200 nuclear weapons, and nuclear submarines to deliver them - anywhere.  It has them as illegally as it would have been for Iran to have them if  Iran were doing that. So what's going on?

I don't know. I do know that American oil companies want control of Iranian oil. They also don't want Iran to get into any sort of partnership with Russia or China. But this deal was signed largely because Russia and China urged Iran to sign on. In the end, it might be that Russia, China and Iran are the big winners.

However, for the time being it's being touted as a great foreign policy success for Obama - and he desperately needs something that looks like a  foreign policy success somewhere. That may have been his motive for proposing the talks in the first place.

Neither Saudi Arabia will accept this gracefully. In fact, Netanyahu has already said he won't accept it at all. I would risk on a prediction of any sort on this.

What's going on in the rest of the Middle East is much clearer. It wants to do something like what Britain and France were doing from World War One  until 1945. What those countries did was to create new nations in the region, new nations that they would control for easy looting of oil and other resources. (That's how Saudi Arabia and Jordan got "royal families".)

Now, the game has taken a new twist. The US, which now calls the shots with Britain tagging along to get the scraps, is bent on destroying nations so that there can never be resistance to the looting. That was much of what the Iraq war was (and is) about. That's what the artificial revolution in Syria is about. That's what Libya was about. It's to put those countries completely at the mercy of the greediest people on earth.

The price to be paid is huge; but the US and Britain aren't paying it - not yet. The price is being paid by tens of millions turned out of their homes and even their countries to be stranded in neighbouring countries that can't possible handle the numbers. There, they sleep on the ground or on sidewalks, and comb the dumps looking for scraps of rotten food.

Whole families are living like that, living in no hope for themselves or their children. There's no medical care, no education - though that probably doesn't matter because they aren't going to live long.

If they escape by sea, the chances of death by drowning are very, very high. And, if they land, it's in countries that cannot possibly support them. Greece, for example, is one of their commonest landing points. Anywhere in Europe there are few jobs for them and little, if any, help. What is in Europe is a growing hatred and fear of the refugees, a hatred and fear encouraged by the news media, and by wretched magazines that command substantial respect over here for drawing cartoons of Muhammed.

We don't see much of this in our news. We don't  see the emaciated, the dead, and we get no sense of the misery that is being forced on tens of millions. And all to satisfy the greed of a very few.

This has, of course, happened before. We did this to China, to India, to Malaya and, as we are fond of giving speeches about but reluctant to do anything, with the native peoples of the Americas. Will we ever pay a price for this? Oh,  yes.

For a start all of this is being done by borrowing. The U.S. national debt right now is commonly estimated at 12 to almost 20 trillion dollars. That makes the Greek governments look like penny-pinchers. It's been growing very rapidly, especially over the last 15 years  due to high military spending and massive corruption - and it's going to get much, much worse.

That means that, in real terms, the American dollar is close to worthless. How can a country deal with that? Easy. You destroy the nation you owe the money to. Problem solved. In this case, the big lender is China.

What we are watching around the world is the destruction of nations and governments - so that the only power left is that in the hands of the very, very rich. Will it work?

No. The only people who can believe that it will are those with a potent combination of greed and immorality that makes them stupid.

Of course, none of this is in the Irving press.
The only story in section A is that youth unemployment in   New Brunswick is very high at 22%. Of course. Uncontrolled capitalism is monstrously destructive. It doesn't know how to run an economy because all it understands is taking money. It has been proven over and over that uncontrolled capitalism simply does not work. That requires a well-trained civil service with honest government. We have good civil servants. We don't have honest government at any level I have seen. That's why we're in a recession. Wealthy business owners do not spread prosperity. They never have. In fact, uncontrolled wealthy business owners spread poverty. Their objective is to make themselves richer, not us.

Youth unemployment is high? Okay. Remember who created New Brunswick's economic situation? He is the man who (unconstitutionally) announced in the Irving press that he was a member of the government, and was going to plan the economy for the recently elected government. So he set up a meeting of his usual toadies (like the university presidents and certain professors - none of whom we elected) to set our economic future. He presented it to the government, and then told Allward who to appoint as   advisors to the minister of financne (a former Irving employer.)

Result? We now have 22% unemployment of young people. Being rich is not necessarily (or even usually) a qualification for running an economy. In fact, next time Mr. Irving is praying for forgiveness in his chapel, he might remember to admit that he not only has no qualification for running an economy, no legal right to do so and that to try to do so is what's called a conflict of interest.

Most of the commentaries and the editorial are trivial. Alec Bruce is....not good. His column is pure propaganda for the events centre. I guess the boss is putting the heat on for that one. The only useful column is "Seniority rules."

Oh, Jana Giles, a student columnist on C3 has the best column of the day. It draws attention to how dysfunctional Moncton's public transit system is. It's inefficient; it's polluting...... it's easily the worst I have seen anywhere in the world (with the possible exception of parts of Jamaica and Tunisia). Why has city council never dealt with this?

A major part of the problem is that this city is largely a post-World War Two city, designed for the automobile. Mass transit can't deal with that. But the city goes on creating subdivisions to make real estate speculators happy. It would make far more sense to convert Highfield Square to a housing complex. That would create the downtown market that a hockey rink never will. It would also be cheaper.
The big story in Section B, page 1, is that Canada will fund ballot box training in Ukraine. The intention is to fight Russian influence with grasroots "idealogue". (I presume that should be 'ideology'), which really means propaganda.

The odd thing about this story is that it doesn't mention that there is fighting - of the shooting type - going on in the Ukraine between the government and the substantial Nazi party of western Ukraine.  

The official story on ballot training is that the US has been funding pro-democracy groups for decades. (Yeah. Like in Haiti, Guatemala, Egypt, all over the world. And, you know, like the rebels in Syria and Al Quaeda....)  No country in the world has ever talked more and done less to spread democracy than the U.S.  For example, Ukraine did have a democratically elected government. It was the U.S. that overthrew it in a coup. And the result is the foreign policy disaster that our private news media never call a disaster.

B3 has the story that a judge has okayed the payment of a $430 million dollar settlement fund for the Lac Megantic disaster. The story is that some 25 companies accused of responsibility for the disaster agreed to pay this sum.

"Accused of the disaster?"  Golly Gee Whillikers , one of those paying is JDIrving Ltd. When were they accused? Who accused them? Of what - exactly? I'm sure JD would want us to know all about it. Why not give him a call or send a smoke signal to find out what he is accused of? And, if he was accused, ask why it never went to trial.   I mean, I''m sure that as a newspaper chain owner, he'd want everyone to know the whole truth.

Greece has accepted a deal with European Union bankers. I suspect it has made a mistake in doing so - and this will return to haunt it in a different form.

And that's it. there's almost no foreign news.

This is really a sloppy, propagndizing, uninformed and uninforming newspaper. I note that the V.P. of the chain is an Irving who did a master's degree in journalism at a pretty good school.. I cannot believe that any journalism school (outside of one of those mail-order houses that will give you any degree for a price) would ever award a degree of such low quality. He must have been taught better than his. And he must know better than this.                                                                                                       

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