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July 10: 198.7 billion dollars....

..the amonnt Mr. Irving donates to charities?  No. Average collection for the whole congregation on a Sunday at the Irving Chapel with special music and coffee? No.

198.7 billion dollars is what the Canadian wealthy had in offshore bank accounts to avoid taxes in. 2014.  (And that doesn't include many billions in other tax dodges.) 2015 should take it well over 200 billion since the number has been going up each year.

Professor Saillant, I'm sure, will want to add this to his highly respected book on New Brunswick's deficit. And perhaps Professor Savoie will raise this in his next chat with Mr. Irving (any Mr. Irving.)
And it can be passed on to Irving editorial writers and Norbert Cunninghan who will be eager to tell us all about it.  Oh, and Alec Bruce.

Surprisingly, I didn't learn this from the Irving press. No, it's in a magazine, the July/August edition, called Monitor. I don't think they have a copy at the TandT; but you can contact it at   It doesn't have any pictures of  Prince George or photos of Justin Bieber. But it's still pretty good reading.

And there are other interesting stories - about how UPS tried to sue Canada Post on the grounds it was cheaper, and therefore unfair competition for UPS. In 2011, Chevron was ordered by an Ecuador court to pay native peoples and farmers some ten billion dollars for pollution and  destruction of their land.

But not to worry, Chevron got it dismissed by taking it to panels created under the terms of free trade treaties designed to ensure that corporations can to anything they want. (The panels are made up of     foreign investment lawyers who are free to make up the law as they go.)  That's routine now. National law means almost nothing - and it will go all the way to nothing once the current trade talks with China and Europe are over.

How bad can it get? Well, a Canadian mining company called Oceana-Gold is suing tiny and poor El Salvador for  over 300 million dollars. Did El Salvador close down their mine? No. Did it overtax them? No.Oceana-Gold asked for permission to open a gold mine in a certain region. The government of El Salvador refused because it would be environmentally very damaging to the environment and the people.

But under free trade, we're not allowed to govern our own countries. Big business must be given whatever it wants. And that applies to us as much as it does to tiny and poor El Salvador.

I've been think of the city council's decision to  borrow  up to 90 million to build the events centre that will make Moncton rich and famous.  Think of the history of this. In all the editorials and commentaries I have read since this was first proposed, I cannot think of a single staff writer (or any other writer) who appeared in  the pages of the Irving press to criticize this. All who have written have done so in high praise.  Isn't that surprising?

Well,no. That's the problem with the propaganda of the Irving press. It's pretty crude and obvious.

Everybody at the paper thinks this is a great idea, and will make big money for us.  Even noted expert and highly respected prof. Saillant who is so concerned about our debt has nothing to say.  And, from what we know of the Irving press, that can mean only one thing. Mr. Irving approves of it.

And why would be approve of it? Well, he has a brother who owns a hockey team. And the brother wants a new rink, but doesn't want to pay for it.

Moncton is heading into a debt that will never pay off - except for the owner of the hockey team.

I really think an honest newspaper should print the names of all the city councillors who voted in favour of borrowing that money. And if anyone has a list, I'd be happy to check it and print it.


The editorial begins with the mayor of Bouctouche  "whom we perceive to be the among the more visionary leaders of this province's smaller municipalities..." says the editorial. Wow! High praise, indeed. Right up there with Professors Saillant and Savoie. The editorial  is an impassioned call for even smaller villages to amalgamate with it. I won't even pretend I read the whole thing.

Norbert writes on reform of health care, giving the impression he knows something about it, and has read and understood all the essential material on this subject. In fact, his point is extremely vague, and he is so much in favour of the proposed reforms that I smell a rat.

On A11, Cole Hobson has a story that we have a baseball team of "poor" Cuban kids visiting us. Moncton spectators raised money for those "poor" kids, some of whom know kids who don't even  have complete baseball outfits. So we're raising money to help poor, Cuban kids get full baseball gear, and also to get better education.

Mr. Hobson, you are thinking of the Cuba when it was ruled by dictators who were U.S. puppets, the days when the only schools were mission schools, and fewer than half the children could attend school at all. But over fifty years ago, Castro created an education system which is world class - and ALL children get to attend it. Even better, ALL children who graduate with acceptable grades get the opportunity to attend university - something impossible for millions of Canadians and Americans. And the Cuban universities enjoy world class rankings. Do some checking before you patronize people.

As for having equipment, There are millions of Canadian and American children now as always whose equipment for the whole team is one ball, one bat, and one glove (optional). There are millions who don't have enough to eat properly. And, in the US, millions who will suffer all their lives for lack of medical care, something which is open to everyone in Cuba.

Next time you decide to patronize, check your facts. Try, for example, the site for World Health Organization.  Then you might decide to invite some really poor and deprived kids' ball team to come here and raise money for their education and sports gear in, say, Detroit or Baltimore. Or Moncton.

The commentary at the bottom of the page offers a pseudo-scientific analysis proving (but being careful not to use the word proof) that high employment in the public sector causes recessions. He's a professor; but he also is member of a propaganda front for the very rich called The Fraser Institute. (And, yes, some professors can be and are bought. I know that because I was approached by a shill for the oil industry.)

Alec Bruce opts to plough a field that has already been ploughed, many times - the triviality encouraged by things like smart phones. He doesn't have an answer to the problem. And, in fairness, I don't know of anyone who has.

Speaking of trivia, there is  almost nothing but that in the section called Canada&World -  unless  you get all excited by headlines like "Civil rights activists call for removal of Bill Cosby's star from Hollywood walk of Fame". (Given the grounds for that removal, their are stronger ones to drop the names of John F. Kennedy and Bill Clinton from the list of American presidents).

And the US is threatening to quit nuclear talks with Iran? (p. B5).  The puzzling thing is that there are  talks about nuclear weapons with a country that even U.S. intelligence says doesn't have a nuclear weapons programme.

Israel did have such a programme - and still has it - and has upwards of 200 bombs that can reach southern Europe. In fact, fired from an Israeli nuclear submarine, they could reach almost anywhere in the world. And Israel has certainly made it very clear it wants Iran destroyed - and for the same reason Saudi Arabia wants it destroyed. Both Israel and the Saudis want to be THE regional power.

So why is Obama negotiating over nuclear weapons that don't exist? That's because what he's really negotiating for is American control of yet another country's economy to make bigger profits for American oil billionaires.

On B6, the European Union seems to be backing off a bit on its threats to Greece. This is much bigger than it might seem. It's a strategy of the very wealthy and the banks, working through corrupt national leaders, to get countries into hopeless debt. They've been playing the same game with Spain, Portugal and Ireland. Greece  has called their bluff. I wouldn't even guess where this is leading.

In the last forty years, we have surrendered almost all the power in the world to the greediest and most rapacious people on earth, the oligarchies of wealth that control the U.S., Russia, China, Britain, along with their buddies in Canada. They don't love us. And they don't love each other. And they are all trying to control something that can't be controlled by force - the whole world. And if by some fluke, one of them did manage to control the whole world, the system would cause a collapse of the system and the whole world because pure greed is simply not compatible with a society of any sort.

Maybe they'll discuss that at the Irving Chapel right after the "special music".

 Or maybe not.

Surprisingly (well, not surprisingly), I have seen nothing in the Irving press about massive, new information  from Wikileaks - though it's almost the only news site in the world that can be trusted.

It has lots of fairly recent and interesting stuff about U.S. assassination plots all over the world, and all of them illegal. Check out the URL below.

And, yes, there's lots on Canada, too.

Apparently, our police have been illegally spying on native peoples. (There has never been a report of our police or intelligence services spying on billionaires. And there never will be.)

For a more general look at Canada, go to...

We live in a world turned upside down by materialism and greed. We don't have to look at other countries to see the evil forces. There are plenty of them here.  This is why we have been, really, at war since 1945. And it's not going to stop because the greedy are too insane or too stupid to stop.

As a result, we now face nuclear war or internal uprisings  (whichever comes first). The greedy simply will not allow any other choice.
For extra reading, I suggest -- well  ---there's Noam Chomsky who's better than anybody at Irving press.

Then there's the one below about Pope Francis' coming visit to address the US Congress. If he holds to form, this could be very important, indeed. He is almost the only world leader who isn't afraid to tell the truth as he sees it - no matter who is listening.

He also will be arriving at a time when Donald Trump could be even more prominent in the polls with his campaign based on a racism that sits on a foundation of fear and hatred.  Americans are at a very dangerous stage - for themselves as much as for anyone else. They are very close to being the Germans of the early 1930s.

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