Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Is John McCain a war hero?

There really is no blog today. I have written it twice, and both times, somehow, have accidentally erased it, and cannot undo the damage. And at this hour, I'm not up to doing it a third time. And, no, I'm not proof reading this. I have to rush to pick up my daughter. Life is just one thing after another. But, I will mention just a few things. 1. take a look at the site below.It's video of a former prime minister of Australia, Kevin Rudd, who is more than the usual expert on China. He thinks a war with China is close because the capitalist U.S. has wanted to control China for over a century. And capitalist China wants the same kind of control over western economies. And decision time is running short, especially since the western empire which has dominated the world for 500 years is collapsing as China is rising. For the sake of the lives of millions of people, perhaps of all humanity, some accommodation has to be reached. But capitalism, based on individualism and openly inspired by greed, has never proved a good means of coming to common agreement. Mr. Rudd puts it more gently. But that's what he means. This, and not Donald Trumps opinion about John McCain, is the real issue (so far ignored by our news media) in the U.S. presidential race. This is well worth watching. 2. There is almost nothing in today's paper worth talking about. It's mostly shabby and trivial. But - There is an important letter to the editor from very angry doctors in the Moncton hospitals. In Moncton, there is a DNA machine (I don't really know what that means) which is very expensive, and which serves the needs of the whole province, including St. John. The provincial government, against the advice of doctors, is buying another one for St. John. This is not a turf war. The issue is buying two machines when we need only one, and while we are slashing health costs. Government officials are saying nothing (except for a few who are good at double speak.) It's the front page headline in today's paper. And, oh, this one really smells. The paper doesn't say so, but it looks as though the "privatize medicare" crowd is behind this, interfering, for somebody's profit, while ignoring the medical profession. Bastards. 3.The editorial is a brainless one about street names. there really are more important issues facing this city. And there are world issues that deserve comment. On B3, there's an interview with the mayor of Vancouver who recently attended a Vatican conference on the environment. He was there to support a papal encyclical which "denounced the fossil fuel-based world economy that exploits the and destroys the earth". An editorial on that might have been more useful than even the street names of Moncton. The Irving press never bothered to print that story of what the pope said last week. Funny how they missed it. Maybe the preacher at the Irving chapel will make it the subject of his sermon. 5. On the same topic of commentary, the paper has the most contemptible, lying, hate-filled and badly written commentary column I had ever seen. It's not Norbert. He does a very good job for today. It's not Brian Cormier who, as always, has nothing to say at all. That's why he advertises himself as a communicator. He communicates without the need to have anything to say. Alec Bruce, well, it's not a commentary. It's a personal story. It's still a good read because it's warm, human, and very beautifully written. But don't do it again, Alec. The stinker is a guest commentary by someone named Marco Navarro-Genie who is president of the Atlantic Institute for Market Studies. That means he's a propagandist for Irving and friends. I don't know whether he's a liar or a fool or some mix of the two. But his column is a vile attack on environmentalists and a kiss-up to the oil industry. (His writing is pretty awful. He should hire a communicator like Brian Cormier.) The commentary is full of loaded language in which environmentalists are always wacky or extremist while oil billionaires are devoted to saving the planet. Sometimes, it's just corny, like a small-town political speech with 'feel good' lines like how oil will bring us closer to "keeping our young and brightest working right here in our region". And sometimes what he says is just a lie. Sorry. But it's either a lie or this man is incredibly stupid. He says that countries all over the world envy Canadians for having business leaders who are so thoughtful about saving our environment that they lead the world. Okay, kid. I'll settle for stupid. In fact, Canada and the U.S. are two of the worst polluters in the world, and two of the slowest in acting on it. Do some reading before you write a commentary, you twit. For that matter, Canada is profoundly disliked in much of Latin America for it's mine owners and others who have caused and are causing severe and irreversible damage to the environment and to human lives, especially in Central America. In fact, the Canadian and American governments are so detested that they are isolated in any general meeting of Latin American leaders. And pipelines are no problem at all. Yeah. This "researcher" and president of a so-called research centre seems not to have heard of the 5 million litre spill in Alberta. And he tell us that oil is a sustainable resource. If it is, it's the only resource in the universe that is sustainable. All resources can get used up. (In fairness, I suspect this stuffed shirt doesn't know what the word 'sustainable' means. He doesn't know the meaning of radical, either. He thinks it'a a sort of dirty word. In fact, a radical is person who goes to the root of the problem. And, oh, Mr. Navarro-Marcus looks very much like a very rotten root of this problem.) And environmentalists are 'extremists'. Gee. Just like them there terrorists. He ends with a note of concern for the future of our children and our culture of the Atlantic region. Mr. Navarro, I have never met anyone (including experts) who can define a culture. Even the Parti Quebecois has never been able to do it. Few people, and I suspect Mr. Navarro is one of them, even know what the word means. This column is ignorant, propagandist, almost certainly lying, hate mongering and, worst of all, very badly written. I can't imagine there is another editor in Canada who would have printed this. Come on, Mr. Irving, you can surely afford a better stoolie than that.


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  2. Mr. Navarro-Marcus has been popping up in the Chronicle Herald here in Nova Scotia, saying we need to pump oil and environmentalists want everyone to live in a cave. Really, they only wish Mr. Navarro-Marcus would return to his cave.

  3. If you have already posted then if the thing goes kaflooie you can just destroy the edit before confirming it. John McCain was no favourite of the USN, despite being an admiral's son. He was a hot dog who killed men working on the flight day making the jet exhasut go 'bang'...which stupid people thought neat. He also lost a number of aircradt when in the pilot's seat. Hero ? Dangerous idiot seems closer to the opinion of fellow enlisted.