Monday, June 1, 2015

June 1: Well, it's after 1:30 p.m.....

...and I still don't have my morning paper.  Boy, talk about leaving it to big business get things done efficiently.  I haven't seen a morning paper before 11 a.m. since some time around Christmas.

So while waiting, let's take a look at a story that might seem trivial. But it isn't. Anyway, we'll start with a story everybody is carrying, I should hope. So it might even make the Irving press.

Yes, I can see it now - a wild, Muslim woman terrifying airline passengers  by running down the aisle, killing dozens of passengers with her closed can of diet pop, then using it to smash the cockpit door, murder the pilot and co-pilot, and crash the plane into a Christian schoolyard. Consider the episode as a result of our actions.

 November 9, 1938 was Krystallnacht in Germany - the night of broken glass when German Christians, after centuries of bigotry that had been fanned to fear and hatred by Hitler went wild throughout the Reich, destroying synagogues, looting Jewish homes, murdering...(and note well that not a single, Christian nation lifted a finger through this).

Hitler needed fear and hatred. He needed it to ventilate the anger of Germans at the armistice that ended World War 1. He needed fear and hatred of Jews to justify a new war - and one that had nothing to do with religion of any sort. He needed fear and hatred of Jews to create dependence on Hitler himself, and only on Hitler.

My, how very like the western world today.  A Harper can take advantage of this by being so pro-Jewish that he can hope to get most of the Jewish vote. But you need more than that to win. You need someone that everyone can fear and hate, someone that will make us all look to der Alte as our strength and our hope. We have to learn to hate. Only by hating can we be made to ignore the truth about what is happening in this world.

This is a route that is being followed by most of the western world. And almost all the western news media, to their shame,  have played their part in creating the fear and hatred. They have made news into propaganda. They have reported all sins by the other side, and ignored ours, though ours have been even greater. They have projected our side which is sunk in greed, rapaciousness, indiscriminate slaughter, torture, and racism, our side with a massive supply of the world's most terrible weapons, as living in constant danger of attacks from nations that are, for the most part, small and poor - and often made poor by the relentless greed of our own economic leaders and their political flunkies.

The western world IS Nazi Germany of, say, 1937. That's not an exaggeration. The US is bent on economic domination of the world; and most of Europe and Canada are following so they can pick up the leftovers. They need our fear and hatred to justify what they are doing. And we may already have passed our Krystallnacht.

The centuries of racism that preceded that terrible night has begun again with the sudden demand for oil early in the 29th century. What followed for years after was justification of milling and looting by virtue of racism - the way almost all imperial murder and looting is justified. Then came George Bush Jr., the puppet Hitler that oil billionaires needed to keep the oil fields under their control. And there was Bush's puppet Mussolini, British Prime Minister Tony Blair.  That's when governments and news media really ratcheted up the fear and hatred.

(And please don't tell me about 9/11.  The US murdered millions of innocent people in Vietnam. But I can't recall any news media campaign of fear and hatred over that. It also murdered over 200,000 in
Guatemala - and none of our news media has ever even bothered to report it.)

We may well already be where the Naziis were in 1938.  Yes, I know all the people  you know are nice. But think. How many German Nazis do you think ever looked around their friends and neighbours, and said, "Goodness, We've become evil."

3:30 p.m.  Still no paper from the super-efficient Irvingites at the Moncton Times and Transcript. So I broke down and bought a copy. It really wasn't worth the  trip.Alec Bruce again beats the drum for fracking, and this time, it's close to being childish. He says fracking will create jobs. Mr. Bruce, I've never heard anyone say that it won't. That's not an issue.  Then he says people are fearful that a pipeline might spill one drop of oil. Mr. Bruce, the only person I have heard to suggest something as silly as that is you.  Oh, and we'll become as rich as the Arab oil states. Really? If you'll take a look, most people in those states are poor. Most of the money has gone to a few at the top, and to oil billionaires around the world.  We have reasons to ask questions.

There are two more columns on the RCMP officers who were killed a year ago. We've already had two that said nothing - and a front page story that said nothing. Maybe somebody there should read today's headline:"Mounties criticize slow rollout of carbines"  Or the story on  B3 "Female mounties seek class-action suit against RCMP". There's obviously something wrong with the RCMP at the senior level. And it was really criminal to send those mounties out with pistols to stop a man armed  with a semi-automatic rifle. It's all very well to write in mourning for those who died. But a total of five stories on the subject, entirely based on sentiment, is no help to the dead. What we need now is something to help the living.

The other story worth reading is on B4. It's about the commission examining the history of residential schools for native children - a record of stunningly high death rates, disappearances, and permanent damage to those who survived. It makes shameful reading of what we have been doing to native peoples for hundreds of years. And it's not going to do anybody a damn bit of good.

There won't be a reconciliation. How could anyone be reconciled to so many thousands of lives destroyed by death and trauma? There are some things we break that we cannot fix.  That's been the history of the world for the past several centuries of this imperialist world in which nations war and kill to make profits.

The British deliberately make Hindus and Muslims hate each - which is why we now have an India and a Pakistan facing each other with nuclear weapons. After more than a century of murder, looting, opium pushing by the western powers - followed by decades of terrible civil wars financed by the western powers - Mao led China into communism.

Of course, he and China chose communism. Why on earth would they have chosen the economic system that had inflicted so much suffering on them? Much the same is true of Vietnam. For China and Vietnam to have done otherwise would be like native peoples here demanding the government take their children away and put them in residential schools.

Communism, for all its many faults, saved China. And soon, I suspect, the Chinese will begin to regret their move to oligarchy (rule by the wealthy few) in imitation of our horribly twisted version of capitalism.

The history of imperialism is a history of destruction of people, of lands, of religions, of cultures.  And that's what Europeans did in their conquests of the Americas. We have broken something we cannot fix. We have killed people and ideas and values we cannot bring back to life.

It's not just that cultures, languages, economies - all those things we call civilization -  have been destroyed. We've also destroyed the world that shaped all those. The Mik'mac cannot, even if they wanted to, go back to living in family groups that hunted in winter, then moved to the shore to fish in summer. The world that sustained that is gone.  And I would certainly not waste any time looking for advice from governments that have always betrayed them.

No. They have to do it for themselves - with our substantial economic help (we owe that) We owe help, but without our instructions. That means a much higher degree of self-government, perhaps something approaching independence and real territorial ownership. It was a disgrace native peoples should have had to face riot police and combat rifles to defend their own land. It was a disgrace that the government had the power to force them into that.

This is a situation that only native peoples can solve. And they need real power to do that.

Yes. They will make terrible mistakes on the way. So, I understand, have the rest of us in the governments we vote for and the policies we support.

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