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April 11: up your daffodil

The front page has a big photo of preparations for the daffodil ball, when rich husbands buy expensive gowns for their rich wives, and pay for an expensive meal - all to help the poor.  God bless --somebody.
A 6 has a fawning story about the ball (which looks remarkably like the story the TandT carried yesterday.)
Well, I'm sure it won't hurt us to read it again.

And, again, in this rerun of yesterday's story, we are told that corporation heads. business board members, etc.,  are the leaders of our society. What the hell makes them leaders in a democratic society? Well, they're our leaders because they long ago bought the political leaders we elected. We no longer have a democratic society.

There's a big story on A9."JD Irving Ltd. Reading is Wild Readers of the Week" It's a reading contest that degrades reading into a sort of horse race. Thinking is not an Irving strong point.

The editorial, as usual, criticizes the Liberals for not slashing more from the budget. Again, it shows no sense whatever of priorities or human need. Just slash. It also says government should close down payday loan companies, and offer government micro loans to the "deserving" poor. Quite right. But, of course, we should throw money at the "undeserving" rich because, you know, they were born to a better class than us.)

However, the editorial allows for money available to the "deserving" poor. And we should make sure they're deserving by requiring the loan be used to open small businesses. It seems not to occur to the writer that people who have to borrow $200 to live until payday are in no position to open businesses.

Now, deserving people like the folks at Acton are okay to give millions to. The Liberals, Conservatives and the Irving press agree to that. And they agree it's okay to give the Irvings millions in tax breaks and other favours. But they're deserving people, deserving by birth. However, we certainly don't want to throw money away an undeserving scum like you and me.

Norbert looks at the Liberal government of NB with righteous indignation. Come off it, Norbert. You know Gallant doesn't really govern this province. And you know Allward never did. The Irvings openly run it, without even a pretence that they don't. You have never, ever discussed that. And you never will because they own you, too.

Brent Mazerolle is a bit on the lightweight side - but far better than usual, and worth a read.

As I have noticed recently, the commentary by Gwynne Dyer is decidedly lightweight, and doesn't really tell us much. He says the drift of development in the world is moving south and east - but that you can't really tell about these things.

Well, yeah. But one  can say that in a sentence. The important question is - who will own that development, and who will benefit from it? The people of the south and east? or the oligarchs? Right now, it's the oligarches across the board. And, of course, there's the question of wars as a result of this shift of development. The oligrachies are now the real rulers of the major powers. They have no allegiance to any country - and they have no morality whatever, which lack is combined with unlimited greed and indifference to the death and suffering they cause.

This commentary confirms my feeling that the TandT is shuffling through the Dyer columns to find the harmless ones.

Bill Belliveau does a workmanlike job of demolishing the claims of the federal Conservatives that they have prepared a balanced budget for 2015-16.
Canada&World - what can I say?  The World is represented only by one story from outside the Americas.
And even the one is essentially a Canadian story.

It begins with a New Brunswick story that unions will no be consulted in the talks to cut department budgets because the cuts don't affect them. Oh? Won't a plan to cut budgets involve the firing of union members? There's also mention of the government's strategic plan review. What strategic plan? Strategy refers to the general philosophy and purpose of government. But the government (like most of its predecessors) has never shown it has any sense of philosophy or purpose of government.. So what's to review?

Then there's a story on the Mike Duffy soap opera. The reality is that the Senate has always been a corrupt and high-living gang of political hacks. It has also been remarkable for its low intelligence as well  as for its sucking at the public breast. It has no public value whatever, and never has had.  It's time to give up on a bad idea.

B3 has a story on how Harper might behave at a summit of the Americas in Panama. It suggests he will concentrate on advancing Canada's ambitions for Latin America in terms of human rights, security and prosperity. Like hell he will.

In fact, Canada has, with the US, been a major player in destroying human rights, security and prosperity in Latin America. Canada does this because Canadian capitalists make a lot of money by violating human rights and keeping Latin Americans poor to be cheap labour. As for security, it means security only for Canadian capitalists, especially in mining, by ensuring they can hire security thugs to beat and/or murder any Latin American who objects to the pollution, poverty and misery our Canadian "economic leaders" cause.

It also mentions that Harper disapproves of Castro. Look, Steve baby, Castro has been a major figure in world affairs for over fifty years. With just a tiny force and a tiny and poor country, he was the first Latin American leader to take on the mighty US - and to win.

Then  he led his country, after more than half a century of brutality and poverty forced on it by American capitalists, and more poverty placed on it by American trade sanctions which are still forced on it more than a half century after. He held his country together despite continuing American violence and murders. And, in the process, he brought to Cuba the medicare and free education that the wealthy United States could not provide to its own people.

Castro's accomplishments mark him as one of the greatest people of our time. And you, Harper, are not a tenth of the man that Castro is. Your only accomplishment has been to destroy what better Canadians than you have built. Castro means something to the world, and he has made his country mean something to the world. You, Harper, mean nothing to the world beyond Ottawa and the corporate board rooms of this country. And you have destroyed the prominence Canada once had in world affairs.

The only story about the rest of the world is about a Canadian reporter for Al-Jazeera who is awaiting trial in Egypt for "terrorism-related" charges. In Egypt such charges are common under the military dictatorship that the US helped into power to overthrow the democratically-elected one. It you disagree with the dictators in any way, then you are a "terrorist". Harper has done nothing to help this Canadian citizen. So much for his interest in human rights.

Then there's a big story on B4 about a group in the southern US that says the civil war of 1860-65 was not about slavery, but about money - that Abraham Lincoln and the "Yankees" were liars and hypocrites in saying it was to free the slaves. In fact, there's a lot of truth to that. A lot.  Indeed, over the last century and a half, northern treatment of blacks has been as brutal as anything suffered under slavery.  There's nothing to be admired on either side.

But in a world order collapsing under greed and mass murder, and in which the Canadian greedy and murderous  happily participate, why does the TandT devote half a page to the US civil war? Why is there nothing, not a word, about the massive dangers we are facing today?

As well as its lying and propaganda, this is a lazy and/or incompetent newspaper. It's also obviously run on the cheap by an owner whose only social value is cheapness.

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