Monday, March 9, 2015

March 9: How to not tell the truth without actually lying...

BBC News - today. "Putin reveals secret of Russia's plot to take over Ukraine"
Ooooh. - secret - plot - take over.. those words are evil, and they tell us Russia is evil. And the general tone is that Russia has created the whole Ukraine problem. Yes, it must have. That's what evil people do.

Also included as part of the story is a quite unrelated and unproven story of hordes of Russian soldiers appearing in Ukraine.  Well, that proves it all. Russia is evil. It created the crisis. Good thing  our side, which never attacks other countries, is there.

There are no, real lies in there. At least, no big ones. But it's untrue. And if you think that Putin, at the height of this crisis, would actually reveal secrets of a plot, you must think he has an unspeakably low IQ. In fact, the choice of words in this story is a high form of lying - and it's a reason why the reputation of BBC News had taken a big hit for some twenty years.

What happened was that Putin met with his advisors to decide what to do after US agents, bankers, and the opposition overthrew the elected government of Ukraine. Of course, he met with his advisors. The US had created a crisis that brought NATO  right to his border, and in a position to take over a major, Russian naval base. Of course, Putin met with his advisors. What would you expect him do? Stand there with his thumb up his rear end?

They worked out some plan of reaction to this. Of course. That's what governments are supposed to do. You can call it a plot - which makes it dark and evil - but it's quite a natural and sensible thing to do.

Nor was it to take over Ukraine. Russia doesn't want Ukraine. There is nothing to want it for. It's broke. Anyway, he met AFTER the crisis had started, AFTER the US had effected the overthrow of the government in Kyiv.  That put Putin under tremendous pressure to help the Russian-speaking Ukrainians who didn't support the overthrow. And he had to worry about the threat to his naval base - and the threat of US missiles being moved up to within easy range of Moscow.

As for Russian troops and tanks moving into Ukraine, that is a claim from the US and the government of Ukraine. Neither of them has ever given evidence to support those stories. And international inspection teams on and above the border say it's not true. They have seen no military movements.

Manipulation of the news, and of us, has become a fine art.
In another story, which didn't, and won't reach the snoozing editors of the Irving press, the Iraq army (our side) reports capturing military advisors who were training and directing operations for ISIS. The story comes from the Iraq news agency (Sama) and tells us those advisors were supplied to ISIS by the US and Israel.

Of course. The US formed ISIS in the first place. It formed it to destroy Syria.
The Children's Defence Fund is a Washington-based group led by an extraordinarily intelligent, courageous, and capable woman named Marie Wright Edelman. You can find material on it all over the web. And, no, it is not run by President Bush's farcical "No Child Left Behind" programme.

Her statement, based on comparison with some 30 relatively high income countries, examines the status of children in the U.S. (The US, by the way, is the ONLY COUNTRY IN THE WORLD which has refused to sign the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.)
1. The US stands first in gross domestic product, in military spending, and in military exports.
2. The US is second worst   (ahead of Romania) in child poverty, with 14.7 million children in that category.
3. The US leads the world in people in jail.
4. American children and teens are SEVENTEEN TIMES more likely to be killed by gun violence than all of the other countries in this group put together.
5.The US is at the bottom in preschool enrolment, and ranges from the middle to the bottom in reading, science and math for 15 year olds.
6. US health spending is the highest in the world. But it's the worst in low birth weight rates and in infant mortality.  Canada has a far cheaper health system, and with much better results. Remember that next time some twit at the TandT tells us that our health system would be much better if run by big business, and better still if it were privatized.
7. In the US, Black infant mortality rates are among the worst in the world.
8. It has the sixth highest rate of executions in the world (after China, Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, and those terrible North Koreans.

God bless America.    The best place to find the above on the web is Information Clearing House. It will be in this weekend's edition.

The message above is not just deplorable. It's dangerous. With reliance entirely on uncontrolled capitalism, it is creating a country so unstable, so filled with poverty and hopelessness and hatred, it can be kept together only by focusing that hared on other countries. And even that won't work forever. Greed and indifference are creating what is going to be, already is, a self-destructive society.

That's why I so often berate the Irving press and most New Brunswick politicians for thinking of all issues as financial ones. Why does Moncton need a new hockey rink? Hey. It'll make money. Why do we need fracking? Hey. It'll make money.

Money is an end in itself only for capitalists. For the rest of us, it's a means to an end. But The Irving press almost never discusses the end. Same for the Liberals and Conservatives. It's just about the money.

The starting point of all political issues and all politicians should be the needs of people. I would vote only for a political party that has a strong sense of human and social needs, and starts with that sense as its driving purpose. And I have never seen a trace of that in either the Liberals or the Conservatives. As a general rule, I don't start by looking at a party's platform. I look for its philosophy on the nature of a society and its needs.

Because, without that, no society can survive.

The US is in very, very bad and very, very dangerous shape. I am not confident that Canada is a whole lot better.
As you might have guessed by now, there isn't a whole lot in the TandT to talk about.

The sad news is that a Moncton soldier has been killed in Iraq. Moncton and Canada will mourn him, as they should. But was also have to ask why.

Why are we in Iraq? What is that war really about? The evidence is strong that ISIS was created by the US and Saudi Arabia, and others.So why are we there? Why are Canadians killing and dying in Iraq? Why did we send them to kill and die in Afghanistan?

Was it patriotism? No. Patriotism means we did for love for our country. It does not mean sendinig people out to kill and die to make oil billionaires richer.

Page A 3 has a story by Brent Mazerolle about Iraq. He quotes a federal spokesman as saying this is not a war because we are not there in a combat role. In a combat role , he says, troops directly and aggressively engage the enemy. Did it not occur to Mazerolle to  consult some experts on that? In fact, he didn't even have to get experts in this case. He could just have read his own story.

At the end, the story says foreign affairs minister Rob Nicholson hinted that Canada might declare an extension "when our current Canadian Forces combat mission expires..."   COMBAT MISSION. That's pretty plain, isn't it? And what bozo editor missed that?

In any case, the spokesman was obviously either stupid or lying. Our Canadian Forces jets are bombing enemy forces. That's what's called combat. If it isn't, then the RCAF did nothing but goof off for the whole of World War Two. As well, the Canadian troops are in the field directing the aircraft fire. And that's combat, too.

And when you're in combat, you are at war.  That's what those words mean. Harper knows that. And that means when he tells us that we're not at war, he's lying. And most of our news media, especially the Irving press, haven't said a damn thing.

We are at war. Parliament has not declared war. Nor has the Governor-General (who is surely the most
Baa-baa governor-general this country has ever had). We are at war without our consent. This is unconstitutional. It's illegal. It's a violation of our rights. Whether you are for the war or against it, this is a massive ignoring of Canadian rights. In a real democracy, Harper could be facing a criminal charge for the death of that Moncton soldier.

Doesn't anybody at the Irving press have even a basic knowledge of Canadian rights? Doesn't anybody there know the meaning of words? Doesn't anybody there have the guts of a chipmunk?

Both Norbert and Steve Malloy, in their columns, haven't the faintest idea what they're talking about.

Alec Bruce has a cutting and, I think, accurate analysis of Brian Gallant.  The one weakness is he couldn't resist ranting when he got too the shale gas issue. He referred to a moratorium on shale gas as "intellectually impoverished". Shale gas fracking is banned in much of the world. Are all those people stupid? Does the fuel industry in general show a great, humanitarian concern in what it does? Has is never lied to us? Why is it "intellectually impoverished" to ask questions before risking people's lives? Frankly, I would think anyone who does NOT want the fullest study possible is profoundly impoverished both intellectually and morally.

I don't have much faith that Gallant will do an honest job of it - any more than Allward did. But I don't see any intellectual poverty in requiring more information before trying something that could be dangerous. As well, we know the big push for fracking is coming not from people concerned about our welfare, but only about their own profits
The big story from Iraq is "Iraqi  civilians live in fear". Well, yes. There's a war going on. They lived in fear when the US invaded, too, and for good reason as so many of them were killed, and their whole country made unlivable;  To say Iraqi civilians live in fear is like passage in The Bible saying  Noah got caught in the rain.

There is really is nothing in world news or any other sort of news in Canada&World.


  1. Last week, I was taking a break on a bench, at a trade show in Philadelphia. A perfectly reasonable seeming man started chatting with me. I was dumbstruck when he referred to Obama as a Muslim.
    The propaganda runs deep in America. There is no hope. Forget it.

  2. We, too, are rapidly becoming the kind of country that makes me ashamed not to be in jail.

  3. Their really ramping up the propaganda and out and out right lies about Russia, which makes me wonder and worry when the US and NATO plans to invade. Their playing a very dangerous game and the MSM whose perpetuating this propaganda is morally bankrupt.Citizens of the west have to stop thinking on automatic pilot.

  4. Graeme, this continuous propaganda from the west about Russia being the aggressor remind me of the timing just before the US invaded Iraq. In this situation with Russia though I must say I'm somewhat perplexed. Why would the US/NATO countries start a war with Russia? Is this the US Empire going for world domination? I'm racking my brain, because the outcome would be so catastophic. What I missing?

  5. I'm quite sure that's exactly what it is. Big business knows no limits. It wants control over world economies - sort of New Brunswick on a world scale. The wars haven't stopped for even a day in this century. They have all been extremely bloody, and have all been failures - except, I suppose, Iraq, which did pay off for US oil companies. Generally, American foreign policy has been a disaster for fifty years and more.
    For all their confidence, I don't see how the military that couldn't defeat a minority opposition in a backward country like Afghanistan is going to defeat any serous opposition. As well, a lesson of WW2 which few paid attention to was the determination of Russians. They took over 11 million dead in fighting Hitler, and they tied up 90% of Hitler's military. that's quite phenomenal. but few westerners even know that. However, in the view of American billionaires, they're opportunity is limited. The US is a fading power. Others are rising.

  6. Thanks for taking the time to answer me,but what about American military might? Aren't they considered the most powerful militarily and isn't this military power
    what makes it possible for them to exercise power and threats over countries.?

  7. That's a good point - that nobody has taken a look at. The US certainly has the most expensive military in world history. Mind, much of that spending never gets past the pockets of a handful of billionaires. The whole system of defence spending is extremely corrupt.

    But there armed forces are certainly large, and their equipment excellent. The navy is huge with superb ships, most designed for the Pacific (China).
    But, despite almost constant wars since 1945, the only real victory they have is conquering the the resort island of Grenada. In Korea they had to settle for a draw. Vietnam sent them scampering despite massive American superiority in trained troops and in weapons. Ditto Afghanistan - still going after all these years. One wonder how long they can go on borrowing and spending when they already have the biggest national debt ever. (And all that might be why some are pushing for war now - before it's too late.)
    As well, the American people will cheer for a war, but few are willing to fight. That's why the army relies so heavily on contracted mercenaries.
    It's use of power has been most successful in Latin America - though largely thanks to assassinations, hired thugs, and undercover attacks. And even there, it's power has declined greatly since 1945.

    I really can't explain why America has not been more successful militarily. It's only clearcut lead is in Nuclear weapons. But it's not nearly enough of a lead to make any difference.

    Russia does not have the military power the US has. For that matter, it didn't look as though it had much power when Hitler attacked. But the Russians had amazing determination and willingness to accept casualties. It was the Russians, far more than any other country, that won the second world war for us.

    And, of course, an attack on Russia would pretty much force China to link up with Russia. Chinese power is growing very, very quickly. It will certainly outclass the US in not very long.
    Yes, American military power is very, very impressive. But, oh, it hasn't had much of a track record since 1945.

  8. Thanks for taking the time to answer my questions.