Sunday, March 8, 2015

March 8: Probably a short one this time....

....but a bit explosive.

Iraq news (that's the ones on our side) have announced the capture of three military advisors working with ISIS. All three have surprising employers. Two are agents of the US government. One is an agent of the Israeli government.

Well, it's not really surprising. It's been obvious for a long time that the creation of ISIS has a lot to do with the American and Israeli governments. From their point of  view, ISIS is a means to destroy Syria. For the US, it has nothing to do with Assad being a bad man. After all, Washington is full of men as bad as they get.
Assad's sin is that he was developing trade relations with Russia and China. For Israel, it is paranoia about countries that might, maybe, some day, somehow, threaten it.

And that's why Eastern Orthodox Christians in Syria are being murdered by ISIS - with our money, weapons, and advisors.

I wonder when we'll get news of the arrest of those American and Israeli military advisors. Actually, I wonder IF we'll get news of it.

The story comes from an Iraq agency, Sama. (one on our side.)
U.S. General Breedlove is supreme commander of military forces in Europe. And the German newspaper, Der Spiegel, is very, very angry at him. It's about the current truce in Ukraine, and the talks to find a peaceful solution.

This was never an idea of the American government. American policy from the start has been to accuse and to threaten. Its attitude is it wants a war with Russia. As well, the evidence is strong that the US, with the cooperation of international bankers, created this crisis when it financed and directed a coupe d'etat against the elected (and pro-Russian) government in Kyiv.

The ones who made this truce possible were the leaders of Germany and France. They were alarmed at an American policy that was aggressive, that would benefit only American capitalists, and that would create a strong possibility of nuclear war, dangerous for all, and especially dangerous for Europe. That's why they suddenly flew to Washington just before the talks - to get Obama to cool the rhetoric.

But it hasn't stopped. The American news media continue to stir up hatred. And the big mouthers have been
Victoria Nuland in the State Department who is the person who claimed credit for overthrowing the elected government in Kyiv - and General Breedlove, Supreme Commander in Europe.

Breedlove has been freely leaking "information" that tens of thousands of Russian troops are fighting in Ukraine, that more troops and tanks are massed on the border, etc., etc.

But he has never given any evidence of it. In this age or aerial surveillance, drones and satellites he has no evidence. As well, international agencies have been covering that area for over a year. The say there is no massing of troops, and no sign of troops or tanks crossing the border.

Of course, our news media almost never mention that.

Angela Merkel of Germany, who is now leading the talks, is furious - as is Der Spiegel. They see the US as deliberately sabotaging the talks. They see American capitalists as getting the war they want, and to get it at enormous and possibly final sacrifice of Europe.

Obama, meanwhile, is relatively silent. I think he has lost control on this one.
Zenit, a Roman Catholic publication out of Rome, has been particularly alarmed at the suffering and deaths of Christians caught up in the civil war in Syria. It is particularly bad in Aleppo which has long been under siege by the "rebels". Accordingly, leaders of the Catholic church approached rebels with a request for a cease fire for several weeks so that food and medical supplies could be delivered.

But the rebels refused.

And who created and armed and trained and pays for rebels? Well, that would be countries like the US, the Emirates, Saudi Arabia.., they want Assam dead. That terrible man thinks his country should have the right to trade with anyone it likes. Can't have that. American business has to have control.

Again, bear in mind that Christians and Muslems lived in peace for many, many centuries in that region
 - until the west began interfering.
And now a Canadian soldier has died in that fighting. Why? And why did they die in Afghanistan?

Oh, I know we can always get some dolt of a chaplain to give a speech on Nov. 11 about how they died to defend freedom.

Our news media daily look at the horrors of the middle east, and tell us Islam is the cause of them Actually, the cause more often is us. And the distinctive feature of the "Christian" world has been the utter collapse of any code of morality.

We have developed a form of capitalism that is actually anti-Christian, indeed, anti any set of moral values.
And I say this not in support of any religion, and not necessarily in support of religion at all. We could all turn atheist. But no society can survive without a code of moral values.

You can see it here in New Brunswick. The Green Party has a moral code, particularly concerning the health of the world around us, and our duty to ourselves and each other. I have no idea what religions they follow. For all I know, they're a bunch of atheists. But they have a moral code.

The NDP, had a moral code based largely on Christian principles, though quite compatible with just about any religion. It still has. But the sense of it has weakened.

I can find no sense of any moral code in either the Liberals or Conservatives. That's why the TandT editorials are often about money and fiddling with the budget (in ways that won't offend the rich). But they are seldom about people and the nature of a society.

You need to start from some sort of moral principles, some ideal of what a society should be like. The Liberals and Conservatives almost never do. That's why Harper can get votes by babbling about putting people in jail forever, or hunting down suspicious Muslims or eco-terrorists. That's why our news stories focus on the creation of hate and fear- because our usual governments in Canada don't start from any set of principles or any sort of moral code.

And that's why I usually find the weekly Faith Page such a pain.


  1. Graeme:
    It is simply a matter of trust, or lack of trust. Folks no longer trust the government, or the church. They are being kept poor by their employers, and the banks, who: are themselves, getting rich.
    The only thing folks trust is money, they trust nothing else.

  2. How can we trust current governments and the capitalists that virtually run them? In just over 200 years humans have altered the Earth, from a planet with a hospitable climate and a healthy series of ecosystems, to a planet on the edge of increasing species extinction and climate changes that could, eventually, depopulate large areas of the globe.

    It's time to replace inaction, on the part of citizens and political parties, with fair and logical thinking, that includes a change of heart, an acceptance of the ethical considerations that we as human beings must adopt with reference to resource development and other policy issues, and a willingness to forfeit propaganda and avarice as a creed for this millennium.