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March 20: The story of the day

But you won't see it in the Irving press. I'm quite sure of that even though my breakfast paper has not yet arrived. (It's noon.)

Before Bush and Blair went to war against Iraq, they said, very publicly, that they were going to war because Saddam Hussein was working on, possibly already had, a nuclear bomb. He also had vast stockpiles of chemical weapons. They said they knew that because it had been confirmed by the CIA and other intelligence agencies.

A few days ago, the CIA declassified its files on that subject. According to those files, the CIA and other agencies actually said Hussein was NOT working on a nuclear bomb, never had been; and he had no production of chemical weapons. Bush and Blair were lying.

Their lying was used to justify the killing of a million and a half people or, according to news media like the Irving press, just quite a few. It killed men, women and children indiscriminately. It created vast poverty and starvation. it destroyed hospitals and schools which have yet to be replaced. It left behind uncounted orphans, widows, cripples. Today, Iraq is a destroyed nation.

It also killed thousands of American and British soldiers who, I guess, believed the lies. And on the coming Nov. 11, at thousands of ceremonies, clergy in robes will bless them for giving their lives in defence of freedom.

You can read a report on the CIA document, and much of the document itself, at

Today, Bush and Blair are extremely wealthy men, as are the oil billionaires who took over the Iraqi oil fields. And Bush, at least, is a church-goin' man.  ("Stand up, stand up for Jesus...")

Will our intelligence service be investigating men like them?  Not bloody likely. But you better not run around with a lot of loose talk about the environment or shale gas.

I don't know why the Irving press didn't publish this story. I mean, let's face it. Our side can lie, murder, torture, starve, debase, exploit others by the millions. And deep down, we don't care.

But imagine how we would react if Muslims attacked North America killing not millions, but just a few thousand. Oh, we'd right away see their wickedness. But never ours. That's what's called racism.

My Times and Transcript has arrived punctually at noon. And, no, it doesn't have the story about the CIA files.  Imagine a news room that could miss a story like that!

The front page headline is a story that a sex offender us being released into Metro community. (Actually, it takes a very, very broad view of how big the metro community is.) Some of the story is of use as it explains the process of conditions for such a release. But that could have been done in a few paragraphs. And it's by no means worth a banner headline.

So why does it have one?

Pure sensationalism. Ooooh. Sex offender. On our streets. Oooooh. It's in a class with those stories about how wonderful what's her name looks now that she and William are having a baby. What are we supposed to do with this news? Look our for a sex offender? What do sex offenders look like? Do they wear pants with pop-open flies?

Then there's a story that did attract me. 'Moncton's heritage pieces won't be forgotten. That drew me because it's about military aircraft and tanks - and I'm interested in that. I'm sorry that Avro's Lancaster bomber has left the province. It was, quite probably, the best bomber of World War 2.

Oddly, that's bomber that was never in Moncton is half of the story - and I began to wonder where Moncton fit in. Then it at last got to the CF-100 and the Sherman tank. And the story about them is not that Moncton will not forget them, but that Moncton has forgotten them, and they need work. And all that makes me wonder. There are wonderful stories about the Lancaster, the Sherman (used by the hussars from Moncton) and the Chieftain tank at the armoury on St. George St. And there's the steam engine. Why are all these things stuck out in the open where they can only get worse - and where they can mean nothing to most passersby because there's no information about them?  No videos. Nothing. And why is Moncton's last steam engine maintenance house being used just to store trucks?

Most of section A is made up of the usual fillers of no interest or importance whatever. There's the usual court news. A hit and run case has been adjourned until next week. "Lakeville man pleads guilty to child porn." So what? "Clean up is underway after Atlantic Canada blizzard." Gee. I've often wondered what they do after blizzards. A man got a year in prison from smuggling drugs in his rectum. (Alas! There was no photo.)

The only story worth a look is on B4 - about the work of the New Brunswick Youth Orchestra in our schools.

The editorial is the common display of complete ignorance about how education works. But it will appeal to those parents who think that all problems would be solved if we just yell at teachers loud enough. The writer also suggests we look for ideas in the US education system. I guess he doesn't know that the US education system is now ranked one of the worst in the developed world.  It's 36th, way behind 1st place China. Canada ranks way ahead of the US at tenth in the world.

Norbert writes yet another unintelligible column on a subject he knows nothing about.

Cole Hobson writes another ga-ga piece about what a great place Moncton is.It features a huge photo of downtown Moncton with a foreground view of the clay flats we jokingly call a river.

Even David Suzuki is a little disappointing as he writes about mass transit. It's a great idea. But it's almost impossible in a city laid out, as Moncton is, for cars - and even worse in Riverview.. City Hall has a real job in planning for the future shape of this city. But nobody there seems to have heard of planning.

Alec Bruce saves section A with a comment on Tribute to Liberty, an organization that wants to raise money for Harper's dream, a vast monument to victims of communism.  Harper, this world is full of victims of "communism" in countries like Russia and China that were never actually communist. But you don't know what the word means, do you Steve? Of course not.

There were also millions of victims of British, French, Spanish, Portuguese empires that were capitalist, and were run to debase, murder, destroy tens of millions to make to make capitalists rich. Now there are the victims by the millions in Latin America, Africa, Asia who are victims of the American Empire and its capitalists. Then there are the victims of poverty, homelessness and hopelessness with in the US and Canada, victims of capitalists in these countries.

Mr. Harper, as you know, Tribute to Liberty is a front for rich conservatives to smear our landscape with propaganda.

Oh, and be sure to read Alec Bruce's quotations from the federal parties - all of them. They are disgusting - ALL OF THEM.

Harper says that "Canada has always been a beacon of hope for those escaping...oppression.

Like bloody hell it has. Canada has been as racist and discriminatory in that respect as any other country. We have banned Chinese, Asians in general - and we were at times tough on Ukrainians, Italians, Africans. In the 1930s and 40s, we refused to accept Jews, even though we well knew what was happening to them. Harper, himself, makes it a rule to keep out the most persecuted people in Europe, the Roma.

What a pack of hypcrites and liars! Or, to be kind. maybe they're just ignorant of the history of their own country.
The big story on B2 is that premier Gallant will not in any way do anything to our forests that might annoy the forestry industry. Well, we could have guessed that.

Worth reading is a neighbouring story about the Green leader in the legislature, "Coon chides Grits for proposed budget freeze of watchdogs."  The Gallant government is proposing a freeze on budgets for such offices as auditor general, access to information - all those things that affect you and me. I saw no names on the list of offices that are useful to Irving and friends.

On B3, Canada's Foreign Minister, Rob Nicholson announced he intends to extend our commitment to Iraq. And, of course, he says it's not a war. No. We're bombing people and killing them, and one of our soldiers was killed. But it's not a war. So there goes our right for parliament to decide on war - the right we're so fond of saying our soldier's died for.

There's a big story on the economy featuring Donald Savoie of UdeMoncton - who the TandT always refers to as an expert. There's good deal of truth in what he says. Alas! There's a lot he doesn't say. I have never heard Dr. Savoie express an opinion that would not warm the heart of JDIrving.

There's really nothing in world news. There's still been no mention of the brutal terms set by international bankers for loans as they jump in to suck the blood out of Ukraine and Greece. There's still no mention of of how a large section of the Antarctic ice cap has broken away because of climate change. It's kind of important. It could raise ocean level by ten feet.

Nor is there the slightest indication that the oil industry intends to lift a finger to even admit the possibility of climate change with its drastic consequences. Far from it. They're lobbying to build ever more pipelines, develop more markets, tap more oil sources at whatever risk...

Greed makes people very, very stupid.
I guess I'm in a bad mood today. It's hard to realize that this Canada I live in does not resemble the Canada I thought I grew up in. I grew up in a Canada with high confidence in the future, with freedom of speech, sometimes with politicans I didn't like but at least weren't vultures as so many are today,

Now, I live in a Canada that has a paranoid dictator for prime minister with a gutless and brainless party behind him. It's a Canada that has secret police to spy on people who don't agree with Mr. Harper or big business. It's a Canada in which the prime minister publicly declares what values we must have (despite what the law and the courts might say and despite the intellectual absurdity of not knowing what Canadian values are.) It's a Canada that fights wars without bothering to even tell us why. It's a Canada in which the news media, never all that good, have become outright liars and propagandists. It's a country steeped in and manipulated by fear and hatred, a country that no longer has elected governments, just the agents of big money. We've fallen a long way. And the Canadian people show no sign of waking up.
On a lighter note, watch our for a computer message from

A year ago, they began sending me pictures of maritime women who, they said, lusted after me. I tried to disconnect them.  Didn't work. I wrote to them saying I didn't want to meet any lusty women.

So they sent me pictures of lusty men. I tried the discontinue button again. No luck. I wrote to them that I didn't want to meet lusty men, either.

It's had no effect. I still, daily, get pictures of men who need a shave and, frequently, a diet every day.

Watch our for   (Unfortunately, they don't have a picture of me. If they did, I might stop getting these emails that I caught somebody's eye.)

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