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March 14: Damn! Damn! Damn!

I had almost finished the blog when, somehow, I lost it - and just after I had finished about one of the most striking pieces of news I have seen. Damn!  Okay. Start again. Shorten most of it....

The big story on page A3 is about Saint Irving's reading competition in the schools. It got me thinking. Racing through books has nothing to do with becoming literate. And it does no good to anybody except Mr.  Irving who gets his name in a headline every week for it. Okay, so what education qualifications does the man who sticks his nose into our public schools have?

Indeed, what qualifications of any sort does he have - except for being very rich? I can't find anything about his credentials on the web. I know there were two Irvings at Acadia university just before me. I know that neither graduated.  Is J.D. one of them? And, if so, does being either a dropout or a flunkout qualify him to interfere with our schools? It's one thing to live under a provincial aristocrat who was born rich. It's quite another to allow him to interfere with OUR schools and OUR children.

A6 has the big story that Danier Leather store is closing. It's the same story they had on the front page yesterday with the same picture (but smaller). That's partly because of lazy and unprofessional editing. But it's also because the main function of the Irving press is to distract us so as to keep us ignorant of what's happening.

Quick switch to editorial and op ed.

The editorial moans because city hall is slow getting an events centre built to make us all rich. First, it won't make us all rich. The idea that we should build such an expensive structure at a time when economic conditions are bad and getting worse is brainless. And these ventures often lose money at even the best of times.

Secondly, to say the city should do a better selling job to Harper to get federal money is naive beyond belief. Prime Ministers give money to ventures like this to get themselves re-elected. Conservative polling numbers in New Brunswick are in the toilet. He isn't going to give us any money.

Third, it is very likely that the only person who would benefit from all this is the hockey team owner who would get us to pay for his hockey rink.

Norbert has a reasonable column. Too bad there's nothing of substance in it.

Gwynne Dyer is dynamite on the price of oil. He says what has surely been obvious for some time. We have a low price for oil because Saudi Arabia is overproducing to lower the price. It's doing that to destroy the shale gas industry and, perhaps to severely damage the Russian economy.

However, the fracking industry in the US is safe because if it goes broke, the US government will bail it out with tax-payers' money.

It is also causing huge damage to poor countries that rely on selling oil. Venezuela is one of those. But the US doesn't care about that because it wants Venezuela to suffer for having the nerve to act as if it has a right to own its own oil.  In some countries, this may lead to violence and even revolution. In my opinion, that will be okay with the US. In fact, it's quite possible that the US will stage a revolution so that when the price comes back, oil money will go where it's supposed to go - into the pockets of billionaires.

Bill Belliveau has an excellent column on how Harper is using our natural ignorance and fear and hatred and bigotry to get elected - and will be using it with a heavy hand with his anti-terror bill.before - and forever after - the election.

Those who vote for  him are his accomplices in destroying democracy and creating a Canada built on bigotry

Canada&World - big headline story. Industry officials in NB say they have no idea how to dispose of fracking waste water. No idea. This is water, millions and millions of litres of it, and all full of poisonous chemicals that we're not even allowed to know the names of.

What will they do to our water, our land, our wildlife, us? Nobody in the industry knows.

Alec Bruce, write us another column on how it's perfectly save and proven so. Or, for a change, tell the truth.

duh, it'll create jobs. Yes. So did the Nazi death camps.

Now - the greatest story I have ever read in the Irving press - and perhaps the greatest in any press. I guess that's why they put it on B3 instead of A1.

Rania El-Alloul's car was taken away by the Quebec government. When she tried to appeal this in court, the judge refused to hear the case because she insisted her religion required her to wear a shawl. There is a superb picture of her with the story. It is a picture of a woman of outstanding dignity

I am not at all offended by her shawl. In fact, it adds to her dignity. But people like that judge - and like Stephen Harper have denounced that sort of thing as unCanadian and unQuebois. That appeals to Canadian voters whose bigotry is stoked by our news media. I'm surprised such bigotry has invaded even the courts - even though I'm used to the history of bigotry in Quebec.

This is unCanadian? Hell, that shawl covers less of the face that Catholic nuns did until recently. And I cannot imagine that even a Quebec judge would ask a nun to undress in court. For that matter, I've seen pictures of the Virgin Mary that have more shawl thnt this. Perhaps Harper should mount a campaign to tear down all pictures of the Virgin Mary.

I amazed that our news media have not made more this wave of officially sanctioned bigotry that we are living though.

The photo of the woman in today's paper is a striking image of dignity. And so is what she says.

Volunteers have raised $50,000 so she can buy a new car. Her response? She refused it. She asked for the $50,000 be used to help "...those whose rights have been forfeited and stories left untold."

Can you imagine one of our snooty, upper class, Christian women saying that?

Rani El-Alloul, you make me proud to welcome you as a Canadian. But, oh, there are so many Canadians, starting with our prime minister and a Quebec judge, that make me ashamed to be a Canadian.

What a magnificent woman!

B4 has a good story about what a lying newspaper The National Post is. It is certainly one of the most contemptible newspapers in Canada. Conrad Black should have been put in jail for founding it.

There is no world news of any significance in Canada&World.

In a world full of challenges, dangers, a greed that is anti-Christian and dreadfully cruel, the sermonette is a simple-minded, feel good story best read with a finger stuck down your throat. And it really has no basis whatever in biblical teaching.

I really find it disgusting how our news media and our Faith Page are ignoring Canada's slide into bigotry and hatred,

I guess if I want to find Christian values, I'll have to turn to fellow-Canadian, Rania El-Alloul.

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