Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Jan. 5: Catch-up time....

I had promised a review of Gwynne Dyer's book, Climate Wars; and though I have certainly been critical of Israel, I think I can understand how it got that way, and whose fault it is. So this blog is on those two topics.

I'll do the regular blog right after - I hope.

Gwynne Dyer, Climate Wars.

This is a brilliant book. And you needn't take my word for it. I mean, we haven't yet heard the official word from the Canadian Institute on Public Research and Public Policy or from AIMS or the C.D.Howe Institute or any of those other phony think tank propaganda outfits. But the chief scientist at NASA thinks it's pretty hot stuff. And I'll take him over some "think tank" financed by oil billionaires any day..

Long ago, when I knew Gwynne Dyer, it was obvious this was a very, very bright guy. But that did not prepare me for the stunning breath and depth of this book. (It can also be a tough read when it gets into sophisticated scientific terminology to outline the causes of climate change.)

It can also be a frightening read when Dyer looks at the political and economic implications of climate change with millions of peoples - perhaps billions - forced out of their homelands as crops fail, especially in the region of the equator. Couple that with massive destruction of farmland (due to sea level rise), and you have, in China alone, at least hundreds of millions pressing into newly attractive areas - like Siberia. But Siberia is Russian - so what will follow is nuclear war between two major nuclear powers.

Canada may be the least hurt by Global warming (at first). But that will make it a target for billions of the displaced - and for a water-starved western US. That will mean US diversion of Canadian waters to states like California which are rapidly turning into deserts.  But Canada needs those same waters to survive and, if we object, the waters will be taken by military force.  Never kid yourself about how we're all friends.

In addition, the melting of the Arctic ice cap is releasing mega tons of greenhouse gasses that are speeding up climate change.

In the latter part of the book, just as this reader was becoming suicidal, he looks at those things I have rarely seen mentioned in our news - some promising research on how we can take action to stop - and even to reverse - climate change.

How much time do we have to stop it? Nobody knows. The news media often put it at half a century and more. In his very large range of conversations with top scientists in the field, Dyer found the they were more likely to look at 15 to 25 years.

The trouble is that the oil industry has spent billions of dollars to lie to us, to convince us there is no climate change, and then to convince us that it's okay because we really need oil. The truth is shown in the behaviour of political leaders like those of Canada, the US, and China who simply refuse even to discuss the problem.

Meanwhile, we are on the edge of seeing nations and even whole civilizations self-destruct. Far from exaggerating the danger, environmentalists are actually understating the danger we are in.

The oil industry and its toadies are setting us up for destruction that can happen even sooner, much sooner, than we expect.  Are the people in our oil industries and our governments evil? No.

I'm afraid it's much worse that that. They are human, and fully equipped with human greed and human indifference to suffering. And too absorbed in their own greed to realize that they too will be destroyed.

Climate Wars is a superb book. That's why you will never see any reference to it in an Irving press editorial or a Norbert column. And that, I suspect, is why we no longer see Gwynne Dyer, the only world class columnist from Canada, in the Irving press.


Israelis - the reason why.

Moslems are deep in violence against westerners. And political leaders like Harper say it's because their religion is evil. Right. I mean, you don't see Christians running around and killing people. Heaven forbid.

The reality is that most people are what we make them. Most Europeans and North Americans have no idea of the misery and suffering and death they have inflicted on the rest of the world. Some of it, like the slave trade, goes back centuries in which tens of millions of Africans died just in transit, then spent generations working under brutality and torture, then were freed only to be treated as the lowest form of human life. Many Canadians don't even know it happened here -and still  happens.

Next time you see a news video of racial violence and hatreds in the US, bear in mind that us white folks created that fear and hatred. And we're still creating it. Some of the most respectable families in Canada, for example, hold stocks in Canadian mining companies in places like Congo and Guatemala.

While our best families get even better on the stock returns, Congo and Guatemalan children are sent into the mines as youmg as five or six. Pay is so low, it's worse than slavery. Slave owners didn't pay - but they at least provided food and housing that was adequate (if vile). Mine owners don't.

The goon squads that mine owners call security guards rape workers, steal from them, beat them, sometimes kill them. In Guatemala, it was the companies that were behind the mass murder of 300,000 men, women and children who objected to their work conditions and to the massive destruction of their lands and waters. This isn't unusual. It's routine. Funny how it's never reported in most of our news media, and never taught in our public schools.

In Haiti it was American fruit companies that got the US government to overthrow the elected government which was spoiling the people with things like public education.

And even those who do have some idea of what's going on in this world usually don't give a damn because we are really still profoundly racist. And so it is that we create our enemies.

That is what happened to Israel.

Jews did not have a friend in the world for centuries. In Europe and North America, in particular, Jews were routinely abused, villified, attacked, murdered.  Canada quietly accepted Jews after the British conquest, but only because they were from England, were well off, and there weren't very many. But the European Jews who came after 1890 or so, weren't well off, and there weren't just a few of them. Canadians of all social classes met them with such bigotry and hatred (and violence) that Canada cut off virtually all Jewish immigration by 1930. The US was just as bad.

There were, however, at least two regions where they were accepted. China was one. Another was the Muslim Middle East. Yes, Confucists  and Muslims had the the tolerance and acceptance that Christians were entirely lacking.

Through the 1930s, everyone knew what Hitler was doing to the Jews. Not one western country lifted a finger. Indeed, Wealthy Americans actively supported and financed Hitler. The Prime Minister of Canada thought him both a spiritual and earthly hero - "like Joan of Arc." Most Hollywood movie studios came to an agreement with Hitler not to make movies critical of him or of Naziism. Anyone who broke that rule, as Charlie Chaplin did, suffered for it for  years after the war.

During the war, most of us didn't know about the holocaust. But our leaders did - and they did nothing about it. They (we) wouldn't even let those Jews who escaped from the camps come here. In fact, Canada's rules on immigration effectively banned Jews for years AFTER the war.

In desperation, surviving European Jews fled to Palestine, then controlled by Britain. The British blocked them at first. But the European Jews had changed. Nobody had helped them. Now, they would help themselves, and to hell with everybody else. They surged past the British defences, established terrorist groups, slaughtered both British and Palestinians until Britain and the world gave them the Palestinian land that they renamed Israel.

The major support for Israel came from the US, not because of any love for Israel but because the US saw Israel as an American foothold to take over the old, European empires in the region. The Israelis, no fools, realized what the US was about. The US didn't love them. It never had. But it needed them - and Israel ever since has taken full advantage of that.

I knew the Jewish community of Montreal very well. From my early teens, I often hung out in the shabby, working-class district that was the old Jewish Ghetto. Many of them, maybe most,  in those days were Communists - not because they were sneaky or evil - but because they wanted a better world where there would be no poverty or discrimination. The disillusionment came in 1957 when they learned what Stalin was really about. And the communist party of Montreal disappeared within hours.

But the community remained committed to social justice, to improving social services, to the anti-nuclear movement. They were, as I thought at the time, the most Christian people I had ever met, certainly more Christian than any Christians I knew.

Not so those European Jews who migrated to Israel. The bitterness at the way the world had abandoned them ran deep. Never again!. They would not allow that to happen to them. So the new Israel focused on building its military, and treating Palestinians as Hitler had once treated Jews. I came to know quite a few Israelis, and was always struck by their intense racism toward just about everybody, but especially toward the Palestinians who had never done anything to them.

In the last 30 or 40 years, that racism was transmitted to North American Jews as the Israeli propagada machine reached out to the them. Community organizations I had always admired, like B'Nai Brith, were taken over by the propaganda machine - as were community newspapers, libraries... Indeed, I became a minor victim of it.

For fifteen years, I have given monthly talks on current events at a major, Jewish library in Montreal. The average audience was 200 to 300.  Then I told the new librarian I was retiring, and would be moving to Moncton. (I didn't know at the time that she was fully under the control of the Israeli propaganda machine.)

As I was about to start, she said to me that she just wanted to say a few words to the audience first. I thought "isn't this nice. She wants to thank me for coming here for 15 years, and to wish me a happy retirement."

She took the microphone, "Okay, everybody, Wait till I tell you who your new speaker is. You're going to forget all about Graeme Decarie."

(The new speaker, a publisher I knew to be a puppet of Israeli propaganda, lasted for only a short time.)

It's a sad truth but still a truth that Israel has become a society remarkably similar to Hitler's Germany. But that is not because Jews are evil. We made the people of Israel what they are. We did it with centuries of abuse, discrimination, murder.... When Hitler began his 'final solution" and we did nothing but to remain as bigoted as ever, we created an Israel that we had taught to find its own "final solution."

Like so many things such as militant Islam that we brush off as "evil", we created the Israel that is racist, aggressive, and destructive.


  1. Hi Graeme. Climate Wars was written in 2008, in terms of climate science a good long time ago. Since then Dyer wrote a book, Crawling from the Wreckage, when he felt he'd been too pessimistic about Climate Wars. Unfortunately, events over the past five years have shown Dyer was far from pessimistic.

    A recent study from, I believe, University of Washington, foretells of a mass migration out of the American southwest to the Pacific Northwest. Another study suggests California faces a good chance of a decadal drought and a better than 25% chance of a 35-50 year drought.

    At some point we of the West coast (US and Canada) will have to realize that if winter precipitation is going to arrive in the form of rain rather than snow, we're going to have to build reservoirs in the mountains to retain it for the summer months. The Greater Vancouver area is already supplied by three mountain reservoirs. California could do much the same in the Sierra Madre.

    The spot I'm keeping an eye on is the northernmost Indian state of Arunachal Pradesh. China is now building a rail line right into its side of the border and it's giving the Indians fits. There's only one purpose for such a rail line and it has a lot to do with the disputed border, China's claims on the Arunachal and access to the critical Himalayan headwaters. This bears directly on three nuclear armed states - China, India and Pakistan. All three are water distressed and all three of them are utterly dependent on water from the Himalaya mountains.

  2. That is scary.

    I remember the optimism in the early days of the UN. At last, we had a mechanism to end war and to settle international problems. But we didn't. The major powers like the Soviet Union, China and the US made sure of that.
    Now, we have nothing. And I know of no country that is even trying to remedy that.