Saturday, December 6, 2014

Dec.6: Put your rubber boots on - they're piling it up - again....

Dec. 6, page B 3 "New book says province may be sitting on gas-deposit gold mine."

Or you can call it the hard sell is on again, or the propaganda is on again, or the universities are damn fools to lend their names to this, or they may be utterly without principal. Or you could call it  our propaganda news media are back in full form. Or this is one hell of a corrupted society.

There is a new book out "Shale Gas in New Brunswick". It should be subtitled, wow! wow! we're all going to be rich! And it won't cause any problems at all! The book comes from the  grandly-titled Canadian Institute for Research on Public Policy and Public Administration. (And it's right here in Moncton.) The news story says the book is a collection of essays by economists, geologists and other academics. And that's just a little bit of a lie. Well, it's a lot of a lie.

One of the authors, for example, is David Campbell who is head of a local economic consulting firm. That does not fit any meaning of academic I have ever heard of. Nor is there anything wonderful about his academic credentials. Campbell is also a columnist for the Telegraph-Journal  (God bless you, Mr. Irving You always put people first.) His only university experience (at U de Moncton) was dealing as an administrator for human resources for a short time.

I know the Campbell type well. I was approached by one of the breed in my early teaching days. He told me about how all the oil bosses were misunderstood. They were really all sweethearts; and they would pay me well if I would be good enough to write and speak about how nice they really were.

Another prominent member is Richard Saillant, by coincidence the author of Falling of the Cliff? - another book that found favour with the great thinkers of the Irving Press and, one can assume, with the man who throws them doggie biscuits..

The woods are full of these outfits with fancy names and hired propagandists pretending to be "think tanks" of various sorts, but most of them really propaganda outfits backed by big money.

Check their website. You'll find it very light on information. Who are its financial donors? You'll find nothing there.

The institute is based at U de Moncton.  What the hell are our universities thinking of in associating their names with these hack outfits?  Universities have always been willing to kiss rear ends for big donations. But this degree of cooperation with hookers dressed as nuns is really overdoing it.

The reporter, as usual, doesn't seem have had done any research or asked any questions He just wrote what he was told to write. This "news" report could have been written by the institute itself. Maybe it was.

Norbert offers his usual insights into education and teaching. He thinks our public schools should encourage curiosity and logical thinking. I quite agree.  (And I think our universities SHOULD be doing it, too.) But if they ever did so, many parents and the Norberts of this world would be furious at where curiosity and logic took them. And, they'd never, never get a job with the Irving press.

Excellent column by Alec Bruce on the Harper government's obsession with control, and it's utter contempt for scientists and others who try to warn them about where they are leading us.
The December 6 edition goes for pure sensationalism as it spends close to three pages on court documents concerning a young man who killed three police in Moncton, and wounded two. Then there's a half-page sob-story report by Brent Mazerolle on how his parents hoped he'd become a teacher.

The editorial page is taken up mostly by Bill Belliveau and Norbert Cunningham kissing every bare rump in the shale gas industry, and just wetting their pants with  excitement about  that new book on shale gas. Well, that was to be expected. This is the start of the big push.
Section B, NewsToday, tells us the usual nothing. So let's take a look at a few developments the Irving editors didn't notice.

The US House of Representatives passed a bill which gives the president the power to take any steps, including military, to stop Russian "aggression".  Yessirree. American governments hate aggression - unless it's American aggressions.  As I've said, Obama wants a war with Russia. This sort of bill gives him the power to move troops right up to the Russian border, and even to invade without a declaration of war. In fact, the movement of troops is already planned, and will begin just as soon as the Senate adds its approval to the bill.

We are not talking cold war, here. This is a hot one. A very, very hot one. And Canada, bless its innocent, little heart, is right in the middle.  It's insane; but big business in the US wants this war. There's big money in wars. I know that wars kill millions - and that this one could set a new record - but big business has never given a damn how many get killed or starved or crippled.

This is real, so real that countries in the European union are getting very, very worried about it. Of course. They're right in the path of it. But the TandT had no room for the story. It needed the space on B1 for a really big story, the leader of the provincial Conservatives says he doesn't like the provincial Liberal government.

Then there are the refugees in Syria - some 9 million of them who have had to flee their homes. They now live, if at all, in vast tent cities, having lost all their possessions. There is no medical help for them. Nor is their food, or any money for food from anybody. Nine million people are starving to death.

Harper, never big on helping refugees, had agreed to accept 1300 Syrian refugees. Clap, clap, clap. But, so far, only 457 have met his rigid standards for admittance. (Turkey is bursting at the seams with three million.)
Here is a civil war largely created and financed by the US and Saudi Arabia. Without them, it would not have happened. The purpose of the war is to destroy Syria and to kill its elected leader so that American business can fully dominate the region. Onward Christian soldiers.

The US and Saudi Arabia sponsored ISIL when the Syrian "rebels" couldn't do the job. Now, Canadian aircraft have joined the killing and the refugee-making, for now in Iraq but with Syria sure to follow. That means that next Nov. 11, we'll hear talks about how they fought to  protect Canadian democracy - just like those who died fighting all those Afghanis who were going to attack Canada, and make us all smoke with hookahs.

Russia has signed a deal with Turkey to make that country the distribution centre for its natural gas to Europe. Now, Turkey is a member of NATO - and this is a remarkable break for a NATO country to make with the US. It may well be that Turkey, like other European NATO members, is more than a little concerned about the insane US dash to war with Russia, and the catastrophic mess of its foreign policy in the middle east.

Finally, check
Scientific studies reveal that the current California drought may be the worst in over a thousand years, and made still worse by rising temperatures. (That refers to the climate change that our oil industry insists isn't happening.)

Why should we care? Well, as climate changes, there will be a move by suffering US states like California, to tap into Canadian fresh water - by force if necessary. It may also lead to US annexation of the sources for Canadian fresh water.

Couldn't happen? It's almost  certain to. The War of 1812 was fought for a very similar reason. So was the expulsion of the Acadians which was NOT carried out by the British. It was carried out by the colonial government of Massachusetts, acting on his own, and using his own colonial militia.  But Americans are our friends? Yes. Individual Americans are our friends. But individual Americans don't make these decisions. Governments do. And there's no such thing as friends between governments.

More subtly, there's a powerful religious belief that goes way back in the US - the believe that it is God's will (Manifest Destiny) for the US to rule the world. It was a major force for the wars against native peoples and the theft of their land, for the invasions of Canada and Mexico and Cuba and Puerto Rico, Haiti, The Phillipines....Every president for well of a century has believed in Manifest Destiny.In 1904, it took us close to another American invasion. Today, it's usually called American Exceptionalism, and both Bush and Obama have publicly professed allegiance to it.  It's really the same, old imperialism of western Europe - but gone even madder.

But you'll never read any of this in the Irving press.


  1. If you want to know what fracking can do read article in the Tyee about Alberta woman with small farm.

  2. Thanks. I will.

    What the TandT doesn't seem (or want) to understand is that the problem is not just about fracking. The problem is that the financial commitment to fracking means a long term commitment to burning fossil fuels. And that means a certainty of catastrophic climate change.

  3. Better help your boy premier who wants a moratorium while it is studied. Won't be easy to hold off all that propaganda.