Thursday, November 13, 2014

Just a little bit about the Irving press...

...because there's nothing in it... not even yet another picture of Robert Irving accepting yet another award from some hokey hall of fame.

Thursday's headline is about how the provincial Liberals seem to have been caught preparing to give our tax money to, - you know - good people, like Liberal contractors looking for government contracts. I was so shocked that this could happen in New Brunswick. I mean, this is a place where we don't really have contractors; they're "entrepreneurs", and they get into halls of fame for their goodness.

We're so lucky that our super-entrepreneurs have never indulged in such a thing. I mean, if they had, the TandT would have told us all about it.

The oil people are putting on the big push with ads. P. A6 has a half pager in full colour about how the Energy East pipeline makes sense. Then flip to A9. There's a full page of a beautiful blonde woman who is happy, happy, happy because she's a pipefitter and the pipeline would  give her a chance to have a career, and put down roots.

Both ads are from, and I'm so happy to see them speaking out, and giving such a helpful hand to the feminist movement. All over New Brunswick, there are beautiful, young women who have always wanted to be pipefitters. Energy East is so good to us.

The only readable part of that days' section A is Jody Dallaire's column. The rest is trash and trivia.

Section B, NewsToday, has nothing. There's a story that the US and China are setting new goals to cut gas emissions. That doesn't mean a damn thing. There's no way Congress will approve that. It would hurt oil profits.

In Your Business, PremierGallant has been meeting with oil execs to get their opinion of developing natural gas. If they say so, we'll know it's safe.
The Wednesday edition's page one is mostly telling us that the day before, Tuesday, had been Remembrance Day. Well, Some people might not have known it. There's also a story about a dog getting a swimming pool. I'm always happy for pay for a paper to learn things like that.

There's not a damn thing worth reading in the whole of Wednesary's section A - and that includes even Gwynne Dyer. Most disheartening is a letter to the editor "Terrorism generates curious reactions." It's about how we don't hate Muslims enough. It's a bit frightening to see in those letters how little some people know about what's really going on in the world.

Newstoday was 2 and a half more pages of mostly photos of Remembrance day.

The only story worth reading is on B5, "Pop Culture  shapes memories of war". Very true. As I've said before, our idea of war and of Canadian military history is based heavily on American films and TV - and of course, the story also blames the "flash-bang" of social media. (I don't know where they get the social media bit. I've never seen much there on war Even Youtube doesn't have much - and most of that is trivial.) -

Why doesn't the story mention our newspapers as part of the blame?  How much about Canada's military history have you ever seen in the Irving press? Even in the weeks of remembrance day prep and this year of remembering 1914, I haven's seen a damn thing about precisely why Canada has gone to war, or about what has caused wars, or any coverage of what our military accomplished - though the accomplishments of our military in both world wars were impressive by any standard.

And, as I read through many newspapers, the major sources they talked about were some absurd John Wayne flicks. Does the Irving press have anybody who knows anything about where we can learn this? Does the Irving press know even who to talk to about it?

And let's not forget the Legion. It's an organization that did its best to suppress a series of excellent films from our own National Film Board on World War Two.

But don't blame the schools. Any teacher in our schools who told the whole truth about anything in Canadian history would be fired on the spot.
I'm sorry to have wasted so much time on the utter crap that calls itself the Irving press. But I also have some excellent stories from the web.

First, there's

The Guardian is one of the few, good news sources left in the world. This one is an excellent opinion column on the meaning of the recent mid-term elections in the U.S.  These were elections that might well have a deadly meaning for the whole world. But only 36% of voters bothered to turn out. For voters who were young and/or poor the turnout was 20%.

Even in decent elections, the US usually ranks 120th in the world in voter turnout. IN THE WHOLE WORLD. America, America, the country that tells us it invented democracy and freedom - and it kills people all over the world to make them free---almost two-thirds of the US didn't vote in a very, very important election.

It gets worse. Most American voters have no clue what any election is about. Seriously. Polls show they commonly don't even know who their senate representative is. God bless America (somebody has to do it.)

Those who do know what it's about often don't vote because they also know it doesn't matter who they elect. The Congress and the president are all bought by election rules which guarantee that only those chosen by the very, very rich can get elected. In the US, billionaires and huge corporations can give as much as they like to the party of their choice.

(Canada is almost as bad, and getting worse under Harper; but we have rules at least a little tighter.)

The US has long, very long, in fact from the start, been deeply soaked in the vilest corruption, made worse by a lying and manipulative (and often damned ignorant and childish - think Fox News) news media. If you like New Brunswick, go live in the states.  You'll really, really love it.

Under Bush and Obama, the constitution was effectively destroyed. The president has become something close to a dictator (though taking his dictation from big business) who can declare war all on his own, imprison Americans on no charge, keep them there as long as he likes, torture anybody all over the world, violate constitutional rights with secret police (just like Canada)...

The American presence in Iraq and Syria is illegal under American law. It's supposed to be Congress, and only Congress, that can approve a war. But the due date has expired; and Obama hasn't yet even asked for approval. That makes him a criminal under American law - and a war criminal for that and other reasons under both US and international law. He and Bush and Tony Blair should long ago have been tried and hanged - as we did to Saddam Hussein. (Instead, all three are getting very, very wealthy.)

Democracy in the US is history. And where does that take us?

It takes us straight to violence. There is no possibility, none whatever, of honesty in US politics or news media. Nor do I see any possibility of a peaceful outcome of all this. The US cannot form an alternative philosophy for its society because the general public is in hopeless ignorance of what the alternatives might be. What we are likely to see is pure, raging violence, vicious and destructive, a tantrum more than a rebellion. And it's made worse by a wildly corrupt and greedy corporation world that is sucking in all of the money in the whole country.

This is well known to American governments. That's why police are getting machine guns, armoured cars, drones, camouflage suits, even tanks. And it's not all that different in Canada. Remember the armoured car our police got? Remember the RCMP special squad we saw with camouflage outfits and rapid-fire combat rifles?

But we still have a bit to go. I don't think it will start  here. It will start in the US. And there are strong possibilities of a similar melt-down in Europe.

Capitalism is based on self-interest and greed. That's why it cannot operate properly without close regulation. When it becomes corrupt and powerful, as it has in both Canada and the US, it allows its greed to overcome any brains that might be lurking. And it destroys itself. And it destroys a whole society with it.

Part of the destruction process begins with news media that teach us to hate and fear  - oh, say Muslims. The idea is to get us to ignore the theft of our money and of our rights by the very wealthy, Hitler played the same game, using Jews.

Ask the Irvings to mutter a prayer about that next time they do God a favour by going to their Chapel.

Wow! This is long. And  I've covered just a tiny part of my notes. I'll post this one as is, and continue it tomorrow.

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