Tuesday, August 19, 2014

August 18: Blah....

Monday's Times and Transcript was,  more than usually, pretty flat gruel. Almost all news media have always been propaganda sheets. In the old days, that was evident in the press empires of William Randolph Hearst and Lord Beaverbrook But these were lone operators, each with his own agenda so one could always read several papers, and come up with some hint of the truth.

But now they are almost all of them, owned in huge blocks by a handful of multibillionaires who are united to control government - and the news media. Publicly-owned systems like BBC and CBC were more honest, and they attracted a much higher calibre of journalist than the privately owned ones did. But the British government and ours are both severely limiting these organizations. And both seem determined to destroy them.

And so we enter the age of dictatorship by big business which now controls our governments, our economies, our foreign policy - and is determined to control our schools and our health systems - for private profit.

Big business is also determined to make us poor because poverty is what makes it profitable. That's why so many businesses were happy to get free trade through. Now, they can take advantage of the the cheapest labour in the world and, at the same time, cheapen labour back home while simultaneously blaming those lazy poor for causing the recession.

It's also in the interest of big business that we fight wars - and big business pats us on the head, and says it was done to defend freedom. In fact, almost all wars are fought for economic gain and for loot. And that, incidentally, was true of World War 1. But I notice there has been no mention of that in our memoirs of that war.

The wars also destabilize whole regions of the world where the frightened and confused people turn to the only institution they have left - their religion. That religion becomes the focus of their resistance -as it did in Catholic Quebec after the British conquest, as it did in Poland under Soviet rule, just as it has in the middle east under western attack. Then the news media blame religion for causing wars.

Is this short-sighted on the part of business? Of course it is.

It's as short-sighted as it is for the moneyed people who rule New Brunswick to plan our economic futures as being dependent on oil. We know that oil will destroy us. Despite billions of dollars spent by the oil industry to convince us there is no climate change, anyone with enough wit to know how to burp knows by now that it's happening. And it's happening quickly,

And here we are in this election discussing whether the big issue is raising the sales tax or the minimum wage.

I have been criticized for saying the very, very rich are often (usually) stupid. I make no apology for that. They're skilled at making money for themselves. That's it. Unrestrained capitalism has no sense of the future, no sense of consequences, and not even a hint of anything that could be called morality. And all of that is even worse than stupidity.

And all the above thoughts were roused by reading Monday's TandT. And that's pretty much all that as aroused.
Almost all the news is trivial or heavily biased - with trivial having a big lead.

Here's a short-cut to understanding it all.

All over the world, we are destroying traditional societies, forcing our own rule and our own ways on them.

Mind you. We don't want them to become just like us - and certainly not to become equal to us. That's why they government is so angry at native chiefs making fabulously high salaries. One, for example, was paid 900 thousand to govern 80 people.

Who the hell does he think he is. An Irving?

No. We intrude on nations, destroy their traditional cultures and values, loot their resources, use the people as cheap labour, allow elections when it produces puppet leaders who do what we tell them to, and overthrow democracies that don't do what we tell them to.  While pretending to bring them into a modern world, we allow them in ONLY as inferiors to us.The damage that causes can haunt us for centuries.

That's what lies behind Canada's difficult relations with native peoples. That's why blacks are rioting in Missouri. That's why extreme groups like the Islamic State take root. That's why the US is working so hard to break up Syria and Iraq and Libya and other countries - to keep them weak and vulnerable, wide open to western looting of their oil, and just chock full of cheap and desperate labour.

And Israel is being picked on by Palestine? Pure bunk.

Israel's population is 8 million. Palestine's is half that.

Israel's GDP is 242 billion. Palestine's is - now get this - 4 billion. In addition, Israel gets enormous gifts of money from the US, most recently 150 billion in the latest military hardware. Israel also has nuclear weapons and a navy.

All of that makes Israel militarily the most powerful nation per capita in the world.

Palestine has  no army, navy or air force. It gets few gifts of weapons from anybody.  So we weep for poor little Israel, Always being picked on.

Moreover, all Israeli land used to belong to Palestine. Then it was invaded by Zionists. (Yes, it was invaded.) The invaders used terrorist groups who at first killed British soldiers who had taken Palestine after World War One. Then they began killing Palestinians. Then the UN recognized the state of Israel - though that land was not the UN's to give away.

So Palestinians were kicked off their land and out of their homes that had been theirs for thousands of years. And Israel has been kicking them off their own land and stealing it for Jewish settlers for almost fifty years.

It has,  for that time, killed thousands of Palestinians, controls their trade, even limiting the amount of medical supplies they can import. shoots fisherman for fishing along their own coast - and so it goes. What protects  Israel through all this is the US. It has used it veto in the UN some fifty times to nullify votes that were going to go against Israel - some for war crimes.

The goal of Israel? To keep Palestine in poverty, to kill as many Palestinians as possible, and to drive the rest into exile. Then to take over the land for a greater Israel. That's why Hamas was firing rockets at Israel. That's why neither side will accept a peace on terms the other can possibly accept. But you'd never know that from our news media.

NewsToday in Monday's paper has a story about how the federal government followed the NB fracking protest. It's a pretty tame report. It does not mention, for example, that the RCMP almost certainly handed over its findings on "dangerous schemers" to our domestic spy service which immediately forwarded it to American spy services. That's what police states do.

The section also has the story on how Transport Canada issued warnings about one-engineer trains and the dangers they pose BEFORE Lac Megantic.  So, was Irving just a babe in the woods who didn't know enough about railways to know the danger is was posing in sending highly volatile cargo in that way - just to save a few bucks? (Well, they must have known. Norbert says businesspeople are  real smart.)

Most of the ed and op ed pages are just trivia. The editorial is about the importance of finishing repairs on some road. Way to come to grips with the real issues, guys.

For Tuesday, the TandT has a long story for what should have been a short one.Windsor energy is suing the provincial government for saying the government was cancelling a deal for it to drill for oil in Sussex. It seems now that the government did not cancel it. So it made a false statement. They didn't need a story when the material they had was only a slightly longer than usual headline.

So, where are our digging reporters? There's obviously a lot more to this story.

The editorial tells us "Transparency the key for a shale gas industry". Imagine the hypocrisy of a Tant T editor writing that. These are the editors who have kept information from us all the way.

Norbert is just silly and irresponsible. But Mr. Irving will like his column since following Norbert's advice leaves Mr. Irving in charge of the province..

Alec Bruce has a good one on how the federal government is (probably deliberately) destroying the accuracy and usefulness of information gathered by Statistics Canada.

Alan Cochrane offers the deep insight that only a TandT editor can have into the importance of turning off your cell phone at concerts. Nest week, I understand he's going to take up the big topic - How to zip up your fly discreetly while in public.

Louise Gilbert has a helpful column on where to go to find art in Moncton. However, she failed to mention my works which are on display ( for a modest entrance fee) in my living room.


  1. Hi Dr. Decarie, I've been following your blog and would really love to be able to send you an email, however the rogers one listed seems to not exist anymore...if you wouldn't mind updating your contact information, I would really really appreciate it! Can't wait to see your thoughts on tomorrow's paper - today's were spot on!

  2. I'd have to say that for an AWFUL lot of people, making lots of money is pretty much the extent of 'intelligence' for business people. Business people aren't in the business of morality or even running the world-that they want to influence decisions that will make them prosper is the same motivator that a good percentage of the non business population is interested in.

    I just have to add though that the CBC story on Windsor Energy said that the company is not suing because its contract was cancelled, but because the governments claims that the company had acted illegally affected its ability to continue to do business. The fact that it was doing business in NB in the first place makes me think its not much of a business to begin with, and this guy probably isn't making any money any other way, so figures a lawsuit may be good for some cash. I seem to recall a report that the company didn't consist of more than one guy, but that may be wrong.