Saturday, July 26, 2014

July 26: Goguen gets a free, political ad....

Check p. A4 of Friday's TandT, "N.B. wharves get funds."  The whole story  is simply a prepared statement by Robert Goguen. It's a pretty boring statement as in "Our government is pleased to invest in these facilities  to ensure that they continue to meet the needs of the commercial fishing industry, and stimulate local economies."

It's stiff, formal, trite, obviously written in advance. This was handed to the paper and, obviously, the reporter didn't ask a single question. This is just a free, political ad.

Goguen's party is big on free, political ads. The biggie was Harper's flight to Israel, taking along a couple of hundred of his most reliable Jewish-Canadian voters at a cost of millions to Canadian taxpayers. Meanwhile, he's cracking down on charities that make any statements that could have political implications. Oxfam,, for example, is one of his leading targets. He intends to end their tax-free status. (Of course, the trip for Harper and his buddies to Israel had no political implications.)

The other big news in Friday's section A is that Victoria's Secret is opening a store in Moncton. And that's it.
The editorial - oh, the editorial....  It has an amazingly pointless offering for Friday. The manager of Magnetic Hill Zoo, it says, is a good choice to head a study on the ownership of exotic pets in the province. Well...duh....I guess the manager of a zoo would be a good choice for that. And what will the next gem of insight be? That it's useful to have an umbrella in the rain?

The trouble is that the editorial board obviously doesn't have a clue about anything. That's why you will never see an editorial worth reading in this paper.

As compensation, Alec Bruce has an excellent column on a subject I mentioned about - Harper's war on charities.

David Suzuki has a good piece on how some Canadian cities are developing plans to cope with climate change. He doesn't mention Moncton. Obviously, he doesn't know about the plan to install more air conditioners in the mayor's office.

The last page of Friday's paper has a letter to the editor that is ranting, slanderous, and mostly wrong. "Liberal media slants Middle East news.

First, the writer doesn't know what the word liberal means - but we'll skip by that. She accuses much of our news media of being anti-Israel. Perhaps she could name one? As well as teaching, I worked as a news commentator for a dozen years for CBC and a dozen more for private radio - and wrote for major newspapers, and regularly appeared on our major TV networks. In that time, I never came across a trace of anti-Israel sentiment. Nor did I see a trace of anything liberal in them - whether using the letter writer's definition of liberal or the correct one.

The CBC often has to tone down what it say - or it gives Harper even more reason to close it down. But I never saw much bias in it.

Her history of the conflict is also off the wall. Palestinians did NOT start the war. In fact, arabs and Jews of the region lived together for thousands of years in peace. Hostilities started at the end of World War Two, When European Jews fled Europe, and entered Palestine illegally to found a Jewish nation.

Why didn't they come here to Canada? Because Canada and most western nations were anti-Jewish. That's right. Before, during, and after the war, countries like this one would not do a damn thing for the Jews. So they headed for the Middle East. You want to see who started that war? Look in a mirror.

The Jewish invaders formed terrorist groups. So the UN gave it a large part of Palestine. (It wasn't the UN's to give.) From then on, Israel has maintained a death grip on Palestinians, keeping them in poverty, invading routinely, arresting, torturing, killing. Right now, Hamas is not shooting at Israel as a aggressor. It is shooting to defend itself.

And Israel doesn't kill civilians? Gee. It must be civilians killing each other.

Palestine is not a theocracy.. Israel comes much closer to being one. Palestine does not forbid religious freedom - nor would it be necessary when Christians are not lining up to live in a poverty-stricken country so they can get shot at by Israeli troops.

The situation in the Middle East is one for which we are all to blame. And it has been made infinitely worse by American policies. Ranting to create hatred, and putting all the blame on the victims is no help.

NewsToday has a good story on its page 1 about Harper's treatment of charities. The reporters didn't just print whatever they were told to, but asked questions, and pointed out obvious problems with the official version.

It also has a story of how 15 were killed when Israel tanks shelled a UN school in Gaza. The sub-head says the school was caught in a crossfire.??????????

A crossfire occurs when two sides shoot at each other, and an innocent person is killed in the middle.  But there weren't two sides shooting at each other. It was just Israeli tanks - shooting at a school. Was this a deliberate attempt to put some of the blame on Palestinians? Probably not. It was more likely an editor at the TandT who didn't have a dictionary.

The last page of NewsToday has a small story on Ukraine.- with a surprising gap. Two days ago, Russia announced that it has a satellite picture of a fighter plane closing in on the Malaysia passenger airliner. It was a plane of a type to be found in the Ukraine air force.

Funny thing. When Obama said it was all Russia's responsibility, the papers printed it without question - even though there is no way Obama could have known that at the time he said it. (and cannot know it even now). But, then, in our "liberal" press, what Obama says gets passed on as gospel. And what those nasty Russians say isn't even reported.


Saturday's section A has nothing at all but another piece of propaganda about entrepreneurship, and how it creates prosperity. As usual, it is really about small entrepreneurs. And it's nonsense. Entrepreneurs of any sort usually create prosperity only for themselves. That's what they're all about. Nothing wrong with that. But to suggest that the future of NB can be built on entrepreneurs is pure drivel. It's really part of the propaganda to convince us that private is good; government is bad.

On the editorial page, Bill Belliveau read a book. I'm so happy for him. It's the one that's required reading for all TandT staff, the one on how the NB economy is going off a cliff. And it gives an answer pleasing to Irving (wild applause). Cut government services. Make the poor pay.

Look. Before we write about cures, we have to check what the disease is. Why are we over budget so badly?  Take a look at the wage gap. Take a look  at the vast sums Irving and company take out of this province. Take a look at the taxes they don't pay. Maybe some of our solution is in there.

We made exactly the same mistake in the great depression of the 1930s. Result? Big business then, like now, made its biggest profits in history. And kept them. Hundreds of millions suffered, and suffered dreadfully

In all of these dreadful newspapers I plough through, I have never seen a single word about the role of the rich in making us poor, and keeping us poor.

Gwynne Dyer has an excellent column about how US intelligence people are out of control. We are, in fact, very close to a take-over of the state by its spies and hired assassins.

I have three pages of notes on stories the editors at the TandT just a few.....

The Ukrainian government has collapsed, and it did so in plenty of time to make Saturday's paper. That means an election in the middle of a civil war. So I don't think it will be anything we could call democratic.

It collapsed mostly because it was a coalition of parties - and two of the strongest pulled out. One of them was Svoboda, a popular party and one that was prominent in the cabinet.  Oh, it's also Nazi. Our news media never told us that. And I'm not exaggerating. This is not a party with some Nazi tendencies, and I am not calling it names.  It's the real thing - Hitler's Nazi Party They have the brownshirt uniform, a crest that look much like the swastika, and they want a "racially pure" Ukraine (no Jews, no Russian-speaking.) Say "Heil" to the boys our our side.

Mr. Baird, our foreign minister, went on a very popular, very, very far right wing talk show where he listened without interrupting when the host went off into wild rants against Obama whom he several times called a  'communist'.. He asked Baird if Canada had a problem like the US with its news media.

"Yes', said Baird, " There's a significant left-wing media bias, an anti-Israel bias, in a lot of Canadian media."

"But we don't' care what they  think."

I was so proud to hear a Canadian speaking out like that.

Then there's a new book out. The story is in the The Times of Israel - which our editors don't read, I guess. The book, by Daniel Harper, is "Clinton, Inc. the Audacious Rebuilding of a Political Machine". The sources come from people in intelligence and others who were witnesses.

It seems that Britain, Russia and Israel were taping White House phone calls in the Clinton era. They had tapes that included 30 hours of steamy conversations between Clinton and a young woman named Monica Lewinsky who used to  visit the Oval Office to assist him with, you know, personal things.

Netanyahu tried to use the information to blackmail Clinton to release a man imprisoned for life for selling US secrets to Israel. A witness to this says that Clinton was visibly stunned. He tried to get the man released; but the CIA Director threatened to resign and to make it all public if he did.

If you can't find it The Times of Israel, it's on the web at Information Clearing House for Friday.

Oh, Oh, Oh. Big, kiss-up story by Brent Mazerolle on page 1 for Saturday. Robert Irving has been given the top award of Rotary for his community services. Yes. An earlier winner was Mother Theresa. She would be so proud, now, to have the same award as Robert Irving. And whenever I see a picture of Robert Irving, now, I'll see Mother Theresa, and think of how both of them shared everything they had.

He said that helping out doesn't necessarily mean getting  a tax deduction on your tax form. No, indeed. But it's a hell of a good excuse for not paying much taxes in the first place.


  1. I know its an old criticism, but much of the international stuff was a repeat, but there was some significant developments in New Brunswick. For example, while 'entrepreneurship' is as laudable as any other career choice, its worth mentioning the latest 'scandal' in NB politics which CBC is covering pretty diligently, and Irving, well, not at all, at least its not mentioned here.

    If entrepreneurship is so prized, then it would be worth an editorial or two to talk about the New Brunswick government 'clamping down' on new craft beer brewers. The story is that just a month or two ago, NBLC brought in new rules that stated that IF you want to sell beer out of your own establishment, FIRST you have to sell at least 10,000 hectoliters through the liquor store.

    They of course tried to tame the story as if it was about 'health and safety', which is preposterous because essentially forcing a small company to sell beyond its current means is simply a recipe for the opposite. And never mind that a place as big as Wal Mart was SO unsafe that a kid DIED. Yet here we're supposed to believe that craft brewers can only be safe if they are producing far more beer than they responsibly can.

    Never mind that a craft brewer has NO way to FORCE people to buy their beer, which means essentially sitting around turning away local customers while their beer sits on shelves in towns hours away.

    Just this week there were THREE craft brewers who were claiming that this would probably put them out of business. In one case NBLC says they 'worked with the owner' in order to 'work things out', which obviously means 'dealing with the bad PR'.

    So thats New Brunswick's idea of 'helping entrepreneurship'. I would have liked to see some of that story because it really is ripe for parody as virtually everything they are SAYING about it, in practise its just the opposite.

    In other NB news worth comment, and even crazier than that one, is the NB government doing tons of photo ops and claiming that 'they have nothing to do with the election'.

    Anyway, just wanted to add that. You should keep track of that Baird quote, I don't know if you go to the website "shitharperdid" but it would be good to get a tally of all the comments and fiascoes well before the next election. That one of Baird's certainly isn't the worst, but it certainly only makes them look favourable to a small demographic. What I find most interesting is how whenever 'left wing' is mentioned, so is 'anti israel'. Which is interesting, when somebody says 'left' they don't say 'anti russian', or 'anti ukrainian', heck, or even anti AMERICAN. In fact being 'anti american' now that there is a democratic president is pretty much the property of the RIGHT wing. And people wonder why most people pay little attention to politics!

  2. Everything is so preposterous now, I just don't know what today or think any more.

    1. Well, it always has been preposterous. But we notice it more now. Partly, it's the obvious rise of an aristocracy of the wealthy to rule the world. It's the increasing lack of any moral sense at all. We're also raised at home and at school to have a vision of our societies that was never true. Of course, anyone even today who taught the whole truth would be fired.

  3. If that was meant to be 'to do' or think, then actually the more preposterous the media makes things out to be, the EASIER it is to know what to think and do. Obviously there isn't a lot we can do,but just knowing what malarky it is makes it easier to be 'anti war', because we are so far from a 'just war' that its not even the same ball game as world war 1 or 2, which also were more shadowy than most think.

    So first rule is not to believe everything you read, but that goes for a lot of sources. I was going to argue some about the 'nazi' nature of the Svoboda Party, but I did some research and although now I'd say more 'fascist' than nazi, there is valid in that point, but that came from a story. Usually its a good sign when a writer first admits where they got the story wrong.

    I'd also be on the fence on the Clinton story, the Israeli Times article points out that there is no actual evidence, but just yet another writer making allegations. Although it really wouldn't be particularly surprising.

  4. I didn't call them fascist because there is NO generally accepted definition of the word "fascist". And by no definition does it suggest persecution of Jews.
    I called them Naziis because they share so much with Hitler's followers. They, and Ukraine in general, have a long and brutal history of persecution of Jews. They like Hitler, believe in racial purity, and in their own racial superiority. They copy Hitler's brownshirt uniform, and wear a stylized form of the Swastika. I fell quite comfortable calling them Naziis.

    I am on the fence on the Clinton story. I mentioned the lack of evidence. I expect readers to catch that. The claim itself doesn't matter. We all know she and Clinton had an affair. We all know that even 'friendly' countries spy on each other. And we should know that they spy to get information they can use. In addition, the story is not at all improbable.
    But none of that was what I was talking about.

    It was about how a major story was missed It is a major story. It should, of course, be told in a newspaper with appropriate warnings. But the story that a president of the US was possibly being blackmailed by Netanyahu is certainly newsworthy. And if it had been Putin who was fiddling around, you can be every news outlet in North America would have it as the story of the day. After all, they have already all run stories that Obama and Hilary and other White House officials have said that the shooting down of an airliner was all Putin's responsibility. They gave no evidence - and there is no possibility they could have known so early who was responsible. But nobody questioned it.