Wednesday, July 23, 2014

July 23: With the world in flames, the big story is...

..Magnetic Hill zoo's Asian exhibit should open in September. There's also a fast-breaking story that a Harvey's  restaurant has closed. It's true, too. There's even a photo of it - and you can tell it's closed. And you know what? Harvey's  cooks meat on an open flame, and you can choose your own toppings. Somebody actually when to journalism school to learn how to write this mindless bilge.  But it's important news in the Irving press..

The main function of the Irving press is to keep people uninformed about what's happening., to keep them walking around with their noses stuck firmly in their own bellybuttons. Keep them trivial. Keep them unthinking. Keep them uninformed. That's why a big story with photo on p. A3 is about a food trailer that just opened to sell hot dogs and fries.

And that's the news YOU need to know.

On July 23, there's a front page story by Brent Mazerolle that the city is tearing own dilapidated buildings.The reason is that last year, a homeless man crept into one for shelter, and died when it caught fire.
There are surely two problems here.

One problem is dilapidated buildings. The other is homeless people. We're solving the first one. Now, what about the second one? Brent doesn't even ask the question. This "story" is not journalism of any kind. This is simply a press statement by the fire department.

Oh, I know. We could convert the Irving Chapel into apartments for the homeless. Then it would genuinely have a Christian purpose.

July 23, A5, has a story about an "Organization that helps francophone students prospers" (Prospers is their spelling, not mine.) The province is giving it $50,000. Once again, we're seeing an outside body moving in on the schools - and getting taxpayers' money for it. There is no mention that these people  have any training in education but o-o-o-ooh, they're business people - and business people know just everything. It's another giant step toward privatization of our educaton system.

And what's the main thing they'll be teaching? Why, entrepreneurship. Yes. The more entrepreneurs you have the better. That's the key to prosperity.

Like hell, it is.Common sense tells us we cannot live as a society of entrepreneurs They are a small minority and will always be a minority. If it were otherwise, where would the Irvings get all those employees that they must have?

The idea of entrepreneurial programmes in the schools is largely propaganda for the notion that entrepreneurs are a sort of intellectual and practical elite of our society. And the idea that they have the qualification to dabble in education is nonsense. This is an attempt to muscle  in on our schools, and sneak in privatization (using public money). It's been done on a large scale in he US - with the result that the US now has the lowest standards of education in the developed world.

If New Brunswickers hope to survive, they are going to have to develop a bit of courage, and take back their own province.

Much of the world is killing; and much of the killing is civilians. The case we hear most of involves 289 people killed  in an airliner.We get barely a word about the many thousands who have been killed by US drones. The American government doesn't release figures. And, in any case, it won't announce how many innocent civilians were killed.

No big deal. Our news media don't even ask. Hamas fires rockets that kill, I believe, 3 people. Big news. Horror. Savages.The reporting is heavy on propaganda and how terrible it must be to live under that rocket fire. How do they think it must feel to live in Pakistan or Sudan where people, often innocent ones,
 have for years lived under a rain of American rockets? What was it like in Libya with Canadian aircraft firing rockets at it? Is it nicer to be shot at by Canadians?

Hamas, it is claimed - with no evidence at all - killed three, Israeli hitchhikers. That's terrible. The US killed, raped, pillaged, displaced uncounted millions, mostly innocent civilians and of all ages, including babies.Where was our indignation at that?

In the midst of all these murders, largely of innocent civilians, a civilian airliner is downed with a cost of 289 lives. Heck, compared with the US killing of millions in innocent civilians on the ground (not to mention the downing of  two civilians airliners by the American government), this is small stuff. So why the excitement about it?

Two reasons

We are, almost all of us, bigots, and out news media h ave encouraged out bigotry by the way it portrayed the side we were killing. Result - we really didn't care how many Iraqis or Syrians got killed.

Second - In PR terms the shooting down of an airliner is sexy stuff. It grabs people's attention. You can murder civilians to your heart's content. No criticism. But if they're in an airplane - watch out.

That's why the shooting down of that airline looks to me like a propaganda stunt. That's why I don't believe Putin did it.  It is no advantage to him, whatever. But it has a lot of benefits for the government of Ukraine.

Incidentally, the Ukraine government very high death rates of innocent people by shelling residential areas of rebel cities. But nobody cares. I mean, it's not as if there were in airliners.

Rob Robichaud, the man who had much to do with the creation of Moncton's modern airport, died recently. The editorial is a eulogy to him. Okay. But so does Alan Cochrane's column on the page facing it. Editors who were awake would not have allowed that.

Alec Bruce had a good column on Mike Duffy; though it leaves yet another question about him unexplored. For many years, he was a prominent reporter and commentator for CBC television. And that makes one wonder.

Was he, in those days, an honest reporter? It's hard to believe that becoming a a senator would suddenly cause him cast aside all integrity.

There's a very interesting, back-page column by Rosa Melanson about the Alward government's replacement for the council of Status of Women. It's a good read for those who want to understand how governments (too often) work.


  1. This former Israeli soldier tells a story of how IDF officials are using the Palestinians to test new weapons on, and offering to sell them as proven and effective devices to other nations.

    He also says American police depts. are traveling to Israel to train with the IDF, and to see how to kick butt.

    1. Testing weapons on helpless people is really quite common. for just about everybody. That's what Hiroshima and Nagasaki were about. The British first tested machine guns against native tribes in Africa. Churchill tested terror bombing against Kurd villages in what is not Iraq. Hitler tested it against the helpless, Spanish city of Guernica.

      US police are rapidly being trained and equipped to fight the American people. And I don't think we should kid ourselves. Canadian police will be going through the same process to be ready to fight Canadians.

      That riot squad was not just a riot squad. It also had those men in combat camouflage, and armed with rifles designed to fight a war, not to control a crowd. Their physical condition was also noticeably better than that of the police.

      The world is taking some very ugly turns - and it's happening here, too.

  2. A similar story to that was on Democracy Now a couple of weeks ago. They were talking about the use of drones and how many military trade shows were featuring them, and it turns out that drones were first developed in Israel, and the majority of companies selling drones at these military trade shows were Israeli. And this stuff ain't conspiracy theory.

    However, no, not 'all of us' are bigots, and a good many don't read Irving at all let alone put any stock in it, in fact most people, particularly young people, don't follow news at all, or else get it from Jon Stewart.

    But just have to add, I don't think ANYBODY in any media has ever said Putin was behind bombing the airliner. The line is always the 'russian backed rebels'. And most of the coverage I've read has pretty much insisted that IF it was them, then it was a mistake. If it were intentional, they'd no doubt take credit for it.

    I would have appreciated some quotes on the story about the womens organization, there was a piece on it on the CBC, but again, for those of us who don't read Irving, we don't have any idea of even the gist of the story. The CBC story was basically about the government closing down the old women's organization, then basically throwing some money at a new one which doesn't do anything.

  3. You're right. I should have drawn attention to the story about the women's organization. I've just been snowed under for the last couple of days.

    On the question of what newspapers said, there are no distinctions. Most readers want to see good guys and bad guys. Currently, Russia is bad and Putin is bad. So whether the papers say it was done by Putin or by Russians or by Russian-speaking rebels makes not difference.

    I worried when I saw his comment because every leader who wants a war needs an excuse for it. That's why, if you read most US history books, the US has never, ever been an aggressor. It's been all those little countries picking on it. When I saw Obama's words, I immediately thought, "He's setting up the excuse."

  4. Well, I wouldn't go QUITE that far. The people who are dumb enough to simply see 'good guys and bad guys' don't vote, so the government doesn't care. Thats why the state department is pointing out that the russians are 'ultimately responsible'. Which is sort of like saying that the US is ultimately responsible for what Israel does, which would be more true than this case.