Thursday, July 17, 2014

July 17: ...funny how us people think....

In Wednesday's paper, on p. 5, Canada's Foreign Minister says Hamas started this bloodshed, and can end it. He expressed sympathy for the dead and injured by Israel's attack. But, in effect, the hell with them.

In the whole record of this Conservative government, there is not a single instance of Israel ever being declared wrong. I don't know whether Mr. Baird is ignorant or just a bigot. But, of course, we all know he's saying this to get the Jewish-Canadian vote - a vote that seems to have forgotten what Judaism is about.. But his statement does raise questions about how we think.

Israel is right to bomb Palestine for Hamas' rocket attacks on Israel?

Oh, by the same reasoning then, a group of terrorists were right to kill innocent Americans on 9/11. After all, the US had been killing Moslems.

Or, the US has been killing (with drone-fired rockets) for years  uncounted numbers of civilians, many, perhaps most of them, quiet innocent. It routinely kills people that way in Pakistan, Somalia - in fact, in may parts of Africa. So, by Mr. Baird's logic, he should be encouraging the peoples of those countries to carry out attacks on American civilians.

The US slaughtered civilians by the million in Cambodia, Vietnam, Guatemala, when does Mr. Baird talk tough to the US?

We killed people in Afghanistan, though I'm not aware of any Afghanistan attacks on Canada - or the US.

Remember the beginning of the Ukraine tensions when Secretary of State Kerry accused Russia of  invading Crimea? He said it was in violation of the UN charter. This came from a man whose country routinely invades countries in violation of the UN charter - and which kills on a grand scale.

But we accept that kind of thinking in our news media. Baird's statement was self-serving, and either lying or stupid. But we accept it. And most of us believe it.

Funny how us people think.

Hamas did not start the bloodshed. In fact, it started before there was a Hamas, before most of its members were even born.

And Hamas doesn't want peace? Well, no. It doesn't want a peace agreement that puts them back where they were. Israel has terribly abused Palestinians since 1948 and before. And, for that matter, Israel doesn't want a peace settlement, either.

For an intelligent and informed comment go to D7, and read Gwynne Dyer's column on the subject. Thanks to self-serving, self-righteous twits like Baird, we are probably creating an even bigger crisis.
On editorial and op-ed pages.  The editorial fearlessly defends the need of recycling old bottles and stuff. Norbert has nothing to say, but says it anyway.

Alec Bruce has a biting column about government interference with our private lives. Read it, Norbert. Notice the two governments he mentions (Ottawa and New Brunswick) are right wing. And the interference goes further, much further than the article suggests.

Eric Lewis writes a sort of "What I did on my summer vacation" story. But hat's not what an opinion column is. Brian Cormier's column has the virtue of being a touching one. But that, too, is not what an opinion column is.


Thursday's TandT continues its latest of additions to its op ed columns. (p. D7).  They get if from Troy Media - which means nothing. What means something is that all the writers for this column have come from propaganda houses financed by big business. This one is by a former university teacher who is now President of our very own Atlantic Institute for Market Studies.

He is all in a tizzy that Dalhousie, and perhaps 20 other  universities are discussing whether to sever ties with
big businesses that deal in fossil fuels. The writer is shocked at this interference with free thought.

I should think Atlantic Institute of Market Studies, The Fraser Institute, the C.D.Howe Institute would be the last ones to give a damn about free thought. They have been poking their noses into the universities and the public schools and the hospitals  for years, interfering with them, and establishing their lies as the truth.

Of course, the universities should sever ties with them. Free thought means they shouldn't have ties with any special interest group. If the writer of this piece knows what words mean, he knows that. Having ties with big business means having obligations to big business. And you cannot have such obligations and still have free thought. Moncton, of all cities, should know that after a recent experience with a professor who had such ties.

It's one thing for a newspaper to publish opinion. It's quite another to publish what is obviously propaganda. Editors should know that. They should know it's unprofessional. They should know it's unethical.

And I suspect they do. Sieg Heil.
Section A is, as  usual, pretty much a wipe-out. An example is "Boutique Take Two takes hold in Moncton's north end".  There is no news in it. It's simply a free ad..
On C3, there is a story on education reforms the federal government wants to impose on native peoples. Native peoples are doubtful about them. And so they should be.

We cannot solve the problems of native peoples. We created them; but we can't solve them. That is particularly true of education, a field in which we have one hell of a track record for creating enormous damage and generations of suffering and even death. We can't be patronizing, and expect that to do any good for anybody.

Native peoples need to have control of their own education systems. Yes, they will make mistakes So did we. People learn by making mistakes. Any system that does not permit people to make mistakes isn't going to work.

As to the money for native education, we owe it. Again, we cannot treat native peoples like children- and give them money on condition they have to spend it as we tell them. It's their money. We owe it. Unless native people have a right to make their own mistakes, their situation will never improve.

Good example of double-talk in the news report on Syria, on C1. 170,000 people have been killed. Nobody knows how many have been crippled, how many live in daily terror, how many can't get food.....
The news report calls it a civil war, and it called the anti-government side 'rebels'. Nonsense.

A civil war would mean Syrians against Syrians. In fact, a large part of the rebel force is made up of mercenaries, foreigners. And the money, weapons and training are coming from the US and Saudi Arabia. Now, a growing part of the rebel force, with a US blessing, is made up of people we've been trained by our news media to call terrorists and and extremists.

Gosh. It's so hard  to keep up with who are the good guys and who are the bad guys.

A US spokesman is quoted as saying that the US will continue to support the rebel side which is fighting for the right of all Syrians to choose their own futures. Right. All those terrorists and mercenaries and jihadists are very big on people choosing their own futures.

Then, of course, there are the 170,000 Syrians whose futures were chosen for them.

Harper is a strong supporter of the "rebels". That's why, with millions of Syrians displaced by the war, he may be willing to accept 200 as refugees. You're all heart, big guy.
The editorial speaks out with courage and wisdom on the need to repair the boardwalk at Magnetic Hill. Norbert makes a vague sort of pronouncement NB Power and the storm. Rod Allen continues to show his delight in the word "I".

There are interesting columns by Alec Bruce and Beth Lyons.The latter is on access to abortion. Opponents of abortion, though I freely admit their superiority to a wretch like me,have an odd inconsistency in their thinking. Usually very religious people (they think), they base their opposition on "Thou shalt not kill". But, hey, apparently that refers only to unborn babies.

I have never known the anti-abortion crowd to show much interest in the millions killed and starved to death in war. Nor have I ever heard much from their clergy on the subject - though they sternly preach against abortion.

War is a fundamental activity in our world. We tart it up with words like democracy. But they don't mean a damn thing. Wars are usually about money and control over it. As well, the production of weapons for distribution all over the world is one of the few bright spots in the US economy.

The wars kill everybody from babies to the elderly. They even kill pregnant women. And you know what? When the woman dies, her baby dies, too.

Of course, they're all foreigners. So I guess it's okay.


  1. Continued from previous post.

    Meet Noam Chomsky, Academic Gatekeeper

    Along with Bush JR. And Bush Sr., and now Obama, Clinton was also a traitor to the American people, same as Canada's PM at the time, Brian Mulroney.

    Clinton and Mulroney, working on behalf of the financial establishment, treacherously, and knowingly signed away American and Canadian jobs.

    They also signed away much prosperity as they lowered the future standard of living for both nations, by joining a third world nation (Mexico) in a competitive wage trade agreement: NAFTA.

    NAFTA makes the 1% richer, and everyone else poorer. Some believe there is a much deeper element to NAFTA. That being a longer term, divide and conquer strategy. But that's an extended issue.

    I lived in Mexico for several months, just a few years previous to the signing, after Mexico's financial collapse.

    I can assure anyone who has never lived there, it's a third world nation, with third world incomes and standards.

    Yes, it has many lavishly appointed homes, but they're also filled with servants making $5.00/day which was considered good as of 1987.

    BTW, I came across Brian Mulroney's name and profile listed as a board member at Blackstone.

    Interesting company Blackstone.

    Other board associates include Council on Foreign Relations members, as well as Trilateral Commission members. (Trilateral Commission founded by head-scumbucket David Rockefeller)

    And of course, several Rothschild descendants.

    Yes, they're all listed by name and profile.

    One of the many firms Blackstone either owns, or has interests in is Freescale.

    Freescale is still listing as missing several of its employees from flight MH 370 on its website.

    Chomsky also assures everyone the members of the CFR and Trilateral Commission are only getting together to have dinner, play golf, and exchange ideas of what to watch on TV.

    Here's Hillary Clinton's infamous CFR remarks:

    I don't think members of the CFR get together to play Bridge, and nude lawn bowling only.

  2. Dude, you seriously have to stop getting your information from weird guys in their basements. Pretty much your entire rant above is simply a copy of what Chomsky has been saying since probably before you were born (except all the Blackstone stuff) . And your comments on him are pretty much the opposite of what he says:

    I'm certainly not going to watch some crazy guy rant in his basement for an hour, particularly when his argument has been admitted by Chomsky himself:

    Is Noam Chomsky an anarcho-syndicalist or proponent of the Federal Reserve?

    Both. Because one is a theory about how life 'should be', while the other is an acceptance of a necessary evil.

    A fearless political crusader or defender of the Warren Commission JFK orthodoxy?

    Again, both. Although he may be afraid of snakes, who knows? (or cares).

    A tireless campaigner for justice or someone who doesn't care who did 9/11?

    Again, both. Although its possible to 'care' about an issue without talking about it. As he's said himself, he's not 'amnesty international'.

    Its always funny to see these really pathetic dudes who have never even READ Chomsky try to discredit him just because he doesn't give the time of day to their favourite conspiracies.

    And you ever notice how all these losers with conspiracy shows always get a british chick to introduce them, as if it makes them sound more legit or something?:)

  3. Here's the Hillary Clinton link I omitted including above.

  4. Who in their right mind gives a rat's arse what Hillary Clinton says about ANYTHING? Do you even know what the Council on Foreign Relations IS? They write reports and give speeches which are listened to by just about nobody.

  5. Chomsky's top ten:

    Free Trade:



    The New world Order

    2014 interview with Chris Hedges

    The Arab Spring:

    Libertarian Socialism

    Foreign Policy debate with Richard Perle where Perle walks out (sorry, its long but much more worth the listen than something like 'the cobbitt report').

    Priceless interview for the BBC:

    In short, there's a reason why his texts are taught in schools and are bestsellers-and he doesn't have to set up a camera in his basement and put it on youtube. To argue against his arguments because "he doesn't agree with me about 911" or "he doesn't agree with my emphasis on the federal reserve" is frankly, kind of insane. Particularly when virtually all the views which many libertarians have against state institutions were ones that Chomsky was writing about fifty years ago. If you listened to Ron Paul running for the Republican leadership, virtually every speech he ever gave on foreign policy was lifted straight from chomsky.

    The main reason I've said I agree with about 90% of everything this blogger says is that its stuff I was listening to Chomsky say back in the eighties. So its ironic that you badmouth chomsky, then tell this blogger how much you like his stuff, because its pretty much Chomsky incarnate except for one or two exceptions. I don't mean to imply he's copying him or anything of the sort, but if you've read Naomi Klein or Edward Said or Chomsky, then this stuff is already in your head when you read this blog. Thats why I said before that my big concern about the blog is that the ONLY people who will read it are those who are already predisposed to these ideas. We certainly don't see any 'blue bloggers' posting here or anything like that. Thats not meant as an insult, its actually a compliment, and its important that those ideas are put out there as much as possible, particularly in New Brunswick where political ideas pretty much die a death. David Campbell USED to attack the Irving press, now he works for them. Charles Leblanc used to talk about issues, now that the police have harassed him into schizophrenia he's pretty much out beyond left field for all but a few issues which instead of politicians he blames police for.

    But I'd encourage everybody to watch those videos and decide yourself, its certainly time better spent than watching Hillary Clinton or some guy in his basement.