Saturday, July 12, 2014

July 12: What's going on?

Ain't nothing going on in Section A of Friday's paper.

In C, page 5, we have a headline "Pension report favours province's pension reforms". The sub-head tells us the N.B. Superintendent of pensions is one of the authors of the report. There is one thing it doesn't tell us; and there is a question it doesn't ask.

It tells us that the report comes from the C.D.Howe Institute. What it doesn't tell us is that this is a fancy name for what is, in fact, a propaganda house for big business. It has no interest in human needs and, indeed, no understanding of them. It's aim, it's only aim, is to work out deals that keep the rich getting rich. And if they hurt everybody else -   tough.

The question no-one asked is - What the hell is our superintendent of pensions doing in helping to write a report for a propaganda house. Other parts of the report also heap praise on the New Brunswick pension changes (Note that the headline calls them reforms - it sounds more reasonable than "changes".)

The superintendent is supposed to be an independent person, and unbiased. Yet here she is taking part in a propaganda campaign financed by people interested only in making themselves richer. It's an issue on which she has to make a decision - and she hasn't done the courtesy to pensioners even of telling them yet what her decision is.

What a farce!

Then we have a major story on the killing going on in Palestine. But, like too many stories, it gives us information - but no understanding. What is this war about? How did this all start?

It started a century ago when it was suggested that Jews be saved from the persecution they suffered throughout Europe by placing them in a homeland. A number of sites were suggested for the homeland - But not Palestine. Why not Palestine? I'd like to think it was because they saw the risks. Jews and arabs did live peacefully together in Palestine, and had for centuries. But a large migration of European Jews would create social and economic problems that would throw the region into chaos.

I'd like to think that was the reason. But it wasn't.  Palestine was under British control, and it didn't want Jews. It didn't want them in Britain. It didn't want them in any part of the British empire. Yes, the British, especially its upper classes, were as anti-Jewish as they come.

As the nature of Hitler's Germany became clear in the 1930s, German Jews were desperate to get out. Almost everybody said no. And leading the NO parade  were the United States and Canada. We made immigration almost impossible. We denied refugee status. These lands of freedom were as bigoted as any in the world. One of the few to accept refugee Jews was China.

During the war, even as we knew of the camps and the killings, we still refused to accept Jews who escaped. Even children who got out to Spain were turned back to die in the camps when Canada and the US refused to accept them

And the end of the war and the horrible pictures of the death camps changed nothing. We, especially we in the western, world happily accepted Naziis, including people like Werner von Braun. But Jews found it almost impossible for several years to get in.

The horror of those years created a desperation in European Jews. And under the desperation, a hatred grew for all the world that had abandoned them. And in creating that hatred we, I think, did enormous damage to Judaism, itself.

Seeing the world abandon them, European Jews fled Europe to their perceived homeland, Palestine. (in fact, it was not the homeland of most of them. Never had been. But that's another story)

Boatloads of illegal migrants landed in Palestine. The seized land illegally, overwhelming British authorities, and formed terrorist groups to murder and terrify arab Palestinians.

In 1948. the UN gave in, and recognized a new country, Israel, by simply taking away the land from people who had lived on it for thousands of years. Some Palestinians stayed on a citizens in Israel - where they were treated as Jews were treated in Europe. The rest were pushed into a tiny strip of land that had no rights, and became simply a prison controlled by an Israel which held it in poverty and suffering, losing more land to Israel every year by theft.

Israel's position was improved when the US realized it could be useful in helping it to control the region. That brought Israel security in the form of money, weapons, military protection, and a UN veto of any criticism of Israel.

Judaism which was once, I think, the most progressive and caring religion in the world, dissolved into hatred and arrogance that was much like the Germany it had fled.  Its religious services, like Christian services in North America because mostly ritual out of touch with any reality.

If we were so good as we think we are, why wouldn't Canada or the US offer land to create Israel here?. We have lots of it; and it wouldn't have needed much.

But we didn't and we wouldn't because we were as anti-Jewish as Europe was. And that attitude lasted well into the 1960s, especially with the wealthier Christians among us.

Now, Israel operates a propaganda network all over Canada. That's why Harper is cultivating the Jewish vote. And Israel is using its network to make itself the dominant power in its region and, quite possibly, to do to Palestinians what Hitler did to Jews.

There are Jews in Canada who hold true to those traditions they had for caring, for non-violence. for charity, for learning. But they have become a minority. The rest, sponsored by big money, have become more like Christians. I knew, and still know, a great many Jews who were real Jews. They pretty much shaped my life.

But now, this tiny nation is a cauldron of hatred, protected by the west to carry out policies that could well take us into nuclear war.

And who caused this mess? All the western world has done it -including the face we see in the mirror each morning.

B'Nai Brith, a Jewish community service organization now converted into a lobbying group is strong on name-calling. It calls people like me anti-semitic. That's because they, like most people, don't know what the word semite means. If you think you would like to call me an anti-semite, please write in. I enjoy picking the wings off flies.
Norbert continues to display his crashing ignorance of the role that civil servants have played in Canadian history.

Cole Hobson has a revealing story about the Moncton attitude to social needs. Though he doesn't actually say it, Moncton simply ignores them. Take Ribfest for example. Hobson speaks with admiration of how Rotary organized it to raise money for the social needs of children.

Why are we so proud that something which is such a necessity is left up to volunteer groups? This is a society which seems to have no sense of itself as a society. And, in fact, only a few lines of the column is about social needs at all. Most of it is about raising money.

There's a letter of the same ilk in Letters to the Editor, "Rob from the rich. give to government?"
Yep, folks. Making the rich pay taxes is robbin' them good folk. But robbin' the poor is okay.

And helping people is giving them handouts? Damn right. Handouts are wrong. So how about a letter demanding Mr. Irving hand back thousands of acres of forests?

And the super-rich have a thermostat for making money? Well,  yeah. So do bank-robbers and pimps. And the rich make money by making sure that the poor stay poor. Watch for that to be reflected in the Pacific trade deal that's coming up.

They have a tolerance for risk? What risk? They pay almost no taxes. They get gifts from the government. They get special deals. How often do you hear of one of the super-rich going broke? Daily life is a risk for most people because they have nothing in reserve, no influence in government - and lousy salaries from the super rich.

And the rich have a work ethic. A-a-a-a-h, isn't that sweet! Big news for the letter writer. A lot of people have a work ethic, and a lot work a hell of a lot harder than any billionaire does. I wonder whether the letter-writer ever shook the calloused hand of a billionaire.

The point of the letter writer seems to be that the rich should run the government.  Obviously, he doesn't know that the rich do run the government. Get real. Who do you think set the budgets that have been driving us into bankruptcy? Irving openly appointed his own people as "advisors" to the minister of finance. Indeed, the reason we're having a world economic crisis is because of the behaviour, sometimes criminal, of our wealthiest.

I don't want to push the letter writer into the twenty-first century. But we should at least take a stab at the twentieth.

I really wonder about Gwynne Dyer - especially in his writing about the Ukraine.

Some months ago, he was just dead wrong. he said that Russia would not intervene to protect the naval base at Savastapol. But he did intervene. And I don't see what else he could have done with such a hostile group staging a coup against the elected government. (And Dyer has never said a word about that coup - about who staged it, why, about why the US immediately recognized an illegal government. Nothing about it Zip. But that's  surely the core of the story.

Today, he uses "fascists" as a charge made by rebels against the Ukraine government. The quotations marks imply this is just their opinion. Hang on, Gwynne. There ARE fascists in the government, and in serious positions. They call themselves fascists. They have a party uniform similar to that of Hitler's Nazi party. They have a symbol that is a modification of the swastika. It's not a secret.

Similarly, he refers to Russians from Russia who have joined the rebels as "volunteers". Again, those quotation marks imply they are not volunteers, but were deliberately sent by Putin. I have never seen any evidence of that. Nor can I see why a Putin, good or evil, would do it. It's clear he wants a minimum involvement with Ukraine.

It's a bad idea to use quotation marks to imply something. Say what you mean. Don't give cute hints.

Then he blames Putin for making Ukraine an enemy. Oh? Putin didn't overthrow the elected government of Ukraine. His taking of Crimea to protect an important naval base for the region was a minimal response. Since then, he has consistently been the major one in looking for a peaceful solution. For contrast, read the stream of irresponsible threats from Obama, Kerry, and Harper.

In effect, Dyer trivializes the whole thing, and says it will all blow away. And that's exactly what he said when some people said that Russia would have to defend Sevastapol.

I hope this is the end of it. I hope it very much. But I doubt it.


  1. The 'fascist' quotation marks I can sort of see because he was referring to the view of Ukrainians from information being given by 'russians', so 'grammatically' it makes some sense. I agree about the final line, that Russia has made a "permanent enemy out of Ukraine". That statement seemed to come out of nowhere. His article seemed to state that the people had no strong feelings one way or another, so what exactly did Putin do TO THEM, to make them enemies?

    One of the rebel leaders stated that the russians would 'come and save them', and there are supports around that Russia has closed the border. THOSE people would probably be cheesed, but those people aren't represented in anyway by the government.

    And while I don't make any claims about that part of the world, I agree with this blogger about the media coverage. One article I was reading made the point of adding at the end about how the russian army had a history of this-having people in reserves whose job it was to shoot any deserters. Specifically meaning the second world war I suppose. And that part is sort of true, but it certainly wasn't restricted to russians. Officers of ALL militaries during the war had pistols and there was a reason they stayed at the back during advances. The main part of an officers job in the british army was to shoot deserters. This is one of the reasons why one of the highest casualties of officers in any war was during the Vietnam War, because soldiers knew what an officer's duty was, and they often made sure to take him out before he took them out. So talking about russia like this is pretty slimey.

    This was made famous in the film "Enemy at the Gates", where the hollywood execs made sure that even though russia was the 'good guy', they couldn't make them TOO good, so had a scene showing officers shooting russian deserters. But how often do you ever see that in an american war film, and anybody that thinks US army regulations are different, is kidding themselves.

  2. Can anyone explain Barry Chamish to me?

    I understand he lived in Israel but left, fearing for his life.

    The extended story he tells is controversial to say the least.

    He states: (Israel is being set up, as he sees it, for destruction through a co-ordinated effort by the Zionists in charge - who are not Jews - never were real Jews; the CFR, and Jesuits for Papacy temporal jurisdiction).

    This is being done to facilitate an escalation of violence, to spread and continue, and at some time later, the creation of a new, borderless world state.

    Look, I know, sounds crazy. But, what in this world makes sense any longer?

    Look at the open floodgate policy at the US southern border.

    If we look at how the US is being destroyed, and how Canada (see Peter C. Newman and Mel Hurtig) is being carved up, I'm beginning to believe anything is possible.

    Look at Obama's NDAA, and NDRP. Would a truly democratic leader push to have such draconian and dictatorial legislation passed?

    Our recent food inflationary prices in grocery stores are a result of US Federal Reserve quantitative easing, and our own Bank of Canada's original role being hijacked, so we have much a higher national and consumer debt here than we ought to.

    Meanwhile, the Bank of Canada is also asked to purchase more American dollars in order to stabilize, or stave off the inevitable from happening to the US dollar for a while longer, by lowering our dollar's value.

    If this isn't a crazy practice, I don't know what is.But it tells us a lot.

    Years ago, I remember looking at some of Eric Jon Phelps work regarding this Papacy theme, but realized he also shared in further beliefs that only serve to discredit him.

    And yes...Gwynne Dyer knows better. He's preserving his syndicated newspaper column over speaking too much truth, and therefore simply chooses to omit..

    Though Chris Hedges may have lost his job with The New York Times for his refusal to lie, he went onto great publishing, and Internet success regardless.

    Paul Craig Roberts too, is another successful example..

  3. Dude, you seem to have a penchant for conspiracy theories. Yeah, it sounds crazy, and 'the world seems crazy' is not a reason to pay attention to crazy theories. I heard that Netanyahu is actually being controlled by Papa Smurf in an attempt to turn the whole world into a giant smurf village! It 'sounds crazy' but its such a crazy world that whose to say its not true!!

    Israel is doing the exact same thing its been doing for sixty years or so. Saying somebody is 'not a real jew', uh, well what kind of definition do you have of that?

    But conspiracy theories are usually pretty funny, because they are usually logically inconsistent. Like, Israel is 'setting up a borderless state' by.....setting up more and more borders. Yeah, THAT makes sense.

    As for Obama, he's the president, and thats what 'executive orders' ARE. The President makes decisions, thats why they are elected. If it were 'democratic', then it would be like Switzerland and any time people wanted to challenge or make a decision then they force a referendum on it.

    Bush used executive orders all the time, ALL presidents have, and in this case its at least understandable because there is a humanitarian crisis and a congress which says they won't even TALK about it.

    You seem to be all over the place, but I have to say, the Bank of Canada has kept interest rates at historic lows for DECADES now. So I'm not sure how that contributes to higher consumer debt. People borrowing money has nothing to do with the american federal reserve and the inflation rate has been at historic lows for YEARS.

    And for the record, Chris Hedges QUIT his job at The New York Times, and I'm not sure he'd agree that this was a step up for his publishing career.

  4. Ok, sure. Laugh it up.

    Hedges was made an offer he decided to refuse out of self-respect. Have to give the man credit - appears to have a conscience.

    If Switzerland was so democratic, why is it the home to the Bank For International Settlements, besides being a haven for clandestine bank accounts?

    The BIN is the umbrella corp. that oversees all western central banks. The Federal Reserve System is well known to be sabotaging America.

    Everyone is aware of this now. It's not a secret. Those who don't know this are living an uninformed existence.

    There is a court challenge against the Bank of Canada see (Canadian Action Party website), and also here:

    I'm not all over the place. It's healthy to have varied interests. Just attempting to break new ground, and create healthy debates.

    Besides, when you unburden yourself of the shackles of this great brainwashing experiment the whole west is under, you begin to see things.

    Years ago as a teenager I read George Orwell's 1984. I thought it was supposed to be a work of fiction. Didn't realize it was an instructional manual.

    Ok, if you're not afraid of a lot of colorful language, check out this coverage of another recent alleged multiple shooting of an entire family in Houston, and police car chase of the alleged shooter.

    and here:

    I mean, really. How dumb is that? How dumb do they think people are? I'm sure we've all looked at enough police chases where they push the bumper of the car being chased causing it to fishtail out of control. It's a standard strategy. But it wasn't used. And the roadblocks are transparently lame.

    The vlogger is right. It's out of control what Obama's police state is attempting to do with these orchestrated hoaxes, and gun grabbing to disarm the citizenry. Watch and you'll see.

    Great post as always Graeme.

  5. Maybe so, he also had a little problem with plagiarism and posting bogus stories. But anyway, he's got better things to say (and copy) from Chomsky than I do. He's basically a 'chomsky lite', and pretty much says so himself.

    As for Switzerland, private companies obviously aren't the same thing as governments. However, swiss banks are now as open as most caribbean ones, or even canadian ones (its not like you can walk into a bank and get information on people's accounts you know). However, banks are private companies, so thats sort of like saying "Saudi Arabia can't be a monarchy because there's a Taco Bell there".

    There are seven presidents in Switzerland, none of whom have any real power. Any law that is passed by any level of government can be challenged by the population through citizens initiatives, if they get enough signatures, the legislation has to go to a referendum. I"m not sure how YOU define democracy, but thats as democratic as it gets. Switzerland is also a neutral country, but is the headquarters for numerous international organizations, which just goes to show how smart they are. They don't even have to join the EU and they get tons of administrative investment from europe just because they're neutral. But that really has nothing to do with their democracy.

    Varied interests is one thing, but when you aren't stringing together a coherent thought or argument thats something else entirely. Saying things like "everyone knows this" is nonsensical, particularly for somebody who in the past has written about how uninformed and brainwashed most people are. So I think what you mean is "all the people who agree with me know this.."

    But yeah sure, its not the fact that the US has embarked on massive military excursions and spends more on military spending than almost all other countries combined, or the fact that industry is relocating to cheaper locations, yeah, its the 'federal reserve'. And your link is from three years ago, how did that court challenge pan out? Its 'sort of' true about the central bank, but the fact is that we live in a global economy, there is simply no way, unless you want the country to be another Cuba, to simply close off investment and say "sorry, our central bank is going to provide interest free loans to our governments". Most government bonds pay barely anything anyway, so that argument really makes no sense. I agree financial instruments should put human needs first, but the Canadian Action Party is just nuts. The country would be a global pariah and would be blocked out of the worlds economies.

    And if you think Obama is 'gun grabbing', dude, seriously! He came out with one plan which needs congressional approval which he knows he's not going to get, and the most it did was ban military assault weapons. You seriously think that they are orchestrating police chases?? Come on! And really, where do you live?? You are aware that gun laws in the US really have nothing to do with New Brunswick right?

  6. Mikel, why are you in so much denial?


    Obama needs no congressional approval - he infamously announced so. Why do you think media on both sides began referring to him as King Obama?

    Besides, congress is mostly owned by corporate lobbyist gifts of persuasion. Why do you think even the commonest of people refer to politicians as crooks who jump on the gravy train?

    Let's not be naive.

    Last couple of years, huge stories ran quite often how there's up to $20 trillion being illegally parked in tax havens in Caribbean banks and elsewhere.

    Don't take it up with me, take it up with all mainstream media who exhaustively covered this topic.

    And yes, I believe they're orchestrating certain events to manipulate public opinion. And there's a growing number of people coming to this conclusion for the first time everyday.

    Really? You aren't able to see it? Wouldn't make a very good detective.

    Study John Williams site: to see an alternative view of how the lack of real jobs are playing havoc in the overall economy.

    Add to it, the busing of jobless immigrants into the country.

    No one can force you to open your eyes if you're not ready.

  7. You never said ANYTHING about tax havens, and neither did I. That has ZERO to do with the federal reserve or the Bank of Canada or anything we were talking about. Its true, the mainstream media (there ya go sourcing that evil mainstream media again!) have covered tax havens for many years now, we are quite in agreement on that because like I said, that issue wasn't even raised. You can go further than that, if corporation income taxes were the same as they were in the prosperous 60's, we'd have NO deficit and the debt would be almost wiped out, no need for the crazy talk that the Canadian Action Party talks about. Simple solution, just raise Corporate income taxes and increase the royalties on resources, and the governments fiscal problems are gone. And its not even tax havens, companies simply move their profits to legitimately low tax countries which has pretty much the same effect. There are probably about a dozen of documentaries that have been done on this. Keep up eh!

    King Obama?? The guy practically gets NOTHING done. Name me ONE piece of gun control legislation which Obama has passed. If anything gun control is far looser, the big issue now is people want to be able to wear their guns anywhere. But again, this has zero to do with Canada.

    You are now bringing up stuff EVERYBODY knows and talking as if its some kind of religious secret that comes to those who are ready, thats just ridiculous. Tax havens have been well known for years, thats about as contentious as saying Harper doesn't like the Supreme Court. Nobody even brought them up.

    I'm not even going to LOOK further at that website, any site that claims : "Have you ever wondered why the CPI, GDP and employment numbers run counter to your personal and business experiences? The problem lies in biased and often-manipulated government reporting."

    Gee, here's ANOTHER thought, like maybe your individual experiences aren't as big as the freaking country. Gee, there is NO crime in my house, but here I see all these crime statistics that talk about crime in the world, that must be just due to misleading government statistics because I don't see any crime.

    An alternative view of the 'lack of real jobs'. And here the main view has always been that lower wages bring down the standard of living and force people to move out west and internationally where better jobs are. I'm not even going to guess what an 'alternative version' of that is.

    And 'the busing of jobless immigrants'?? Is that a cloak for racism or are you just talking about immigration? Canada's immigration has always been tied to the labour market, you seem to have missed it, but the far bigger story is the foreign workers program, not immigration. But then, nobody can force you to open your eyes to see what everybody else has known for years. Like I said, you really may want to stop adding the condescending little comments about how other people 'don't have their eyes open' when you are bringing up issues that the mainstream media were covering up to a decade ago. Next you'll be saying "there's this thing called climate your eyes (although from what I've read I wouldn't be surprised if you were more in the 'there is no such thing as man made climate change' camp, thats the usual opinion I've seen of those guys who keep going on about the federal reserve).

  8. And PS, just for a primer on government statistics, the employment has FOREVER been defined as those people who are collecting unemployment and actively looking for work. Its been common knowledge FOREVER that the actual number of people looking for work is far higher, its not a 'shadow statistic'.

    Obviously there is no way to know how many people are actually jobless, but one useful indicator is to go to the census, which tells you how many people are 'not in the workforce'. Its true the media should talk about labour issues more often, but they use the only numbers which are documented reliable.

  9. I know John won't like it, but a far better answer to one of the issues here: