Thursday, June 26, 2014

June 26: Well, let's start with the June 25 paper..... doesn't take long to read, and has almost nothing worth reading in it. Just two items really struck me.

One was a statement by Joe Biden in defence of  Harper's seeming  indifference to the fate of an Egyptian-Canadian journalist imprisoned for - well - for being a journalist and doing his job. Harper, though PM of a country of which this reporter is a citizen has shown no interest at all.

Biden's take on it is that this is a delicate issue, and that bullhorn methods won't work in dealing with it. Oh? Harper believes in quiet diplomacy?

This is the man who made enemies all over the Moslem world (and in much of the Christian world) by his highly charged (but largely useless) speeches in Israel about how he would support Israel no matter what. There were no conditions. The implication was clear. Canada would support Israel even if it was in the wrong. In practical terms, he has committed Canada to war even if Israel starts it.

Then check out his Ukraine speeches. No world leader was more bullhornish and threatening than Harper. Indeed, so far Harper is the only leader who has offered no positive advice whatever. He even out-bullhorned the nuclear war enthusiasts in the US.

But not a word to help a Canadian who faces years in jail for telling the truth. It is being done by a "just-pretend' democracy that seized power from an elected government, and has since been murdering its political opponents.

The democracy-loving west hasn't said boo. In fact, the American government is now offering Egypt's quasi-dictatorship a billion dollars for weapons. (In fairness, the US is really doing it to provide contracts for its weapons industry.)

Harper doesn't give a damn for democracy or human rights. He's made that very clear. He doesn't give a damn for the rights of Canadian citizens. It's as simple as that.

All over the world journalists are publicly protesting the Egyptian jailing of reporters who tell the truth.

Will there be a public protest by the journalists of our commercial news media in Moncton? Should you rush to get good seats while you can? Will there be an editorial? Dream on.

This is the province where journalists don't kick ass. They kiss it.

I have been disappointed by some of Gwynne Dyers' columns lately. This is hard to admit because I knew him, liked him, and had great respect for his work back in the days when we were both starting out.

But I have noticed lately an avoidance of some topics while continuing to discuss trivial ones. On June 25 in the TandT, it got worse. He said that the US was reluctant to get involved in Iraq because it can get all the oil it needs from North American sources.

Getting oil for the US was not a factor in the original, Iraq war. It was to get oil profits for American billionaires who sell it to other countries. That American 'interest' has never changed. Obama is not delaying in order to stay out of a war. He's delaying because, great democrat that he is, he wants to force the elected prime minister of Iraq to step down. Then Obama can put a puppet ruler in place.

Dyer must know that.

He must also know that when a well-equipped and well-trained army invades a country, then somebody was putting up big money and guidance and training. That somebody was almost certainly Saudi Arabia, the old friend of the US. Obama must have known what was happening, must have agreed to it, and probably had a hand in the equipping and training of the invaders.

Part of this is the general redrawing of the map of the middle east.  Most of those countries didn't exist until after World War 1. They were created largely by France and Britain to enable themselves to loot the countries with a business-like tidiness.

But after World War 2, those countries became more independent, some developing enough military power to get in the way of American control and oil profits. So now, Obama is breaking them up into smaller, weaker countries. That's what's happening in Iraq, Syria, Libya, and will happen in other countries. Israel joins into the game because destroying existing countries increases Israel's power in the area. I would not be at all surprised to see Israel start of war of destruction in Palestine. thought not to weaken it, but to drive its people out, and add their land to Israel.

But back to the US. Why use Al Quadea to break up countries? Because to break up a country you need factions and sects fighting each other - forever.

The prime minister of Iraq does not support that. In fact, he has been making friends with those awful people in Iran who are threatening the world with the nuclear bombs they don't have. So the PM has to go. That's what this is all about.

Oh, yes, watch for subtle uses of language.

When Al Queda fighters kill Americans, they're terrorists. (nasty word, that.)
When they kill Syrians, they're called rebels. Nice word. Sounds patriotic and freedom-loving.
When they kill Iraqis (often in mass executions), they're called militants, a nice, neutral word.

The June26 issue opens with a front page hymn of praise to the CEO of Vitalite health network. That leads you to A4andA5 with a QandA session between Brent Mazerolle and the CEO which opens with a chorus to the hymn of praise, followed by the thrill of seeing Brent Mazerolle gently lobbing softballs to the CEO, and showing great skill in hitting the bat every time.
And it all ends on a sweetly agreeable note.
TT Thank you for talking to us.
CEO My pleasure. (and I'll bet it was.)

Foreign news is the usual grab bag with all of its stories coming from American and Canadian news services.The result is that we are getting news that is, to say the least, one-sided. To make it worse, the bosses of those news services ensure that they remain biased. (The Irving press is one of many, similar propaganda sheets in North America.)

Editorial and Op Ed pages have a highlight in an excellent column  by Jody Dallaire on a coming (I hate her use of the word upcoming. The word coming is quite enough. We don't need the up.) women's summit. I like that, if only because it's not a yet another "entrepreneurs' summit which presumes to tell us how to run our lives and our society.

Rod Allen still doesn't know what an opinion column is.

The back page has a column by Jordi Morgan who is,  we are told,  Vice-President Atlantic of the Canadian Federation of Independent Business. It shows.

This is a highly partisan, hatefilled, name-calling attack on unions.Unions are evil, evil, evil and cynical. Businessmen are good. Workers should be happy to get whatever it is, if anything, they get. This is a person who doesn't have a clue about how to write an opinion column. He clearly has no respect for workers. These are just things to be used when necessary, paid as little as possible, and then dumped. He will have his admirers among people who already think like him. But he will win no converts.

I don't think I've ever seen a column in the Irving press written by a union leader.

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