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June 19: Let's start slowly...

For some years, children, including very young ones, have been fleeing across the Mexican border into the US. In March, it was almost 40,000, with some travelling as many as 2,000 miles from all over Latin America.  Why?

Nobody has ever bothered to find out.

They could be fleeing poverty and hunger; there's lots of it where they come from. It's possible that these are only a portion of children being smuggled in by American and Latin American gangsters to satisfy the sex slave trade in the US. In fact, all of these seem likely.

There are no facilities to hold them.  Instead, they are stored in warehouses, prisons, whatever is available. Are they looked after?

Nobody has ever bothered to find out.

There is evidence of a severe shortage of food for them and of medicine. But lots of Americans are suffering severe shortages of food and medicine. So why bother looking after children who are going to be deported, anyway?

All we know is that most have one thing in common. They come from countries with which US big business and government have constantly interfered, often through American-appointed dictators, so that they can be worked, underpaid, polluted, starved, beaten and murdered to keep up the profits of resource and farming giants owned by Americans and Canadians. They are the ones who have learned even at a young age  that the wealth of our form of capitalism does not trickle down to the rest of us. Not ever.

But I guess that's not news.
In the June 18 edition of the TandT, Norbert Cunningham has a column showing how to create ignorance, bias, even hatred in an innocent-looking column. He heard some civil servant (here called a bureaucrat because bureaucrat sounds more hateful) who used a silly,

Well, it is a silly word. But Norbert makes the use of such words something that is exclusively bureaucratic. He uses that word to label civil servants as people incompetent, trivial, and so different from the rest of us as to be practically an inferior race.

Norbert, I have a flash for you. Check out the language of big business - "at this point in time" instead of "now", for example. Big businesses and pompous asses in general are full of silly words and phrases. It's not just civil servants; it's all of us.

But Norbert isn't really commenting on choice of words. He's slandering a whole group of people. He's writing propaganda. Why? Because civil servants often disagree with what big business wants to do.

Tell you what, Norbert, you write a column on the inanities that spring from the mouths of Irvings.

You might also do one on the great respect commonly held by politicians for the advice of  civil servants. (But you've probably never even heard of people like O.D. Skelton.)

The TandT happily slanders civil servants and, sometimes, politicians because it believes that governments should be run by billionaires. Apparently, there's something about being born rich that makes some people wiser than others - and certainly wiser than us slobs who chose to be born to non-billionaires.
The government has cut budgets for needy students in our public schools. Way to give everybody some equality of opportunity. Of course, if those kids were so lazy as to choose poor parents, they have to expect to pay a price for it.  We can't expect the rich to pay even more taxes. If they had to, they might also have to cut positions in their private schools to deal with their needy students.
Now, to a topic I've been putting off. A reader sent me an opinion column I had heard of, but had shied away from reading. Sorry. It just depressed me so much, I guess, that I didn't want to believe it. But I read it yesterday. And, to my dismay, it's quite believable.

For background, most wars are fought for the benefit of the very, very rich.  The motives are purely economic.  That is true of every major war fought in the last, hundred years. The groundwork is laid by news media that create hatred of  "the others" and encourage us to believe that the wars are caused by the evil in "the others", and are for defending democracy or saving the Jews, or looking for "weapons of mass destruction." Oh, yeah, and Pearl Harbor".( Yes, it was a terrible attack. But yes, it was also a setup.)

Nuclear weapons, it was argued from the start, would bring peace. After all, if both sides had nuclear weapons, they would act as mutual deterrents to war. Well, sort of. What happened is that nuclear nations fought their wars against smaller nations that didn't have nuclear weapons to shoot back with.

What has followed is decades of war, mostly provoked by the US and other western powers against weaker and smaller nations.

The US, in particular, has killed millions (and tortured and starved and destroyed) in that period. But, with the most expensive military in the world, its record, even against poor and backward nations, has
 been abysmal, even embarrassing.

So it's policy now is not to go to war, but to divide various peoples against each other - and to supply them with the money and the weapons. That's what it did to create the horror that is Syria.  The US cannot conquer the world militarily. But what it can to is to encourage nations to destroy themselves. That's why the mercenaries in Syria that we call rebels are armed, supplied, and even trained by the US and a few allies. That's why it happily allows the people we've been trained to hate as "terrorists", to fight each other as well as our "allies".

That's why Syria have been turned into a horror of murder, poverty and starvation. The intention is to keep it that way. We're watching the same process in Iraq. The US killed a million and a half people and destroyed millions of homes, schools, hospitals, factories......... justifying it by lies from Bush and Blair about WMDs.
Now, it's been driven back into horror by extreme Jihadists in a move that has divided Moslems against each other. The whole Moslem world is being set up to destroy itself in constant and extraordinarily brutal wars. This is pure terror and horror deliberately created by the US, Saudi Arabia, the Emirates and Israel.

But US foreign policy,essentially directed by the super-rich, has been a disaster for the last fifty years. There is no reason to believe this will not be the greatest disaster of all.

(Oh, my goodness, wasn't it terrible what Moslems did, killing 3000 innocent Americans on 9/11? Let's kill millions of more innocent Moslems. Let's kill more Moslem babies with shattered medical care and starvation and bombs.)

In fact, we have created Moslem hatred of us  in over a hundred and fifty years of murder, brutality, and exlploitation notably by Britain, France, and the US. In this way, we created Moslem "extermism" and terrorism. ('That's what we call it when we murder people, and they are so treachorous as to shoot back.) The great plan now is to turn that hatred inward, against each other.

Jesus loves us. But He wants us to kill all those Moslems.

That will leave us free to deal with those evil Russian and Chinese, most of whom are ignorant of the lofty, spiritual thoughts that emanate from the Irving Chapel and the TandT Faith Page..

Meanwhile, the nuclear deterrent may no longer exist. The US has developed anti-missile missiles which, it is claimed, could shoot down enemy nukes immediately after launch. It has invested heavily in  planting thousands of those anti-missile missiles around China and Russia.

That means the nuclear deterrent to war no longer exists. If true, it means the US could launch a first strike (without declaring war), destroying most Russian and Chinese missiles before they could be launched. What affect would that have?

Well, for a start, large parts of our earth would be poisoned for the next 20,000 years or so. It is possible that some Russian and Chinese missiles would make it through to us. It is also possible that nuclear powers like Pakistan, India, Israel and even North Korea would take advantage of the situation to launch their own attacks. And those might well do enough to destroy the rest of us.

That's why I didn't want to read the article the reader sent me. But I did, hoping it would be just another bit of alarmist writing.

But it's not. It's quite well-informed and credible. Read it.

This, I think, is what the Ukraine affair is all about. It's noticeable that all the commercial North American news media have jumped on the Hate Putin, Hate Russia theme. Of course. Almost all of them are owned by the same big business people who have been running American foreign affairs since 1776. This is obviously a propaganda campaign to make us hate; and to support a war that no sane person can believe is justified.

The only comforting thought I have is that the US, while capable of winning with a first strike, may be hoping for Putin to back off and accept US economic domination. If so, this is the most irresponsible bluff in world history. And perhaps the last one.

And how does this relate to Moncton and New Brunswick - apart from the nuclear fallout? It's part of a process that begins right here in Moncton with our very own city council and our loved Moncton Times and Transcript.

But, oh, I'll save that for Saturday.

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  1. Yep....Obama is totally nuts! But so was Bush Jr, and Clinton, and Bush Sr.

    But Obama is ramping up new wars of aggression to lunatic-fringe in; is this a possible 'end game' scenario. A nuclear showdown?

    This is why some are questioning the legitimacy in the obviously crazy thought processes of the in; is this designed to bring about a new authoritarian, worldwide police state....a techno-master and slave, feudal era in the near future when all the dust settles?!

    Already we understand parts of the US is moving in such a police state drection....and we see democracy under attack in Canada by state-owned CBC, including other private entities such as CTV, SUN News, and all the major newspapers in Canada.