Monday, June 16, 2014

June 16: Sound and fury meaning nothing....

I have just read the report of Brian Gallant speaking to kick off his campaign in Dieppe. What a tiresome and brainless experience that was! Gallant, it seems, is a classical political speaker. Roughly, it went something like the following.....

"Fellow Liberals, we must spend. But we must spend carefully." (Applause)

"Fearlessly, we must not make promises we can't keep."  (Standing ovation.)

"I would go further, and say we must be honest." (Audience goes wild. Maidens swoon.)

As far as one can tell from that speech, Gallant has no platform. All he has is a set of stale platitudes that tell us nothing, and that could be (and will be) made by the Conservatives.

"We must face our problems. But we must face them with confidence."  (Parents in the audience clap hands on the ears of the children so they won't hear this.)

There is no mention of the central problem of this province. That central problem is that nobody gives a damn what the voters think (Nor should they. The fact that 800 people would sit through this malarkey is a pretty strong indicator that a large number of voters don't think at all).

The reality is that this province is run by a handful of very wealthy people whose only interest is making money - for themselves. And if that destroys you health and reduces you to poverty - tough.

I have, over the years, met a number of the very, very wealthy. What struck me was the contempt that so many had for people who weren't rich. It was a contempt that amounted to resentment and even hatred. I can see now why they feel that way. Eight hundred people turned out  and listened enthusiastically to an utterly brainless speech.

Gallant is Alward. And both Gallant and Alward are obvious toadies.

There is a real world out there. And what's happening in that real world is that it is going back to  the social and economic and political world of the middle ages. Then rule was by aristocrats and kings who became aristocrats and kings because their daddies were. No other reason. Now, they are there because they are the children of the very rich.

Equality of opportunity is long gone. And, as in the middle ages, the generations after the first daddy became increasingly dotty and incompetent. But they still became dukes and earls, and they still formed the officer corps of the armies. (History books will tell you all about the heroes of the army. And there were some. But most of the officers all the way up to field marshals were crashingly  incompetent right up to World War One. The officer corps of the army was where the aristocratic  families dumped their hopelessly stupid sons. Unfortunately, we have no such institution as to old, British army for the rich and stupid. So they get absorbed into the family businesses.

Democracy is just about gone. Alward never set budget policy. One would have to be very naive to think he did.

Increasingly,  the world is run by the very, very rich - and they have shown no talent for the job. Conditions have been worsening since the 1970s. Poverty and hunger are spreading. Millions have been killed to make the rich richer. And the rich have become unspeakably richer over those years.

But what do we know? We get almost all of our news from lying news media owned by the rich. (By the way to say the TandT lies is kind. The alternative is to say it is staffed by wretched toadies and sellouts - and that wouldn't be nice.)

Gallant, in his speech, was as irrelevant as Alward ever was. Only a naive fool would vote for him. And that's good for Gallant because New Brunswick has a stock of naive fools that can put a party into power. I know that because they have done so for at least the last two elections.

Enjoy being the peasantry of the 21st century.


  1. I recently heard former Bank of Canada governor David Dodge suggest on CBC radio, Canada ought to loosen its purse strings, and spend more in a time of economic decline.

    Years ago, before I knew any better, I would've agreed.

    I would've agreed with British economist John Maynard Keynes doctrine of increased government expenditures in times of slowdown.

    But that was before I came to understand the true role of central bankers, and of the history of the tyrannical rise of the central bankers, and how they hi-jack whole nations, including all media services, including education at the grade school level.

    I now understand why Dodge wants us to go further into debt. (and its not for our own good).

    NB is already overly far into debt. You gotta wonder why no politician here ever addresses this issue - of paying compounded interests to the cabal of private banks when the government borrows money, instead of issuing the money itself, and charging itself no interest.

    NB would be in much better shape. But so would the rest of Canada.

    At least, the Canadian Action Party's website has interesting links regarding this mostly unknown info.

    1. I quite agree the government should be borrowing from the Bank of Canada.

      That doesn't mean we shouldn't borrow to revive our economy. It means we should make them go back to borrowing from the Bank of Canada.

      Ir we don't,we're going to see the slashing of services, including health and education in order to make bankers richer.

  2. I agree with virtually all of that, except that I think you are being as unkind to some people as those rich people you are talking about. I won't get into voting for Gallant again, the reality is a person may be an idiot, but if you DON"T vote for Gallant you are essentially voting for Alward whether you want to or not. Otherwise, you might as well stay home.

    It also certainly isn't true that all wealthy people hold people in such contempt. Apart from the 1%, the richest canadians are doctors, dentists, and veterinarians. They are wealthy simply because of controlled industries and fixed prices.

    I've met a couple of the old Irvings when I worked for them when I was young. It was funny because I remember what utter terror everybody who worked for them were in and how they couldn't swing together two sentences, and this is even though the 'popular image' of the Irvings is supposedly that they are 'just average guys who eat at McDonalds'.

    Along that vein for some reason a girl I worked with was amazed that I spoke to the President of the NBPower so easily. I was on a six month contract and wasn't working for them anyway, but it was really interesting to see just how class consciousness works.

    And I'll just repost my usual criticism-there is actually MORE democracy than previously. Mulroney was having a field day compared to what Harper has to go through. If New Brunswickers could actually get organized then you'd probably see some significant change, although honestly, while Irving may run the province, there is a big segment of the population that figures at least they are providing some jobs in the province. I think that may be defeatist, but not necessarily idiotic.
    And I know you think I disagree with you quite strongly, but just as an example I was just commenting at a site where a guy basically said that we NEED wealthy 'elites' because they know what is best for us and there actually should be MORE inequality as it 'spurs real growth'. THAT is what people who disagree with you think.

  3. Well, if making the rich richer is what makes us prosperous, we must be rolling in good times.

    I never said all the rich hold us in contempt. I said a great many do. And by a wealthy class, I did not mean doctors and dentists. They are middle class to upper middle class.

  4. Oh, yeah, democratic countries don't have domestic spies, arbitrary imprisonment, don't pass on our personal information to big business, and don't have a press that prints nothing but propaganda.

  5. Dentists can easily earn millions, I certainly would call that a wealthy class. There are other ways of measuring class, which gets pretty convoluted, but anyway, some rich people are *&**& and some aren't. But as for wealth, there are LOTS of people doing much better,and many whose earnings are stagnant, particularly those who are unskilled. But when you are in your twenties and can move to Alberta and make 60 grand to start, with virtually no training, then you can't complain much. But as for spying, thats a technological issue. Back in the sixties there wasn't even a charter, which means if the internet had been around, there wouldn't even be an issue about spying. This has been a regular feature of canadian policing since its inception. Its true its a hot button right now, but it looks very much like the supreme court as well as the liberal party, is going to backtrack most of Harpers security transgressions. So yeah, I'm not defending Harper, to me the democratic power is people and organizations who have constantly been challenging Harper, and which opposition parties have been paying attention to. So yeah, its not great news, but its also not a sign of democratic worsening, because these things wouldn't have even been questioned in the past.