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May 31: May is such a wimpy month - glad it's over.

Unless you get all excited by beer festivals and obvious but useless statements from politicians (A15. St. John MP Rodney Weston - a good, half-page of wasted paper to tell us that if we boost the economy, gas sales will go up and therefore produce more money in taxes. Obviously, this is a man who can see through walls.)........Well, if you get all excited at drinking beer in a big room and reading about uninteresting people, you'll love section A of today's paper.

There is only one story in the section worth reading - A3, "Shale gas protesters begin three-day march."

It's about 75 people marching from Elsipogtog First Nations Kopit Lodge. They left yesterday, and expect to arrive at Moncton courthouse tomorrow to present letters of protest to SWN Resources.

Before anyone hollers for more police in camouflage outfits, there are some points to consider.

There is a native society which is different from ours.  Ours has become a use and throw-away society. Perhaps the best example of that is the daily newspaper. And we will throw away clean water and healthy soil without a thought for the future. Native people maintain a respect for the land. Long ago, we signed treaties with them to respect the difference between our societies. But we've never honoured them.

As well, it is their land that will be affected. A reserve is not a suburb. It is native land. They have every right too protect it. If anything, we should be calling out the men in camouflage suite and combat rifles to point their weapons at our politicians and SWN executives.

The land is not ours. We have no right to sign agreements with developers for the land when native peoples oppose those agreements. Neither SWN nor our governments have made any attempt at such negotiations. (I know it's not all directly on their land. But their land will certainly suffer.)

These people are not wards of the state. They have rights in law. They have a right to have and preserve their own institutions. They have a right to their own land, a right far stronger than the right a simple landowner has. Just about every leading politician in Canadian history has ignored those rights, and treated native peoples as if they were just children without parents.

Harper, with his passion for developing resources whatever the damage to this country has been deliberately heading on a collision course with native peoples.

The marchers that arrive in Moncton tomorrow are in the right. So let's hope the people of Moncton respect that right. The day is close when they Monctonians will need respect for their rights against those people who see New Brunswick only as if it were a piggy bank to be broken and robbed.

NewsToday gives no sense of the extent of violence and suffering in this world. Syria gets a casual mention - though I can't recall the Irving press ever admitting that the US started that war and has provided money and support for the Al Quaeda mercenaries who our papers refer to as rebels.

Millions have been displaced. Millions are starving. Hundreds of thousands are crippled or orphaned in a land that has no resources to help them.Syria did nothing to the US. It has never threatened to attack the US. So why is the US attacking it? Two reasons stand out.

1. the national leader, Assad does not always do what the US government tells him to do. That was why they attacked Libya, too - and why Canada joined in to kill people with air strikes.

2. The US wants Syria as a nation to be destroyed, partly because this will help Israel to be the dominant power in the region. For this, millions will die or be crippled or displaced. Almost all those who survive will be impoverished.

So tell me more stories of how evil Hitler was, and how Obama is a good man.

In a related case, Conservative and former British p.m.John Major is pressing for the release of conversations  between George Bush Jr. and Labour leader Tony Blair. Actually, everybody knows what's in them - but this would make it official.

Blair and Bush lied about the reason for invading Iraq, murdering over one and a half million. There was no connection with 9/11. There were no weapons of mass destruction. The invasion of Iraq was to steal the Iraq oil fields.

The killing of one and a half million, the crippling of millions, the millions of orphans with no means to look after them, the impoverishment of a nation, an impoverishment  which still persists - all of this was done to satisfy the greed of American and British oil billionaires.

That invasion was illegal under international law. Bush and Blair are war criminals. We freely hanged people after world war 11 who had done less criminal things that that. But we made Bush and Blair extremely rich men. And Christian clergy all over North America pranced up to the pulpit to thank God for helping to save democracy.

So - tell me more about Hitler.

Nor does NewsToday give any indication of the flooding of Africa with American troops, including very large numbers of mercenaries, on assignment to carry out murders and destabilize governments. In fact, the US depends so heavily on these hired thugs (sorry - 'contractors') that very large number have been posted to Afghanistan.

The editorial is stunning hypocrisy. It says doctors should keep their noses out of politics. It particularly refers to Dr. Cleary, Chief Medical Officer. It grossly misrepresents the meaning of her report of a year ago. Then it was "Leave the Politics to the politicians."

The thought that occured to me was 'thou hypcrites". But that fell short. So I thought, "thou ignorant, vicious, ass-kissing bastards."

They would not dare say such a thing about business interference in politics - though the level of that interference has been gross and even unconstitutional.

And doctors should not speak about economic issues, but leave it to the experts? Really?

Are our politicians experts? Are our business leaders experts? If they are, why is this province such an economic mess when they've been running the show for generations?

In fact, who the hell are the editor of Bill Belliveau or Norbert to write about economic and political issues daily? They write about this sort of thing constantly though with so little evidence of intelleetual ability I suspect than none of them could find his own belly button using both hands.

That editorial is ignorant, coarse, and so illogical it must be deliberately lying./ And, being unsigned, it is cowardly.

What a disgusting, lying, ignorant, servile, trivial paper!

On the Faith Page, we learn that Dundas Baptist Church is breaking new ground for the faithful by having a spaghetti supper AND bazaar. Jesus is alive and well in Moncton.

/Today's sermonette is all about how some people misquote The Bible. I think I see a theme to  this Faith Page now.

The sermonette never has anything to do with the full meaning of faith. The same is true of church activities like spaghetti dinners and bazaars.

Y'ree, the big thing in to be saved. Once you're saved, you're home free. Just jump up and down, say "I believe" several times, and perhaps get dunked. And that's it. You go to heaven where you sit naked on clouds and look down on sinners being tortured by nasty animals - or you walk on gold streets, and praise God all day. (The Bible is contradictory on the precise details.)

The rest of The Bible doesn't matter. Like, Ya got yer ten commandments, parables, stuff like that - skip them. The trouble with those other parts is that they wont let you do things you want to do - like, you know,  ignoring or condemning other people.

We live in an astonishingly  unChristian Canada. A major theme in our newspaper and among the wealthy is that greed is good. Yeah. Greed is good because it creates wealth. Times are tough? Then dump on the poor and the  homeless. But keep giving money to the rich. Then someday, maybe, some of it will come down to us.

Send medicine to Africa to cure Aids. But when you send a million boxes over, make sure our drug companies get full retail price (80% profit) for each box.

Don't let the poor move into subsidized housing in your neighbourhood. It interferes with God's plan for you to keep property values up.

Kill lots of people all over the world. Most of them are poor, anyway. Yuckie-poo.

Never discuss any of this bad stuff. You are a Christian.  That means you're been saved. So all you have to do is live in a good neighbourhood, wash frequently, get dressed up on Sunday to listen to a sermon guaranteed not to offend anybody, And attend dinners with spaghetti and a bazaar.

Oh, and pray for the poor. It doesn't cost anything. And you don't have to meet any of them.

On a larger scale, the Christian churches with only rare exceptions have led the way in patriotic cheering for the government - no matter how vicious it might be. Our churches cheered for the slaughter in Iraq. We joined the one in Afghanistan - though you'll have a hard time finding any justification of it in the teachings of Jesus.

(The clergyman who spoke at Harper's parade for those who died in Afghanistan (just those on our side) was fatuous enough to babble about how they died to save our democracy. Christian churches on both sides have usually supported their own countries. (Well, maybe they all have different versions of The Bible.).

The churches has smiled on the very rich even as those rich have created poverty here and around the world, and even as the newspapers of the rich print the gospel of how greed is good.

It's been like that for centuries. The Christian churches led in European slaughters of Jews, just as they now, if quietly. support the slaughter of Moslems.

As I read those sermonettes, all seem to be about topics that are oh so safe. You're saved. Clap hands. That's it.

It must make Jesus wonder why he wasted his time..

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