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May 22: predicting the future

Nobody, except the editors of Irving papers, can predict the future with certainty. But there are times when you can be pretty sure. . So let's take a try at the future based on today's sacred script by Norbert Cunningham.

New Brunswick is deeply, dangerously, in debt. Just as Norbert says, cuts will be made to social services, education - and there will be rises to taxation. We shall have to adjust, says Norbert, to at least 20 years of   "reduced expectations".

It's cute when it's put that way. I mean, "reduced expectations" makes it sound as if we've been pampered all these years, and now we have to pay for it. I mean, we can't go on forever throwing money to the winds with things like EI for seasonal industries. And hospitals and health care? Come one, folks. Reduce your expectations. Forget about living as long as possible. I mean, after retirement, you're just a drag on the economy. Think of others.

And schools? Way too expensive because the schools don't understand business methods. . We're spending over our heads. But there are cures for that. Norbert sees all the cures I have listed above.

He's even thought of industries to encourage, like the resource industry. Those will make us rich,( yeah like the way they've made the people of Congo and Central America rich. (He also doesn't mention the resource industries' dreadful record of environmental destruction but, hey, ya gotta beak eggs to make omelets.)

 He doesn't mention the events centre, either. Well, no. That's  something some rich people want - with us to pay for it. Unlike schools and hospitals, they say, it's a money maker  - unless.......

.....unless you notice that New Brunswick is not the only heavily indebted part of the world. The world of big business is so consumed by its greed, so lacking in any sense of morality except getting money, and so deficient in reasoning that it is getting close to destroying the sources of its wealth and, indeed, destroying itself. As a small side effect, there may not be a whole lot of people lining up the events centre box office to hear a country singer sing through  his nose.

The mess in the Ukraine began with a decision of international bankers that it had to adopt the sort of austerity budget that Norbert advocates for us. The same thing has already happened to Greece. It's happening in the US with cuts in employment, in food, and in schools.

It's happened in Ireland, and it's begun to happen in Britain. In fact, there are very few countries - maybe none -where it's not going to happen. And, yes. It will happen across Canada.

Gee, when y' stop an' think about it, that sorta suggests - well -either some force we haven't examined is causing this - or New Brunswick is the cause of debt problems all over the world.

But, no, New Brunswick is not the cause. The cause is a distorted form of capitalism collapsing under the weight of its own, unlimited greed - and political systems dominated by corruption and, really, the slavering servants of the very, very rich.

It's always been like that. But now it's been made infinitely worse by the deregulation of business under Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher - and by free trade which isn't free at all for those who have to live under it. The freedom is all for the major corporations to make maximum profits no matter what hardship that may cause for the people who have to live under it.

There's a reason why Detroit is a hell-hole of misery, with other American cities joining it.

This crisis was not caused by the working class and the middle class buying fine wines, luxury cars, and mansions. Nor will it be solved by pretending they did cause it, and punishing them.

Following that route is going to take us straight into violence That's why we suddenly need secret agents spying on all of us. We, all of us, are the enemy. We have to be controlled.

You think those armies of spies are there to save us from terrorists? Hell, drunk drivers kill more North Americans than terrorist do. No. The enemy is you.

And how will big business help to solve this indebtedness problem? I thought you'd never ask.

It will privatize all those social services. In other words, the only people who will get social services will be those with enough money that they really don't need them. We'll see a creeping privatization of the schools. (In fact, it's already begun with big business interfering with testing and introducing  a useless, propaganda course on entrepreneurship.)

Next, we'll see see school fees slapped on select schools which will be the ones your children MUST go to if they want to get ahead at all) It's happened in Britain; it's happened in the US. And it's a disaster
Parents who can't afford the fee schools (most of them) have to stay in the regular schools which are deliberately underfunded and overcrowded. The US, in particular, has plunged in world education ratings.

Free public education with equal opportunity for every child is a foundation stone of democracy. We're going to sink it, and democracy in one shot.

We'll see the same creeping privatization of medicare. It's already creeping with business methods being forced on hospital administrations. Next, we will see the key, business method imposed - "if they can't pay, the hell with them." And that will move our life expectancy and life-long health  into the same, dark regions as the US.

This, and much more, is coming our way.

But surely big business wouldn't be so heartless as to do that to us?  Dream on.

Amost every war, with its horrors we can never imagine from news reports, has been economic. Our reports from, say Syria, hardly begin to tell the story. It's not just the dead or the crippled or the orphaned. Syria is ia country being systematically destroyed. The survivors will never recover what they go through. The lives of children, orphaned or not, will be twisted forever. And that war is being financed by big money from the US, Britain, France, Saudi Arabia and the emirates. And do you think those with the big money stay awake at night thinking about what they are doing?

They don't give a damn. They didn't give a damn about the millions killed in Vietnam. They didn't give a damn about the million and a half killed in Iraq (and, probably, the destruction of that whole society). The mining company directors have never worried about the million killed so they could loot Congo on the cheap. They didn't care about the hundreds of thousands of civilians deliberately slaughtered in Guatemala. They didn't care about the poverty and wretchedness of Haiti, so when Haitians at last got rid of dictators imposed by the US and elected a president who tried to  help them, the US invaded, and deported him. And Canada sent "peacekeepers" to help lower the Haitians once again into hopelessness.

And for all the portraits of themselves the very rich may hang in 'philanthropic' halls of fame, they don't give a damn about you and me.

All they understand is taking.

Most of the world, including Russia and China, is under the same, twisted and uncontrolled perversion of capitalism. Most of it is ruled by oligarchies, groups of the very, very rich with politicians as decorative additions. Take your pick - Canada, US, France, Britain, Germany, Russia, China, Ukraine - they are all the same, immoral and uncaring lot, completely absorbed in their own greed. (Notice that Ukraine's last government was led by an international banker who planned to submit Ukraine to the same austerity that Norbert speak of for New Brunswick. And the new one is led by a billionaire.)

Would such people reduce us to poverty? You bet they would. It's the only thing they know how to do.

We have to balance the budget? Okay. So let's do what nobody seems to have done. Let's find out where the money has gone. How much was lost through taxes that some people don't have to pay? How much was lost in welfare programmes for big business?

Contrary to what Irving press may tell you, it was not caused by the poor, demanding the right to earn as much money in a year of hard work  as an Irving might earn while having a morning coffee.

Surely, if you're looking for huge sums of money being spirited away for so many years, you look for the cause in the mansions and the overseas bank accounts, not in the sleeping nooks of the homeless.
The process of looting New Brunswick has been going on for a long time. We're now at the crisis point.

If we continue like this, what you will see all over the world is violence, even chaos. It will be the war of a handful of the very rich against the rest, with the political and spying stooges and the hired thugs on the side of the very rich.

That would be tragic from every point of view. But you don't have much time to stop it. And I don't see a single party out there saying what needs to be said.

New Brunswickers need to get angry. And to do that, they first have to wake up.

I didn't say much about the Times and Transcript because there just was nothing much in it. One piece of news of some importance which didn't make it is that the Canadian military command says that rape is NOT a part of Canadian military culture.

That rather conflicts with recent reports of amazingly high rates of rape in our armed forces.

(Actually, contempt for women is encouraged in many armies - including ones on our side.  It's believed to encourage aggressive instincts.)

Our military command has promised to study whether the rate is high. Personally, I find that I lack confidence in such a study by people who announce before the study has even begun that there is no problem.

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  1. Glad you mentioned about the military. You should have talked more about that because it really shows how ridiculous the media has become. Even on CBC they never even questioned the rationale given by the military head honcho when they stated, without a trace of irony or satire, that 'maybe' the fact that the last report they used to count incidents of sexual assault and misconduct 'could have been affected by the fact that victims were not allowed to speak to researchers directly but had to go through their chain of command'. Gee, yah think? "Excuse me Colonel, I was wondering if you could tell the researcher about the dozen times you've groped me and humiliated me?" (and thats a pretty softened example).

    Sort of the like the RCMP probe recently which discovered extensive links to organized crime by MEMBERS of the RCMP. The response-"oh, but that was a while ago and don't worry, we've taken care of it, no more problem". And the media just prints the headline and moves on.