Thursday, May 22, 2014

May 22 "Events generate $7M in Metro"

My, it gets tedious to read a paper every day  when it has nothing in it. Today, alas, is no exception.
The title of this blog is, in fact, today's banner headline on A1. Yes, indeed, just four major events of last summer generated some 70 person-years of employment. Wow!

Put in another way, 70 person-years of employment means steady jobs for two people - tops.Scratch the wow!

But exactly where did all the money go? Who got it? How much stayed in Moncton? There's not a word.

And, again, we see an example of the obsession of this province to make money, but without having any list of priorities for the spending of it. Once again, we start with money instead of with people.

A9 has a story worth reading on the disappearance of bats in this province. The rest of section A is just village chatter.
NewsToday, the section that keeps us up on all the world's news, is three pages - one of the usual slosh on the Royal visit. One story is "Prince 'not shy' about his views: expert". This follows his expression that Putin "is doing just about the same as Hitler." The tone of  the story is that Charles is fearless in expressing his political views.

The reality is he expresses those views because he knows little about politics or anything else. For centuries, the royal family has produced offspring of decidedly low intelligence, and more than a few of serious mental problems. Charles has the misfortune to be one of them,

The British have had a long run of luck in King George VI and Queen Elizabeth, both of whom played their roles superbly. But that has been very exceptional.

Putin is doing the same as Hitler? In what respect can he possibly mean that? If he's thinking of torture, mass killing, constant war, invasions to loot nations or simply to destroy them, the closest comparisons with Hitler are Obama and Bush.

The fact that Charles can get away with his silly statement is important because it reflects much of our analysis of the news. Our news media whip us into a hatred of  those the American war-lords want us to hate - often with comparisons to Hitler. And the theme is so constant we come to believe it without thinking about it.

Could Putin become a Hitler? I  have no idea. Has he been one? Nowhere close.

There are a couple of stories  on the legislature and the coming election. I have no idea why. Neither Liberals nor Conservatives seem to have anything regarding a philosophy - or a programme on anything.

Both are big on reducing the budget without a whole hell of a lot of thought about what that means. Both seem to think of it in cutting social services and reducing taxes for the rich. Never mind that such policies don't work, never have worked, and never will.

As well, such a policy would abandon the poor just when they need help - and shovel more money to the rich just when they're making more than they ever have. That's what brought on the intense suffering of the Great Depression.

It seems not to occur to them that our practice of giving to the rich has been a major cause of our economic crisis by creating a record wage gap.  In other words, we create a crisis by taking money from everybody else and giving it to the very rich. Then we make the poor pay for it with lost services and higher taxes.

That creates a bigger wage gap. So we hammer the poor again, and give away to the rich at even a faster rate.

Keeping that up will never solve the problem. But it will create revolutions all over the world - with very unpredictable results.

On C4, the US is sending in troops to help find the 200 schoolgirls kidnapped by Boko Haram. Obviously understandable? No.

The US has killed at least hundreds of thousands of schoolgirls in its recent wars. Back in the US well over a million schoolgirls live in conditions of poverty, neglected schools, hopeless futures. physical danger. And it cuts services to them. So why the interest in Nigerian school girls?

Because Nigeria is rich in resources that the US and other western powers haven't finished looting yet.

On, and there are millions of schoolgirls in Congo suffering just as badly as those in Nigeria. Why not send troops there to help them?  We don't because the west already has a stranglehold on Congo.

On the editorial page, Norbert says NB leaders lack credibility on finances.  Yes, So does Norbert.

Alec Bruce has an interesting columm "To reduce poverty, improve education". He's quite right. That's why it is commonly recognized that Scotland's greatest contribution to the world was the free public school, with education made available to all.

Now, we have two more improvements to make. One is to give working class students the same chance in school as the middle class and the rich. The other is to extend the idea of free, public education to the universities.

No, I don't mean let anybody at all in. The universities need to maintain standards. But the poor need access to the universities. Just the existence of such access would provide them with an incentive they have never had.

It would take some re-education of the universities to improve their concepts of teaching and of what university is about. But that would be a solid way to reduce poverty.

Rod Allen tries desperately to break out of his mold, and say something intelligent and useful. A for effort. He's talking about world food supply. Alas, he understands nothing whatever about it. His predicted rise of population from 10 billion to 15 billion would mean a food supply disaster. He also think free market capitalism would look after the crisis- which is utterly absurd.

He also mentions Brian Mulroney's "brilliant" idea of free trade. There are plenty competent people who would say it wasn't brilliant. Anyway, it wasn't his idea. Before the election, he wrote and election book called "Where I Stand" (It's a small book.) In it, he doesn't mention free trade.

As well, I was covering that Mulroney election for radio and TV - and he never mentioned free trade. Mulroney was never more than a gofer. It was after the election that his big money backers told him to get a free trade deal. It was their idea.

As for reference to National Geographic to prove the world is getting more prosperous, he'll have to get past the magazine rack to get some idea of the world's condition.

Beth Lyons drops a well-defined bomb on a fellow columnist - though I wonder about her belief our goal should be    gender equality in politics.

As the cards are stacked now, women who enter politics are entering a man's world that works under men's rules. Obviously, we need something better than that. Equality does not and should not mean simply entering a man's world. I'm not sure where to go with that - but I would not want to see simply more Margaret Thatchers in politics.


  1. REF: MONCTON EVENTS CENTRE "Public expenditures on sports infrastructure and event operations necessarily entail reductions in other government services, an expansion of government borrowing, or an increase in taxation, all of which produce a drag on the local economy. At best public expenditures on sports-related construction or operation have zero net impact on the economy as the employment benefits of the project are matched by employment losses associated with higher taxes or spending cuts elsewhere in the system."

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