Monday, May 19, 2014

May 19: Missed the A2 cartoon a couple of days ago? Worry not.

You'll find it today, repeated in the usual spot on A2,  TheTandT undoubtedly has the sloppiest editing I have ever seen in a newspaper.

 I was  driving past Moncton City Hall recently, and I saw a large demonstration of women to rescue the kidnapped schoolgirls in Nigeria. And I most certainly support that cause. But.....

Why have never seen such demonstrations for the hundreds of thousands of school girls in Libya, Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan - among others, raped, bombed, shot, orphaned. burned alive by our side? Where are the campaigns to help Iraq's uncounted orphan and crippled children to survive?

Or do we think it a privilege to be raped, bombed, shot, orphaned, by our side.?

Some of it was pretty close to home, too. 300,000 were killed in Guatemala because our mining investors found them terribly unwilling to allow their land to be poisoned.  300,000 from babies to great grandparents were 'eliminated'.  (There were few schoolgirls involved because the mining companies saw no point in wasting money on education.)

The Syrian genocide goes on. It kills schoolgirls, too. And it's being paid for and supplied with weapons by Saudi Arabia, the Gulf States and the United States. And they intend to keep paying and supplying until Syria no longer exists. But it hardly ever make the Irving papers.

Watch for more to come in Libya, another country hopelessly destablized by the US. A new govenment is being put in place. It is led by a general who lived in he US for twenty years as a CIA informant. Coincidence.

It's no just them evil Ayrabs who brutalize those girls. It's our very open, hand-clapping, jump for Jesus Christians. It might be nice to see a sermonette about that on the Faith Page some day.

A 1 features a picture we shall see more of in he next few days - of Camilla bending over to accept flowers from little girls, and of Charles looking as if he gives a damn.

Lower down is an interesting story about the Nature Conservancy Council in New Brunswick.

A5 has a story about an "entrepreneur" as an inspiration to us all. It never did have the story about the lay missionary from New Brunswick who was murdered by our good friends for trying to help people. But, then, he wasn't an enterpreneur. So he wouldn't be so inspirational.

Then there are more pictures of Charles and Camilla.
In NewsToday, thanks to Harper's vote-catching scheme to put more people in jail for longer The costs of prison are soaring - and some are badly overcrowded. But it's worth it so we can keep first rate people in government, people like Harper himself, and or own "dynamite" Goguen.

The US righteously condemned the idea Putin interfering in the affairs of another country (Ukraine). citing the UN Charter's  definition of such activity as illegal. So far, there is no evidence that Putin did interfere - funny the US left out that detail, though it has world class experience in interfering with other countries.

Now, there's been a coup in the mess that was Libya. The  coup was led by a former Libyan general who lived in the US for twenty years as a CIA informant. Coincidence. (C8)

Apparently, nothing happened yesterday in Ukraine or Syria.

Nor is there any hint that US 'defence' spending is now over 40% of the world total - and nobody else is even close.  Toss in the US allies of Japan, Britain and France, and it's way, way over 50% of the whole world.

Gee, if I were Obama, I'd be looking for war with Russia and China soon. Military equipment can wear out very, very quickly - and rebuilding so much of it could break any budget.

Norbert has an interesting column on racism What he doesn't not mention is that the news media play a major role in it.

We live in a highly racist age, and one that is encouraged by our governments. News media have taught me to hate, in the racial sense, since I was old enough to listen to radio. I've been taught to hate Germans, Italians, Japanese, Chinese, Moslems, Russians (and you could see this being revived in making Putin evil because he was a Russian.)

Notice Canada has made no move to assist the millions of vicitms of the Syrian war? Nor did we lift a finger to help the  orphans of Iraq. But the US has the relatively small attack on New York - and we but sounevirs, bend all over to exend help, and pray in church for the vicitms Heard many prayers for he Syrians?

Get your notepads ready, you might have to learn to hate Chinese (again) and Iranians very soon.

Intriguing article by Alec Bruce - perhaps a reminder that the world does not turn round due to the efforts of entrepreneurs alone.

Craig Babstock gives us a column that is not really an opinion column. As usual, he offers an insight into the operation of the legal system. It's not a news story. It's not an opinion. It might be better off in some place like Life and Times.

We need lots more informed opinion than we're getting. And that's why opinion columns are for.

Steve Malloy contributes a charming and badly needed story about compassion.

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