Wednesday, March 26, 2014

March 26: Learning to hate....f

Most of the people in this world grow up surrounded by hatred. Where I grew up, English hated French, and Italians, and Jews, and African-Canadians, and Poles, and Japanese, and Germans....

And they hated us right back.

Often, in fact, usually, the hatred had nothing to do with anything these people had done to us or we to them We hated Italians BECAUSE they were Italians. It was some quality they were born with. It was in the genes.

And that notion is what is called racism. And racism runs deep in our thinking. Indeed, racism is what made the the great empires of the western world possible. Remember a film called Zulu? A small, British military force is attacked by a large army of Zulu warriors. In the end, the Zulus are beaten off.

The film is a hymn of praise to the British pluck and steadfastness. But the film never examines why the British were there, and why the Zulus attacked them. The British were invaders hoping to find mineral wealth and to steal it from a land that was not their own. The Zulus were defending their homes

But the British had a right to do it because....because the Zulus were inferior humans. They were genetically inferior in exactly the same way that Hitler thought of Jews. Therefore it was okay to kill them, to steal their land and their resources. You can find the same theme in the film. 55 Days at Peking.

When  I was fourteen or fifeen, I was enchanted by Winston Churchill's "History of the English Speaking Peoples", by the glories of conquest and empire. It took me years to realize that this was as racist as Hitler's "Mein Kampf".

Churchill wrote of the English-speaking peoples as a race, a superior race. Of course. That justified mass murder over a fifth of the world's surface. It justified exploiting the survivors as cheap labour, and stealing their natural resources - as in the case of the gold of South Africa.

It justified destroying all semblance of government in China, and forcing the chaos of a century of starvation,   drug addiction, and lawlessness on that unhappy nation.

In the same way, it justified Churchill in being a pioneer of terror bombing such as he inflicted on Kurd civilians just after World War One. Churchill could happily kill those people because he was a racist, and they were inferior.

Yes, I recognize all of Churchill's great qualities. But he was also a man of  his time, a child of the British aristocracy of his time. Just as he saw peoples all over the world as inferior to him, so he saw the British commoners as inferior to him. That commoners realized that, and realized they could expect nothing from him after the war.

That's why they voted him out of office as soon as the war ended.

Then there were the British, French, Spanish and Portuguese who "discovered" a new world. A new world? It had been here for uncounted centuries. But that didn't count. The people living here were, by European judgement, an inferior race. So it was quite acceptable to take their land, to kill those who got in the way, and then to establish racist laws on where they could live and under what conditions. Here in Canada, we even allowed native people on the plains to starve to death so we could put more immigrants on the land.

In the eyes of a great many Canadians, our native peoples are still racially inferior. Harper took advantage of that about a year ago when he circulated a racist pamphlet about native peoples. In Moncton, it was circulated by the racially superior Mr. Goguen.

In our western world, there was nothing unusual about a racist Hitler. Europe and North America are steeped in racism. That's why big business just loves free trade. That makes it possible for big business to abuse and brutalize millions in Latin America and Africa in ways that would be unthinkable in their own countries.

One of the most blatantly racist countries in the world is Ukraine. It cooperated fully with Hitler in killing Jews. Large, very large numbers of Ukrainians hate anyone not born in Ukraine. They are inferior. That does much to explain the enthusiasm of so many Ukrainians for Hitler.

Indeed, it is not enough in their eyes to be Ukrainian. You have to be wildly and enthusiastically Ukrainian, not just nationalist, but ultranationalist.

That's why in the video I suggested yesterday, you will see a cabinet minister of Svoboda physically assault  the director of state TV for not being nationalist enough in his broadcasting.

"You are not a Ukrainian. You are Russian s--t."

"But I am a Ukrainian. I was born in Ukraine I grew up here."

"No. you are not Ukrainian. You are a Russian pig."

We see the same thing here.

I grew up learning to hate (then love and sometimes to hate again) German, Italians, Japanese, North Koreans, Russians, Moslems, and now Russians again. And the hatred was always racist.

The master of this sort of racism in the US was senator Eugene McCarthy, who invented "unamericanism" (If you didn't agree with his racism and hatred, you were "unamerican".

It's useful for controlling us. Now, Harper and the boys (and one girl) are meeting to find ways to make us hate Russians - simply because they are Russians.

In fact, Russians did not stage a coup against the Ukraine government - the act that began this crisis. That was done by mobs of Ukrainian nationalists backed by American money and planning.

There is no evidence of Russia breaking any UN rules. There's lot of evidence of the US and Ukrainian nationalists doing so - but the US has funny rules for Ukraine. There, an elected government is invalid.
But a government formed by an armed mob in the streets is valid.

What we are watching in reality is old-fashioned racism running loose again. And what is being reported in our news media is propaganda about what a keep thinker and lover of democracy Harper is, and how Russia, (which has reacted only to the minimum it had to), is a land of genetically brutal people.

What we are getting for news is not news, but wartime propaganda.  And Harper is no leader; he's just a toady for Obama.
I decided on this topic because today's TandT  is, well, a little weak - unless your fighting spirit is roused by changes in Salisbury's recreation. Nothing has happened actually, but the mayor breaking his silence.

There is simply nothing in today's paper worth reading.

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  1. It's tough enough to break a lifetime of prejudices and racism that have been woven into your very fabric, through mediums such as television and schoolyard innuendoes, even when you're fully aware of the methodology. When you're focused on watching Spin the Vanna White and CSI Petticodiac Junction, you're easily blindsided and led down the path of redneck-itis where unconscionable wagonmasters like Herr Harpo and his ilk can pick up the reins and guide you into the life-long racist attitudes that you were designed to give credence to. Here's hoping the relationship which the brunt of NB's population has had with our indigenous brothers is knit close enough to resist those manipulations.