Friday, February 28, 2014

Feb. 28: My February budget balanced!

Okay. It's no big deal to  you.  But to me it's like the first summer sunrise after an awful winter.

In other news, there's a news source I should have mentioned to you a long time ago. It's about New Brunswick, only about New Brunswick, and, as I read it yesterday, I was struck by how good it was with solid research and good writing. It's called NB Media Coop- and you can  see some of its current work on

It's lead story is BWS Manufacturing which laid off 26 skilled workers. This is a company that received over 3 million dollars in grants and loans to set up shop in NB. There's a picture of smiling politicians and Alward celebrating  the grants of all that money.

Then the company laid off 22 skilled workers. Was it because they were incompetent? Not likely. One of them had been employed by the firm for thirty years. Nor was the company downsizing. No, the reason they were laid off seems clear. They had signed up to join a union because their wages were low.

The smiling politicians have so far been silent.

But look it up on the web for yourself. This is the sort of news we aren't getting from the Irving press.

In other news the Irving press doesn't have, American secretary of state Kerry is deliberately wrecking the peace talks between Israel and Palestine. He insists that the peace must allow Israel keep ten, large "settlements' that it built on land that was Palestinian - kicking the Palestinians off their land, and building houses for Israelis on it. This was not only illegal; it showed an utter contempt for human rights.

It's reasonable? Oh? Would the US think it reasonable if Mexicans moved into Texas, kicked Americans off their land, and then built houses for Mexicans on it?

The peace talks are dead in the water - which is something that Israel and the US have been doing over the decades since this started.

In a related story that also won't appear in the Irving press, Amnesty International, after a long investigation, said Israel uses excessive force against Palestinians. killing large numbers, including children.

Enough of our guilt tripping. Do you know the real reason why Lord Balfour of Britain promised a  homeland for the Jews in 1926, the promise that led to the founding of Israel after World War Two?
Balfour and the British weren't being big-hearted. They wanted a place to dump the Jews. That's why they promised a homeland.

It was because there was a strong anti-semitism in Britain, particularly among the aristocratic class. Britain. (if more genteely) was as anti-semitic as Geermany, The Netherlands, France, Russia. They all were. So were Canada and the US.

(By the way, I hate to use the word semitic in this context. Most of the Jews of Israel and Europe and North America are NOT semites. They are of European descent. In fact, the Palestinians ARE semites.)

We like to be all self-righteous now, and pretend we always accepted Jews. No. We didn't. Canada wouldn't accept Jews even after 1945 when so many were desperate to get out of Europe.

Canada still refuses to accept Romas who have a similar history to that of the Jews in Europe - isolated, attacked, despised, - and executed in large numbers by Hitler. Harper remains a bigot, and he won't let Romas into Canada..

That abandonment of Jews, especially by the western world, in the face of the holocaust, created the Israeli Jew - very, very different from the Jewish community I have known, admired and loved for most of my life.

It created a community filled with distrust and a hatred that blew into a profound fury against the world. It created a Netanyahu who gives not a damn for the rest of the world - as most of the rest of the world gave not a damn for the Jews.

Anger and guilt were played on by a powerful Jewish lobby in North America. Guilt-tripping North Americans were happily drawn into it. (Of course. It was proof of  how we had always loved the Jews.)

And sadly, the Canadian Jewish community has been so sucked into it that I cannot find in it much of the Judaism. So, in the end, Hitler has won. The Judaism I knew is almost gone, replaced by a lawless and immoral fury.

Sorry to get off on that. But you're not going to get the truth out of any newspaper in the western world. Harper's fawning support of Israel as a violent state is our protection against the guilt we should be feeling, dumping it all on Hitler and Moslems.
Reporting on Ukraine continues to be bizarre. Gunmen favouring links to Russia stormed and occupied a government building in a regional capital in Crimea. The acting president condemned this as a crime against the government of Ukraine.

--uh, I believe that this is the same man was appointed acting president of Ukraine when pro-European gunmen stormed and occupied Ukrainian government buildings.

So I guess the rule is you are allowed to overthrow a government if you are (we still don't really know who they are) a 'rebel' against something with five billion dollars from the US government to equip and rebel with. But not otherwise.
Alec Bruce, on our domestic spy agencies, is a must read. The creation of them is outrageous. Our tax money is taken to  hire people to spy on us. They are accountable to nobody except Harper. They collect private information that it is illegal to collect in a free society.

And what happens to that information? Well, it's handed over to big business so that it  knows what its critics are doing. It is used by big business to frame its advertising programmes, and to control our thinking. It is certainly used by politicians to help them manipulate us.

It also has rich possibilities for blackmailing individuals,  possibilities open only to politicians and big business - the ones who get the information.

Democracy is gone. And don't kid yourself for a minute on this one. We have accepted as normal what we say every November 11 is what our our soldiers fought to protect us against.

This is not a minor development. This is a fundamental change that is happening throughout western societies. We have been grossly betrayed by the Harpers and Obamas. We are very near to becoming the new generation of Hitlers and Stalins - and it will happen very, very soon. It is quite possible the process is just about complete.

I know most people will say this is an exaggeratiion. In the US, where it's at least as bad, the mouthies of the National Rifle Association constantly insist they need guns to protect the constitution. Hell, the US constitution has been rubble for at least a generation. And they haven't fired so much as a water pistol.

It's in our nature that we don't see what we don't want to see. What has happened should put one hell of a scare into everybody.

But it won't. And we have very little time left.
This reminds me of a column Norbert wrote some weeks ago, a column on  how the important thing in an election is which politician has neat ideas.


People voted Harper because they thought he had neat ideas. The press talks of Trudeau as though he has neat ideas. Ditto Alward and Gallant. What Norbert ignores is that Hitler was much admired for his neat ideas in the 1930s. He made Germany prosperous.

But no. You don't look for neat ideas. You look for the principles these people represent. And if Harper and Trudeau and Almand and Gallant have any principles at all, they are well hidden.

Speaking of Norbert, he  offers today a wordy attempt at being philosophical. Some people will read it. They're probably the same ones who never miss the column on which ex-rock stars have birthdays  today.

David Suzuki has a more useful column on how we and our news media use Gross National Product as a measure of how well we are living. It does no such thing. If it did, Congo would be a nation of good times and easy living. (It's not.)

The papers often carry a story that the recession is easing because the GNP is up. What they don't understand is it's not going up because of any prosperity on our part. It's going up because corporations are getting lots of money from us and making big profits because so many Canadians are poor and desperate for jobs.

Suzuki's column is excellent on the subject.

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