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Feb. 2: This is not news......

.....and it's not even analysis. This is simply thinking out loud about some extraordinary events that the Irving press hasn't even noticed yet. It's about Japan and China and the Roman Empire and the Boer war...and big money.

Empires have a purpose. They are not to spread the true faith or to civilize others. They are not to punish evil. They are very seldom begun for purposes of defence. The idea, for example, that Guartemala threatened the US or that South Africa threatened Britain  back in the Boer War is absurd.

The US staged an invasion of Guatemala because that country has mineral wealth, and the president of Guatemala wanted the Guatemalan people to get some of the benefit of that wealth. So the wealthy of the US who wanted all that wealth for themselves, used tax payers' money to send in a "liberating" force.

South Africa had, among other things, gold and the potential for very cheap labour. So the British (and Canadian) taxpayers financed an invasion to get rid of the Dutch rulers of South Africa
 who were , themselves, busy ripping off the locals.

It was the same with the Ancient Romans. Conquered countries supplied (free of charge) the food and entertainments to keep the dangerously unemployed in Rome fed and amused (rather like the Irving press now does for New Brunswick.) And they also supplied mineral wealth and slave labourfor the upper classes of Rome.

Most wars are simply armed robbery. That rich - who have great influence in government - use wars to make themselves even richer. Historically, the common soldiers were the poor who could be hired for pennies a day. And, to make sure the ranks had no troublemakers who might make unreasonable demands, the officers were chosen from the upper classes.

The wealth of the very rich depended on war. It depended on controlling governments so that the peoples' taxes would finance the war, and so the wars would be fought by commoners in the excuse that they were fighting for the Queen, or loyalty to country or to bring peace - that sort of thing.

Of course, we all have to learn the hate the enemy.  Just in my life, I have been taught to hate Germans, Italians, Japanese, Russians, Chinese and Moslems - only to meet them, and to discover they are aren't a whole lot different from us.

The last of the great, western empires is the US. It's wealth was built on stolen land and exploited people. The stolen lands were most of the US itself, Mexico, much of Latin America, Hawaii, The Phillipines and, almost, Canada. It was built on forced, cheap labour and on slavery (the latter not only within the US).

World Wars One and Two combined to destroy most of the western empires., notably those of Britain, France, Spain and The Netherlands/

The US actively helped the old colonies to break away. That was a major reason it entered World War Two. It was not to spread democracy. It was so its business leaders could  have a bigger share of armed robbery. Much of the chaos we're seeing in the world now is the US  (and France) trying to get control of the old colonies of the West - like Libya and Iran and China.

Big business needs wars. It does not need or even want democracy. That's why it so busily destroyed democracies (and still destroys them) in Central America. That's why it insists that Assad must not be permitted to run for election in Syria. (How can you have a democracy when a foreign government can tell you who is allowed to run?)

In fact, democracy is not the issue. The issue is control. American governments have hated Cuba for fifty years, and have criticized it for lack of democracy. In fact, the US governments couldn't care less about democracy. Some of their best friends are the worst dictatorships in the world - as Saudi Arabia. The US doesn't want democracy. It wants obedience.

The great, imperial jewel, the one that American big business has wanted for well over a century is China.

No country has been plundered and brtualized and starved as murdered as China in more than a century of western control, including by US business.

That might explain why the US now has the greater part of its fleet stationed in the Pacific, and designed for Pacific service.  The might be why the US, which for years has vowed to keep Japanese armed forces small is now encouraging Prime Minister Abe to enlarge them..

That might explain why it is encouraging Japan to insist that some islands between it and China are Japanese. (In fact, the islands were Chinese. They were stolen by Japan during one of the invasions of China by Japan.)

Whatever the reasons, the US seems to be encouraging a showdown of itself,, Japan, North Korea and Taiwan against China. And that is insane.

Such a showdown would almost certainly lead to a nuclear war involving the US, China, Russia, and perhaps others. Such a war over a few, small islands hardly seems worth it. Would big business be foolish enough to do that?

Quite possibly, Greed and stupidity are a deadly combination. That's why American foreign policy has been such a mess for the last fifty years and more. But - there's something else....

Big business has always depended on its control of big government, and the military power of big government. Since World War Two, the big government and big armed forces have been in the US. That is why we have seen such a growth of the power of US big business all over the world.

But the American empire seems to be in advanced collapse. There are even fears that its dollar may soon collapse.

You are a big businessman who has stashed away billions in the last decades of extraordinary wage gaps.  Where are you going to invest it?

China? Argentina? Russia?

Those are attractive. But you're an outsider. These are countries which have grown their own stock of greedy and not very bright rich. That's not for you. You need to control the market as was done in the European empires and the American empire.

You do that with military power - and that you means you have to do it while you still have military power. The US cannot afford to maintain its current military power much longer - not even if it gets rid of the vast corruption in the whole, defence industry.

Big business doesn't just want a market. It also wants control of it. Simply investing in China or Latin America or India isn't enough. It needs the power that can come only from military conquest.

Would big business be dumb enough to try that with modern China? Would it be foolish enough to risk everything on a last throw of the dice?

So far, big business has led the US into disastrous wars with Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan; and it has made a chaos out of Africa.

Do we really even have to ask if it would be dumb enough to start a war with China?

The Irving press has paid almost no attention to the assembly of force aimed at China. This makes it worth following better sources - like The Guardian or CBC.


I forgot to rant about the Faith page yesterday. The weekly events list suggest that Moncton Christian have not forgotten their obsession with their bellies.  The hungry might not get fed in this      town; but the faithful sure do.

The sermonette , like all the others, is one that is guaranteed not to offend anybody who is rich or socially prominent.

How is it possible that a society based on such unChristian principles can still have so many churches?

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