Thursday, December 12, 2013

Dec. 13: This is actually being written on the evening of Dec. 12 because...

...Dec. 13 is the day I see the doctor to determine whether it's time to alert all the used body parts dealers that there's a big sale coming - and to take my son to the dentist. It's going to be a crowded day.

Besides, I feel guilty that my Dec. 12 blog was so boring. I feel guiltiest that  I let Norbert get away with a columm that said all there is to know about him. So let's start there.

It was a column about how Alward has failed to deal with the need for spending cuts - and how the Liberals seem no better. He stopped there, leaving out two important points.

1. He never once mentioned the domination of this province by big business as a major reason for its overspending and for its own underfunding.

 Norbert, Mr. Irving himself appointed the advisors to the Minister of Finance. Have you ever heard of responsibiity? Have they? Does it not even occur to Mr. Irving that in pushing himself into government and appointing his people as government advisors that he had assumed responsibility for the results? Apparently, it didn't. And it hasn't occurred to Norbert, either.

And did it not occur to Norbert to check on exactly who is paying taxes in this province, and who isn't?

2. And he mentioned only two parties, the Conservatives and the Liberals. Is he not aware therre are other parties?

Is he not aware that the Liberals and Conservatives are both Irving parties?

Well, of course he is. But he knows that if he said so, one of the Irvings would slap his little bum.

In fact, the government of this province is an amalgam of the major corporations, the great, corrupting forces in this province, with the the Liberals and Conservatives the corrupted figureheads, and the Irving press as the Irving paid hookers for all the forces of corruption and greed that run loose.

And why wouldn't Norbert say that? Because he's part of it and has built his whole career on kissing up to that corruption and greed. If I were him, I wouldn't mention that, either.

Norbert's thinking is common in New Brunswick. Indeed, it's the cause of the province's grief - with a lot more to come. On Dec. 11, there was a Letter to the Editor that I thought amusing at the time. It really wasn't.

The writer said, quite accurately, that the Conservatives were a disaster. Therefore, we should vote Liberal in the next election. He gave no reason to vote Liberal. How could he? Even a fool must have noticed by now that both parties are the same party. Besides, didn't we just vote for the Conservatives on the reasoning that the Liberals were hopeless?

Big business does not come here to bring prosperity. It ain't Santa Claus. It comes here to take prosperity for itself.

It does not come here to create jobs. Jobs, after all, cost it money. So it creates as few as it possibly can. And it pays as cheaply as it can. And it avoids all the taxes it can.

Left to itself, big business will not make New Brunswick prosperous. That simply is not what it's about. It's about making money for itself, not about giving it.

Inevitably, it produces a leadership (and there are lots of studies of this) based on families that see themselves as entitled, that think only of themselves, that see us as, at most, cheap and obedient labour, that have nothing but contempt for us.

Overseas, they pay slave labour wages, work people in dangerous conditions seven days a week, leave not a penny for education or health care, create poverty and death wherever they go. Can anybody seriously believe that these are the sort of people who have the wisdom - or the morality -  to guide a society?

Capitalism cannot work in a society in which it has special powers or freedoms. Look at all the poorest countries in the world. You will find that most have mineral wealth that is being ripped out by capitalists who are allowed to run free.

What you get from unregulated capitalism is wars with deaths by the millions (we've just gone through over fifty years of that with lots more to come), hard work and wretched poverty, disease, hatred. Look at Congo (lots of Canadian mining companies there in a country that has lost tens of millions of people to a capitalism out of control). Ditto with most of Central America - where some of our local families are prominent in exploitation, murder, and the creation of poverty.

You think they wouldn't do it to  you?

That's cute.

There was a very short golden age of capitalism when it did produce wealth. It lasted from 1939 into the 1960s and a bit later. That was because for some thirty years the west had governments which regulated capitalism.

I often thought I was lucky to be born at the depth of the depression. I was too young to think of or even be aware of all the things that were missing in life. By the time I was old enough, the good years had come - and my life had possibilities unimaginable to my parents. And by the time the rich had turned things around, and were free to plunder as they liked and as the world closed in, I was about to retire. I am part of the luckiest generation in Canadian history.

Now, capitalists control the government of New Brunswick. Stephen Harper is very much one of them. He thinks like big business. He has no concept of the future or planning for it, no concept of how to bring people together. And he has done much to relieve big business of any regulation or obligation.

Right now, we are signing treaties that will allow capitalists to sue us if we don't let them destroy the environment as they please. Right now, we are in a race to see who will lower taxes for the rich the most. Right now in the western world, we are watching the destruction of the middle class, the spread of poverty, the attack on essential social services, all those things we built up in the few, good years after World War II.

Much of it,driven by a perversion of capitalism, has already been destroyed. The police and the paramilitaries are called out when ordinary citizens complain about any issue - like shale gas. They are never called out when big business destroys a region. The prime minister is preaching toughness against people found guilty even of petty crimes. But big business doesn't even get a slap on the wrist to sending killer trains across the country. And a prime minister who took hundreds of thousands in a suitcase full of money when he was p.m. got no penalty at all. And, most recently, he got a free trip to South Africa at our expense. Mendalla would have been thrilled to know about it.

Democracy, controlled by big money, has long since withered. (There's a reason we get such a dreary alternation of Liberal and Conservative deadheads in this province.) We are now going down a very steep slope.

Big business around the world wants absolute dominance. And they are very close to getting it. And where would such dominance take us?

We don't have to guess. We see it every day. Constant wars -of which one will probably be the final one. A world of hatreds. Who do you think created the hatred of the west that led to the rise of a radical Islam? And who do you think created the hatred of all Moslems as an excuse for fighting oil wars against them and justifying the destruction of democratic freedoms in our society?

So what should New Brunswick do in the next election?

New Brunswick has to elect a government that has a sense of the future, a sense of the worthiness of all people - even those who aren't rich, a commitment to restoring the regulation of big business, and to keep it out of government.

That's going to mean a party with a sense of moral standards, of  service to the whole society.

That's going to mean New Brunswick voters with a sense of courage and determination which, frankly, I have never seen in this province.

You're going to have to do something way out of the ordinary in the next election because doing the ordinary has brought us to the edge of disaster. The wrong choice now could very well finish the job.

Yes, Norbert, there are other parties. Now, since you have admitted in your column that both of them are stinkers, how about using your space to tell us something about the other parties? And how about telling us what it is we need rather than what greedy, short-sighted and, frankly, not very bright corporation bosses tell us we need.
Like Norbert, I'll end with an intellectual quotation. (by me)

"Having a pet donkey is nice. But you don't let it pick the family menu. You don't invite it to the supper table. And you don't give it free use of your bathroom."


  1. We are all just pet donkeys now, owned by the oligarchy. The corporate political puppets who control governments will not make any changes that are not choreographed by their puppeteers. Change will only occur through the actions of ordinary people.

  2. I *think* (believe?) that you would be hard pressed to find an "untainted" political entity in the province of New Brunswick......... maybe the Green's? (and that is hardly likely the Greens will be forming a government ANYWHERE)

  3. Graeme Decarie. I have never seen a better description of what is going on in the world.