Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Nov.27: A remarkably vacant paper - even by Irving press standards.

If you don't read the first section at all, it will make no difference whatever in your life. The lead story isn't a story at all; it's a promo for the retail trade at Christmas. "Metro shoppers read for Black Friday". Think about it.

If shoppers are ready, how would a newspaper possibly know that? They would have to interview at least half the city. And they didn't. In fact, most of the story isn't about metro shoppers at all. This is sloppy, pointless, boring and irrelevant. And it's the big news of the day.

That's why I advised Cole Hobson (the writer of this travesty) to get out of New Brunswick. He could be a good reporter - but not working for an outfit that wastes our time with crap like this. And that's the best part of Section A.

NewsToday actually has four pages of news. Too bad only one. the first,  of those pages has any news on it - unless you really, really care that the Nova Scotia auditor wants more staff.

"New watchdog urged for prison system". This is about the Ashley Smith death in a prison cell while guards watched. But it has a broader meaning.

Harper, always thinking of votes, has increased prison terms, and tolerated tough running of prisons. That's a sure way to attract the moron vote. What has happened, in a time of declining crime rates, is that prison population is growing. So is the cost of running them. That is the experience of any country that has ever tried to solve crime by "getting tough on it".

Indeed, what happens is what has happened in the US. Instead of going down, crime goes up. And the prisoners come out much worse than when they went in - and quite unequipped to make a living honestly even if they wanted to.

Over half of this blog, the first half, is missing. I have had electronic inter
ference with the blog site, and just the blog site, all day.

Oh, yes, and Harper is also spending more money on prisons than ever we have in history - to get worse results.

I might add that prisons are also showing an uglier trend. Hint - if you don't want to go to prison, or if you want a short sentence, try to be born white. The proportion of native peoples and African-Canadians is in a steep rise in prisons.

No, it's not because such people are born with criminal tendencies. It's because we're such a racist society that we create these problems, then blame others for them - and that makes us easy pickings for frauds like Harper.

There's also a good story on child poverty. It's on the rise, and has been for last twenty years. Government vowed that long ago to do something. So why has Harper done nothing? Because he doesn't give a damn. There are no votes in ending child poverty. There are votes in cutting taxes for the rich, killing environmental programmes to please big business, and giving out wildly overpriced shipbuilding contracts to billionaires.

And there's a good story on the auditor's report that the federal government is slow, really slow, to respond to recommendations that would make it more efficient.

Norbert has a column on Monty Python. I like Monty Python, too. But I don't see the point of a column to say Monty Python is funny. Most people figure that out for themselves. Op Ed has a trivial column by Eric Lewis, and a real sinkhole of irrelevance by Brian Cormier.

Great letter by Stuart Mills of Fredericton. He knows that frackinng is good because - wait for it - he did research by reading his Time Almanac for 2006. And so another great mind from Fredericton graces our pages. (I still have no call about my letter to the editor.)
Okay. back in the saddle. (I've wasted my day try t o save the first half of my blog.

Pope Francis make quite a statement that the TandT just didn't have room for. He says capitalism has become a new form of tyranny, that a government should ensure that its people have adequate of dignified work,  education and health care., that the rich should be made to share the wealth.
He said he would prefer a church that is bruised and hurting and dirty because it has been out in the streets to one that is unhealthy from confinement, and from clinging to its own sense of purity.

It would be nice if the pope could write something like that for the Protestant clergy of Moncton. Or perhaps it could be read out to the congregation for the hired rev. at the Irving Chapel.

On a side note, Canada's peacekeeping is down close to  nothing. But, apparently, we are very active which special ops (trained assassins) on which we work closely with the US. I can't find out whether they are out killing at random like their American brethren because the government won't release any information about them.


This has been the day from hell with constant interference with my computer. And it happens ONLY on the blog, no other site. However, I may have figured a way around it.

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