Thursday, November 28, 2013

Nov. 28: back, trying a different computer.

A strange story on p.1 "TandT tours the Big Apple". It seems we have an airline that connects Moncton to New York. And that gave TandT editors the idea of sending Brent Mazerolle to New York to write some stories about how much one can do in New York in a weekend.

Does that sound right to you? Are Monctonians chafing at the bit to go to New York? I mean, why go to New York when you live in the Hub where people are so eager to come we need an events centre?

So think over this possibility. The airline, which is not doing well on its New York flights, offered a free weekend in New York for a reporter who would write up some stories on what fun New York is. And the TandT is always happy to run an ad as if it were a story.

Nothing else in Section A. So let's talk about why there never is much in the TandT. I believe I mentioned yesterday that a person who wants to become a good reporter should not get a job at the TandT. Reporting is not something that just takes journalism school training. You need  years of experience under tough, knowledgeable editors to get to learn How to dig for the real story.

But that never happens at the TandT. I don't know whether the editors are just the sloppy seconds from the rest of journalism world, or whether they deliberately publish shallow reports in order to keep New Brunswickers ignorant so they don't get in the way.  But digging for the story just doesn't exist.

For example, the story about Moncton city council paying almost $400,000 dollars to a wealthy man so that he would graciously keep his hockey team in the city. (and forget that crap about how it had to be kept a secret for business reasons. That simply isn't true.)

So here's a big story of squandered public money. And it's out. So why didn't an editor say to a reporter, "Okay. There's nothing here now that it is justified to hide. So get after the mayor and councillors. Find out if this was put clearly to council. Did council discuss it? Who was in favour, and who against? Why? Did council vote? Who voted for t his? Who voted against."

This is all information essential for voters in anything called a democracy. And once the story was out, there was no point to hiding this information.

In another recent case, we had the unusual sight of men in military camouflage and carrying combat rifles. The paper had not a word explaining them - but this is surely not a common sight in Canada.

It seems they are a branch of the RCMP; but that is scarcely enough to explain them.

In the US, government is "militarizing" the police, in effect making them into an army. But this is an army that will never go overseas because the enemy is in the United States. The enemy the American people.

So it  has come to Canada. But why? Are we Canadians the enemies of our own government?

Yes, we are. Because it's not our own government. It is a government to protect the interests of big business. And when we get in the way of big business, we are the enemy. Thus the appearance of "paramilitaries" in camouflage suits with combat rifles.

At the present time, the enemies of big business are native peoples. And Harper has declared war on them. That's why "smirky" Goguen and other Conservative MPs were delivering that racist flyer about a year ago.

But don't worry. Our time will come if we don't accept the rule of our new masters.

In the US and, it seems, in Canada, democracy is the old way.

There's related news in NewsToday. From now on, says Harper, the major purpose of our foreign policy, almost the only purpose, is to attract business. So there will be no wasted time on dealing with climate change; and if we fight wars, it will be to make Canada safe for big business.

That foreign policy, combined with "paramilitaries" to deal with Canadians who disagree should look after any problems. We are now officially a nation in which nothing matters but what big business wants.

Oh, and don't forget our secret police. We have them, operating closely with NSA in the US. They freely exchange information. They also, both of them, share that information with big business on a regular basis.

That foreign policy, by the way - or lack of it - means we will be drawn in fighting other people's wars - particularly those of the US - since we have no foreign policy of our own.

But don't worry. You'll never read any of this nasty stuff in the TandT.

A poll shows that Monctonians have a declining faith in their city council. The TandT editorial, with no evidence at all, says that's because council is not doing everything that the TandT  tells it to do.

Norbert has the nerve to criticize the CBC for being sloppy and fad-driven  in its journalism. He ignores it's infinite superiority to a lying, shallow, and trivial Irving Press. Of all people who should criticize journalism,  Norbert should be last.

His closing quotations says that most news is just entertainment, nothing more. Norbert, if the TandT were just entertaining, that would be a huge step up.

Rod Allen is back to being the family bore.

Jody Dallaire and Alex Bruce are the only two in the paper worth reading.

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  1. I *suspect* the " sight of men in military camouflage and carrying combat rifles" will be becoming more and more frequent in this country as time goes on...... "big business" has decided to use the government as a buffer between "them and us", making our supposed elected government our enemies.