Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Nov. 27 DELAY

For a couple of weeks, my computer has been behaving  oddly.  And only when I am working on the blog. It constantly claims I am not connected to the web but, with fiddling, I can get it working again. Curiously, in this "unconnected time" I can always used my other computer (this one) which shares that web connecction.

Lately, it has added a trick - to freeze. It just did that; and now it won't respond to anything. This comes when I am just a few lines from finishing. I can get the use of another computer to start again - but that will take several hours.

And this happens ONLY on my blog site.

The TandT has still not responded to my  letter to the editor. However, it did publish an informative note on  fracking from a scholar in Fredericton who said it is perfectly safe.  He did his research in Time Almanac for 2006.

I hope to get back to this in three or four hours..

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