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Oct.12: one million Candians depend on food banks...

..and food banks in New Brusnwick are facing an increasing demand. You can find both stories if you look hard enough through today's back pages . Canadian poverty, if still below the disgraceful  US levels, is rising. But it's hard to find the stories hidden away like that - and they don't really say much.

However, it's easy to find a whole page story with pictures on how to restyle the kitchen in your luxurious home, a kitchen witih "...two dishwashers and multitudes of ovens and warming pans". Then there are two page of pictures of a 2400 square foot home.

And if you're looking for a holiday  spot in Thailand, but just can't bear the buzz of Bantkok, there are delightful photos, two pages of the charming city of Chiang Mai.

I don't know how many people in this town are eager to renovate their kitches with multiple dishwasher and ovens otrto ride an elephant in Chiang Mai. But it it must be quite a few since the stories of these two are not only prominent, but also occupy about ten times the space of the stories on poverty.

And then there's a full page on how to store and serve your extensive wine collection.

Of course, these stories come cheaply off news services that specialize in churning out trivia. Indeed, many of them are prepared by people in the business - such as real estate and travel agents - and the paper actually gets paid to run them.

A comment posted on yesterday's blog points out that the Irving press is freqently days late with news stories, frequently being beaten out by The Moncton Free Press (check google) which depends heavily on amateurs. Often, the TandT stories appear to have been written days in advance, then held for a slack day when there's space to fill.

Cheap and sloppy. That's the motto of the Irving Press.

A good newspaper, hearing of a million Canadian living in poverty would have spared us the gab about building luxury kitchens and taking exotic trips; and it would assign some serious reporters to find out what poverty means. What does povery look like in Moncton? What does it mean in terms of housing? Of health? What effect does it have on children? on education? How much damage does it do all of us?

But we get - "yep, lotsa food bank people, And now, movin' on, we ask the question - Are two dishwashers really enough for your kitchen?"

A real newspaper ( and there aren't many) would find out the permanent damage that poverty does to children, the pain and fear of it for adults, and why so many Canadians are dependent on food banks when corporations are making their biggst profits in history.

But those are questions you'll never see in the Irving Press. Nor will you see questions like - how much to the super rich actually pay - no. not what is there tax rate- how much do they actually pay in taxes.

And how can we possibly tolerate a system in which a few earn more in a day than most others do in a lifetime?  How can we tolerate, as happened in Nova Scotia, a system in which an arrogant multi-billionaire can demand a forgiveble loan from our tax money so he will hire people to work at the lowest wage possible to bujild ice-breakers he is already overcharging us for?

How can we possibly tolerate a system in which arrogant billionaires actually create poverty and destroy millions of lives to satisfy their own greed - which can never be satisfied?

Then, when they have robbed us blind, they toss back some of the loose change - the TandT babbles about how they're "philantopists?" With other loose change they build a church, (naming it after themselves, of course). I'll get God is bustin' his buttons with pride over that one.


The lead story of the day is that the mayors or Moncton, Fredericton and St. John are forming a partnership to get more control over spending and job creation out of the provincial government.

It's a pretty silly idea since no municipal government in New Brunswick has ever shown much of a talent for being creative or innovative. As well, such a transfer and division of power would weaken our existing ability to create improvement at the provincial level.

And the municipalities have no policies yet. Wow! A group with no policies and lots of evidence of corruption wants us to give it more power. Hold me back.

It's a brainless idea - a group that wants more power to so something but doesn't know yet what that might be.  But columnist Kurt Peacock thinks it's a great idea - though he seems unable to give any reason why it is.  I guess that must mean Mr. Irving likes it.

There's lots on the Rexton confrontation. But there's nothing on the story that the UN is now investigating Canada for human rights abuses against native peoples. There's a lot to tell, most of which Canadians never heard in school (or university) history classes - like the deliberate starvation of native peoples on the western plains. And the failure of EVERY Canadian government to deal with the enormous hardships we have forced on native peoples.

There's nothing on the major story that the permier of Ontario has been sytematically destroying virtually all envionmental protection in the province. In that, she is following the lead of Stephen Harper who has not only destroyed most environmental protection, but has destroyed research on how to deal with climate change.

Like Harper, the premier of Ontario that deciided that the oil must go through, regardless of the consequences. And that's a major reason why Harper is abusive of native peoples. They are the ones with the strongest legal case to bar him from forcing through pipelines, and permitting drilling. That's why the very idea of native peoples has to be destroyed. That's why Harper is intervining is native education- to use the system to assimilate native children - just as the residential schools did in the cases of abuse that the UN Human Rights commission is now investigating.

The Faith page sermonette is that it's important to practise thankfulness. Well, that's safe. That message wouldn't offend even the greediest  and most irresponibile people who make their millions and billions out of a province in which at least tens of thousands go hungry every day.

And it's so nice to have something ---you know----nice---for Christians to talk about over their church breakfasts and pie sales.

Excellent column by Bill Beliveau. We are are going to pay one hell of a price for Harper's refusal to pay attention to even basic preparation for climate change, his destruction of environmental regulations, his destruction of research in these fields, his destruction of native society - all in his single-minded determination to make money (largely for billionaires) out of oil while it's still possible.

Excellent column by Gwynne Dyer.

Skip the rest.

Oh, do you hate kids, and just want to scare them away from your place on Hallowe'en?  Go to page A 13, and cut out the picture there. Then pin it to your door at a child's eye-level. That'll scare them off.

The picture is Robert Goguen, M.P., smirking that awful smirk from a background of Autumn leaves.  Sure scared the hell out of me.


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  1. My eldest asked me today why so many Americans rely on food stamps. I said it is because they do not have enough income to feed themselves and their families.

    I added that at least the Americans have food stamps, while Canadians rely solely on the charity of others.