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Oct. 26: Fear, Hatred and Hysteria

It was just a little story in yesterday's paper, so the the full meaning of it didn't hit me when I read it.

Remember how David Alward said the  blokade at Rexton was an "armed camp"?. Yesterday, the precise number of arms was revealed. It was three guns. Hundreds of people had three guns. And that made it an armed camp.

The people who brought those guns in were, of course, undoubtedly scatterbrained and irresponsible - maybe worse. Had they been even more scatterbrained. they might have used them. With the armament they were facing it was not possible for them to win - and it is almost certain that innocent people would have been killed in the exchange.

In any violent conflict, the side that has the most power and guns almost invariably wins. It's a very foolish person who decides to duke it out with guns when that is the strong point of the other side.

But we began with Alward - and let's stay there. Alward said that the blockade was an armed camp. That's an absurd statement. They had three guns, some knives, and few tin cans with pebbles and explosive in them. It was dangerous and foolish, but scarcely an armed camp. I used to own over thirty guns, a bayonet, a machete, a hunting knife and several penkives. If Rexton was an armed camp, then I was an impregnable fortress.

The effect of Alward's "armed camp" statement was to paint all native peoples as  armd  and violent. (Thouth  there were far more people carrying feathers of peace than carrying guns - and I didn't see any feathers of peace on the government side.)

When Bush wanted to attack Iraq, he worked on stirring  up hatred against Moslems. There were articles in newspapers about how Islam is a religion based on killing ( unlike Christians who have never hurt anybody). For over a dozen years, American propaganda has hammered at hatred for Moslems.

A result of hatred is  fear.

And a result of fear is is hysteria.

With the hysteria, you can destroy the rights of your own people with the excuse that you are defending them,  and so you can illegally invade, bomb, assassinate and torture all over the world. Americans now live under unconstitional confiscation of their rights which their revolution was fought for. Democracy exists only in nenory. Assassination squads (special ops) operate in an extimated 75 to 100 countries around the world. Obama tells them who to kill, and they kill. There are no charges, no trials, and nobody knows how many innocent people are killed.

These 'special ops' are given romantic names like SEALS. But they operate like Murder Inc., a crminal organization in the US which killed on contract. Many of the special ops are former service personell who have signed on with companies that rent themselves out tor killing. The Blackwater agency is one of Obama's favourites. What do you call a man who likes to kill so much that he signs up with private companies to be a murderer?

No, he's not a patriot. Try the words psychopathic killer.

This technique has not been ignored by Harper. He, like many a prime minister before him. is anxious to destroy the very idea of native peoples and their rights. They're in the way of his determination to exploit Canadian resources without regard for damage to the environments or to people.

And so Harper has played with fear, hatred and hysteria. Remember that flyer he prepared which implied all native chiefs were crooked, ane how he intended to crack down on them? It was distributed by his local messenger boys like Robert Goguen.

Fear, hatred and hysteria. Stir those those up, and you can get away with - well - with murder.

That's what Alward was doing though, in fairness, I don't think Alward realized it. (He is the Elmer Fudd of Canadian politics.)

As usual, there wasn't much in the Irving press about anything - except that East Side Mario's will soon be reopening.

There is a teeny, tiny story on D 3 that an earthquake in Japan did not create the Tsunami that was feared all over the world. (except in NB which didn't know about it.) A major Tsunami would have hit a nuclear power plant near Tokyo which is already in ruins, already poisoning the land , the ocean, and almost impossible to fix.

As it is, the ruined plant has been leaking huge quantities of readioactive water in the Pacific for two years. As a result, come Asian countries have banned the import of Japanese fish. Indeed, water, fish and seaweed have been massively affected - and the radioactive water will reach BC in 2014. It will remain radioactive for so many thousands of years that the precise number doesn't matter.

Unless we can get that ruined plant dismantled soo, there sill be a tsunami - and that will trigger the biggest nuclear catastrophe ever known.
Researchers have learned that the eastern Arctic has reached its highest temperatures in a 120,000 years. The change is so unusual that the researchers say it can be explained only by greenhouse gasses from our use of fossil fuel. So let's do our bit, and keep pumping out that that oil. Duh, it'll create jobs.
There was a world report on the gender gap around the world. It compares countries, looking for the persence of women in buisness, politics, in access to employment and leadership.

The US ranked 21st in the world. (isn't it terrible the way those Moslems suppress women?) I haven't found where Canada is yet - but it's not in the top ten. The leaders were Scandinavian countries. Nicaraugua beat us, too.

But none of this made the Irving press.
So, is there anything worth reading in the Irving press? I mean, apart from the big story that Macdonsld's isn't going to use Heinz  ketchup any more? And there's the curious claim that Alward devoted 15 months of talks about shale gas to native leaders. Heck, even Alward didn't say that. He said 15 talks.

And I bet they were both honest and helpful, like the talks Alward set up (for a very few of us) with prof. Lapierre. Our government is a proven liar and manipulator.  He constantely lied to us and manipulated us through a lying press.  Why should we believe he hosted talks for native leaders          that were either honest or informative?
But there is an excellent column by Gwynne Dyer on chemical weapons in Syria, probably the best column I have ever  seen on that situation.

The weekly sermonette has a good headline. But nothing else. However, there is a tremendous breakthrough in religious thought at St. Martins  in - the-woods. Turning their backs on the earthly frivolity  of pancake breadfasts and Roast beef   dinners,  the Anglicans have risen, and  shaken off the dust of centuries. They are going to have a goose supper.


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