Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Oct. 2:

Yesterday's blog was so long, I had no room even for a brief word about out federal Conservative MP, Mr. Goguen, and the very expensive news sheet he delivered to all our homes. It's titled "Another Productive Summer". And it's just full of pictures of how busy he's been.

Okay, that fozen smirk of his is a little annoying. But, oh, he's been so busy working  for a better Canada. There are four pictures of him introducing Stephen Harper at a barbecue, then one of raising a flag in Dieppe, then giving out awards at a banquet,  then sharing blueberries at People's Park Tower, visiting a factory, and assorted shots of him making announcements about whatever Mr. Harper tells him to announce.

A productive summer? Well, I should say so. Why, there can't have been a minute when he wasn't smirking at a camera or sharing blueberries.  That's probably why he didn't have time to stop the government from cutting pensions for disabled veterans, leaving the vets to face age in poverty - with even worse cuts for their spouses.

And I'm not sure why he brags about the government's employment policy (sorry. It's not a policy. It's a plan. In fact, it's an ACTION plan - so much better than an inaction plan.)

Trouble is that the Canadian economy is not booming along. Employment has not kept up with population growth; and wages are lower. Maybe we need more actioning and less planning.

It's also notable that there's no sign that Mr. Goguen has had any role in any planning or action of any sort. No bill, no initiative has his name on it. His productive summer seems to have been productive only in introducing Mr. Harper at barbecues - and sharing blueberries with seniors.

And the big initiatives? His party is going to prosecute child molesters and criminals in general. Well, It's about time. But could Mr. Goguen please tell us which party is the one that is opposed to prosecuting child molesters and criminals?

And could he explain how come Mr. Harper says it's not his fault that a mobster got a $400,000 tax refund? Harper says it was all the fault of them there bureaucrats. But isn't he the one who's been in charge of those bureacrats for some years now - not to mention in chanrge of all those senators who've been living high on othe hog, and the one who's recently been charged with illegally raising party  funds?

But at least Mr. Goguen has had a productive summer.'s worth every penny he costs us for him to hold that ghastly smirk for so many photos.

The front page headline story is a real news story. This one is about the protest at Rexton; and it's actually quite well reported.  Personally, what I found best about it was to read of New Brunswickers who aren't afraid to express their political views in public.

Alas! This is followed by a Brent Mazerolle "news story" on largely irrelevant facts about the history of Dorchester penitentiary. The only interesting or useful information in it is that the local M.P.. a Liberal, used his influence to have Dorchester chosen the site for the new pen. That meant the stone came from a local quarry in which he had a large investment. Some things never change.

NewsToday had its usual mish-mash of news, much of it chosen for no discernable reason.(For example, it not clear why a Colorado teeaager who killed a girl is a major story., and is more prominently displayed than a story that Iraq has suffered nearly one thousand killed just in September.

Iraq is the country that has been celebrated as the one, big victory of the US armed forces since 1945.
The US didn't kill just one little girl. It killed millions of girls, boys, elderly over those years. And still it lost in Vietnam; its control over Iraq has collapsed; Afghanistan was lost a long time ago; and the US can't even defend its oil fields in Libya.

In consequence, the US is broke, has a debt it can never pay off, and a dollar whose real value is close to zero. We are watching an empire collapse. This is the collapse of the last of 500 years of western empires.

 Its democracy collapsed a long time ago. It is now a nation controlled by some of the most corrupt people on this planet whose only hope of surviving is world conquest. Only by killing and conquest on a grand scale can it possibly escapte its debts to other countries. But, though it has done well in the killing department over the past 65 years, it has been a disastrous failure at conquering.

Meanwhile, its rulers live in fear of the American people. That's why it has the biggest and most sophisticated domestic espionage apparatus in history. That's why the president has the power to imprison, to torture, and to kill with no charge or trial. That's why American police forces are being re-eqipped and militarized - to fight the American people.

You haven't read about that in the Irving press?  Well, you won't.  They are being trained and equipped as combat troops, something quite differnet from  police. Just recently, in Texas, city police forces have been supplied with tanks.And, no, I don't think they're for chasing down jaywalkers.
The editorial is the expected one about how the police should crack down on illegal demonstrations - like anti-shale gas. And, of course, the demonstrations are illegally trying to prevent poisoning, and the shale gas people are observing the law in risking lives and environment for profit. Well, of course.

The protesters are illegal - and risking lives for make profit -  is legal because the shale gas people are the ones who get to make the law in this province. Similarly, killing Jews was legal in Nazi Germany, and defending them was illegal. That's because it was the Naziis who had the power to make the law.

There is a difference between what is law and what is right. But don't expect an Irving press editorial to reflect that. This one is just a standard piece of Irving press self-righteous ignorance.

Excellent column by Alec Bruce.  Pay special attention to his quotation from Ayn Rand, the high priestess of the far right. She described our perverted form of capitalism as not an economic system but a moral one.

If so, it has no resemblance to any moral system I have ever heard of. In particular, it operates as a direct opposite of virtually all the moral principles of Christianiy and Judaism. That's something our clergy might think about whent they're looking for a sermonette for the faith page. It's something a  Presbyterian Revered Doctor might think about before lending himself to another service at the Irving Chapel.

Norbert contributes more mindless blathering about something he read about but doesn't understand. Brian Cormier shares deep thoughts about how he ate a really big lobster - a vision I would rather not think about. Eric Lewis offers a  rambling and pointless something or other about Riverview.

The last Letter to the Editor is a collector's item, "All should heed essential message". At first, I thought it was serious, and the most senseless piece of seriousness I had ever seen, so senseless it might have been written by a TandT editor.

But on second reading, I thought it hilarious; and I wondered whether this was really a brilliant piece of tongue in cheek humour.

I still can't decide. Take a look and see if you can figure which it is.


  1. I had coffee with the author of your last letter and he rambled on in person just as he does while writing.

  2. Ah, yes. I remember that well. So good of the author to take time to talk with a man so intellectually and physically handicapped.