Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Oct. 16: sigh......

It's not that there's nothing in the TandT today. That, after all, is standard practice.

They don't mention that the UN investigator has made it clear we can expect a very negative report for the whole world to read on our treatment of native peoples. I never thought the TandT would mention it. They still don't mention the recent and shattering report on just how close a massive global warming is. I never thought they would. They don't mention the recent report that of the thousands killed by US drone strikes, at least half have been innocent civilians. I never thought they would.

Mr. Flemmiing, we are told supports the way the RCMP is handling the anti-shale gas protestors gently. It encoutages, he says, "reasonable people coming together to do what needs to be done."

Reasonable people? Who are all these reasonable people? The Irving Press jourrnalists who have lied from the start about providing us with information? Show me all their articles in support of Dr. Cleary's warnings - or even say what they are. Show me all their stories about how shale gas companies have evaded prosecution for damage by making huge settlements out of court.

Tell me about the political and journalistic support of an academic fraud to push Dr. Cleary to the side. Tell me about the shameless coverup of the fraud. Tell me about the slobbering front page story about how Professor Lapierre is an oustanding world scholar with all the qualities of a saint who was "hounded" out of his jobs, presumably by vicious and deranged shale gas protestors.

Oh, I'll bet  "reasonable" in the story means those nice and accomodating people like Mr. Irving and SWN who had done their very best to explain everything, and who only want to do good for people.

Oh, and what is it that NEEDS to be done? We need water hyped with toxic chemicals pumped into our ground? We need toxic waste that cannot be cleaned, and is going to have to be dumped somewhere.

Mr. Flemming, you are a part of that government of shameless liars and sell-outs. You are one of those who gave shale gas companies permission to poison our lands. You couldn't  have shown more clearly who it is that bought you. Police can pound us for protesting against the abuses you have foced on us. They can do it because you gave them permission.

Okay, Mr. Fleming, but fair's fair. Will you now give permission to the general population of NB to urinate on your lawn? It's something that really NEEDS to be done.

Liberal leader Gallant is taking a courageous and far-sighted position on the central issue of our time  - making it easier for college students to get loans. Very advanced thinking - for North America.

Twenty years ago, I was visiting professor at the University of Groeningen in The Netherlands. I had excellent students, most of them fluent in at least three languages. They paid no fees at all. That's standard practice in at least six, European countries - all of them poorer than Canada. In fact, my Dutch students even got a monthly allowance for food and other living expenses.

And they were excellent and serious students.

Great idea, Mr. Gallant, to make it easier to get loans. I'm sure it will get you lots of votes the next time we have the election of 1950.

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Today, there are two (count them, two) opinion pieces on the "vision" of  more powers for an alliance of Moncton, Fredericton and St. John. That's a total of five major items on this proposal to take power from the provincial government and give it to the cities - five major items in just a few days. And all of them think it's a great idea.

But not one of them has given any sense of  how this would work, what it's purpose would be, or why. We are told it has many backers. But we are also told that they have no proposals for what they would do.

Today, there is an editorial - which tells us what the earlier articles on this subject did. That is, it tells us nothing. But it's in favour.

Norbert Cunningham is in favour, too. He uses language that sounds great, very impressive. But for all that facade of language he, too, tells us nothing. It's called,  he says, progress. But he gives no reason why it should be called that. Norbert has a real talent for saying nothing while making it sound impressive.

But, we've now been warned. The people who really run this province have decided on something, and it's something they want us to approve of without knowing what it's about.

Hell, Norbert, that's not progress. That's the way things have always been done in New Brunswick.

Alec Bruce has a column on the Throne Speech which is well worth a read. The Throne Speech, partciularly this one, is the Harper pitch to draw the idiot vote. These are the same people who thought Robert Goguen's recent flier on his busy summer was just inspiring. You know, introducing Harper at a barbecue, attending luncheons. Posing for photos with famous people we never heard of, looking like one of the more simple-minded characters on Sesame Street..... Just Go-Go Goguen, non-stop at serving the people who elected him  This man should be in the cabinet.

Of course, then they'd have to find someone else to send for the coffee..

On Op-Ed, the only thing worth reading is the Lost and Found Column. A man, it seems. lost his wedding ring in the partking lot between Costco and Kent. Yep. That's what he says. Should be a good story in there.

There is an interesting letter to the editor (it's the Letter of the Day), "Evidence of high returns should end gas debate. I was intrigued by it because it's writing style closely resembles a type I have seen on almost a daily basis on the letters page - though always under different names. Just wondering.

I icannot  understand why it is Letter of the Day.since is has nothing original to say, and much that is trite.

For example,"The silent majority...have been busy analyzing and studying the data on shale gas, and are confident the safe."

That's bizarre. The "silent majority" concept originated with a Reagan vice-president who was ignorant. the very idea that there was a silent majority or that we knew what it thought became a standing joke.

The writer thinks the silent majority has been studying the data? Well - didn't we just learn that a very large number of them, perhaps a majority, are functionally illiterate? How would they find the data in this province? Surely not in the Irving press. If they could find the data, how could they possibly understand it enough to analyze it?

No. That's a very strange letter, and stranger still it should be Letter of the Day.


New Brunswick has historically been run by people who had power because of their money. Indeed, that's quite common everywhere. But in New Brunswick, it's made worse by the most submissive population I have ever seen - and that includes my time in China just after Mao.

It's now so bad that we may be at the last chance. It is so bad, that there can be only one issue in the next election. Whatever we vote for, it has to be against the rule of the Irvings. That means it cannot be for either the Conservatives or the Liberals.

I don't' like just voting "against". But there really is no choice. We cannot survive much longer living at the bottom of the heap, and breathing in the burps and farts of Irvings lying at the top. Their political power has to be broken.


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