Monday, October 14, 2013

Oct. 14: The biggest news story ever...

I've put off writing this for two days. I still can't work up any joy at getting started on it.

Today's newspaper has one item in it worth reading - Steve Malloy's column on functionl illiteracy in this province. This isn't just a minor issue. It's a major reason why New Brunswick is in decline, and why it's such a sinkhole of political stupidity and corruption.

But, as a reader of this column wrote in a couple of cays ago, news in the Brunswick Press is always late and always reflects laziness because it's so often put together days before publication, and then just thrown in whenever there's a space to be filled.

In today's paper, we learn that Jim Moore has released federal budget hints. Jim Moore - he's a sort of court jester, but reliable, who looks after expensive programmes that aren't a damn bit of value but which capture Canada substantial sub-literate vote - you know - Moore's the guy who was in charge of the War of 1812 "celebration".

He's also going to be in charge of the even more expensive celebration of Canada's 150th anniversary. No doubt it will be followed, some twenty years later, by the celebration of the deliberate killing by starvation of native people in our west.

But the big push in the budget speech will be on helping Canadians get lower prices for cable TV.

I mean, who gives a damn about gross corruption in the Senate, about an oil shipment that killed 47 people? Who cares about revelations that our government is spying on foreign companies - and our government is spying on Canadian people who have done nothing illegal - and reporting their spying directly to Canadian big business?

I'll bet that Harper will have a get tough measure on pedophiles in there, too. Are they on the rise? Not that I have ever heard of. Is there any sign that his get tough measure of the past have had an impact on them? Not that anybody has ever heard of. But, hey, this is a safe and sure vote-getter.

Damn you, Harper!  One million Canadians depend on voluntary food banks to survive. And that means even more are living in hunger and suffering and bad nutrition, many of them children whose lives are shaped (or misshaped) for them by grade four.

One million Canadians, or the ones who are lucky enough to have a voluntary food back in there area, depend on food banks. And you, Harper, are going to focus on the really big problem facinig this country - the high price of cable TV.

And nobody at the TandT had the wit to comment on the arrogance, abuse, triviality, cruelty, stupidity of this proposed throne speech.

But, of course, it will get the support of every illiterate in Canada - and that's a big step to power in the next election.

We'll pass lightly over the US demand that Iran turn over its uranium stockpile to the West if it wants to avoid a war.  Oh? It sounds reasonable to you?

well - Uranium has many uses, some of them quite legal. The US has never produced any evidence that Iran is working to use it for a bomb. The US has a nuclear stockpile - not to mention a couple of thousand nuclear bombs. So why doesn't it lead the way in turning them over? Israel has a uranium stockpile AND it has illegal, nuclear bombs. Not to mention stockpiles of poison gas. Lots of countries, including Canada, have uranium stockpiles. So why is the US demanding that only Iran turn them over?

Because that's a sure-fire deal-breaker for any attempt to establish peace with Iran. Iran has to say no. It's quite willing to open its uranitum processing to inspection to make sure it isn't developing weapons grade material. But it needs some uranium for fuel. So, if you want a war, you just need to stick in a demand they have to say no to.

There are powerful Americans who don't want peace with Iran. And it looks like they're getting their way.

But far the biggest story is a that a climate research group - which even Environment Canada says is a highly credible one - has warned that we are within much less than a lifetime of irreversible global warming. They said it was start with tropical and sub-tropical cities like Kingston, Jamaica, which will become so hot as to be uninhabitable within a decade. And which will get hotter every year after that. By the 2070s, even Anchorage, Alaska will reach that stage.

Long before that, our food supply will have largely ceased to exist. As well, the oceans are becoming highly acidic. And the causes? Coal. Oil, Natural gas.

But Environment Canada, with the authority of its boss, Stephen Harper, announced that the Canadian government is taking quick action to deal with the crisis.

What quick action?

Well - Harper has taken away almost all funding for climate research. He has destroyed every effort to lower our greenhouse gas emissions. He has dismantled almost all environmental protection in Canada. He is working desperately  to bring more oil investment money into Canada. and to export more oil so we can create even more emissions.

The problem is not simply that so many of us are too lazy to learn how to read. It's also that we are ruled by people who are both greedy and stupid.

That's why we're getting a budget whose main feature will be to reduce TV cable charges.

This story, by the way is at least four days old. It hasn't appeared in the TandT yet - and I doubt whether it ever will.

I thought we had hit bottom with the shale gas issue. I mean, we had a province that completely ignored a report by its chief medical officer which warned of the severe health danger of shale gas. Our government and out newspapers then joined to take the soothing word of a professor who had no qualifications to speak on the issue, and who would not have had the qualification even if he had really held the qualifications he claimed.

And where is the investigation of all that? Where are the questions about who called on Professor Lapierre? How come, according to a letter from Mr. Irving, he and professor Lapierre were such great buddies? Doesn't Mr. Irving have an interest in shale gas? Is it possible that.....?

What it comes down to is that politicians and journalists and, quite possibly, business leaders, joined hands to spread lies that put our lives in danger. That's surely criminal. Where's the investigation?

Instead, we get bozo letters and press releases that this will duh - create jobs -.  duh. Right. Enjoy your job while people are sickening - and you're working outdoors in a temperature of 60 centigrade.

If ,when you are about to cross the street, someone shouts that a truck is coming, most people would have the brains to take a look. Most New Brunswickers don't. They look to Mr. Irving or one of his hacks to say, "Alll clear." Then they step in front of the truck.

But don't worry. If the worst happens, Mr. Harper will rush in legislation to reduce cable TV fees even more.



  1. So this is the great Conservative vision for Canada - cheaper cable TV.

    I am going to disconnect my cable, cancel my account, install a digital antennae and grab the TV signals I want, for free, out of the air.

  2. Maybe, just maybe, Mr Harper is in consultation with Mr Lapierre over the global warming "issue" and has been told there is nothing to worry about? (how is that for a "criminal conspiracy"?)

  3. kill your TV-- its a propaganda machine