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Oct. 10: the enemy is us...

I am beginning this post on Wednesday evening because I shall be busy tomorrow, starting the first of a series of six classes (How to Understand the News) for Tantramar Seniors. I can start early because there is a huge story breaking - and I feel confident it will not be in any adequate way covered in the Irving Press.

That Candian government and its agencies and your tax money have  become simply an agency for big business. The bits like cracking down on crime - that sort thing - is all the play for the moron vote. Ther reality is that Harper has decided which side  he's on.  And it isn't ours.

What we've heard so far about government spying is barely the tip of a very big wedge. More, much more, is coming. And I have little confidence that the Canadian press will give much more than a hint of what this is all about. My information here comes from The Guardian, arguably the world's best newspaper in the English language - and certainly superior to anything in North American.

To read it for yourself, go to http:www.


Harper's only focus is establishing Canadian big business in foreign markets.  Our embassies around the world are essentially service offices for big business. Most Canadian foreign aid is directly connected to deals for contracts or favours from the receiving countries.

Despite his little display of walking out on a conference because he disapproves of Sri Lanka's human right abuses, Harper doesn't give a damn about human rights. If there's a deal to be made, Harper has been happy to deal with the worst human rights abusers in the world - and to supply their rulers with a share of our tax money. He chose to display his virtue at the expense of Sri Lanka because it was a commonwealth conference - and the commonwealth has little value to him for business purposes. So that little show of his indignation was another trick for the moron vote.

We are in a spying circle called Five Eyes, with the US, Britain, Canada, Australia  and New Zealand combining their resources and sharing what they learn. So why were we spying on Brazil? Is Brazil a threat to Canada? A haven for terrorists? Well, no. But we had at least two reasons for targeting Brazil.

One is that there are forty Canadian companies involved in mining in Brazil. Our spies have been meeting regularly with those companies to give them stolen information, stolen from Brazilian resource companies, and from the government of Brazil, itself.

Does'nt it make you feel good to know our tax dollars are going to help those nice, Canadian mining executives so they can make even more money they won't have to pay taxes on?  A government source says this is no big deal because Canada has little trade with Brazil. And that is dodging the truth.

It doesn't matter how much trade we have with Brazil. Some big, Canadian company can mine the stuff in Brazil and sell it in Botswanaland. Whether it benefits Canada is irrelevant. What counts is that it makes some very rich people much richer.

The spying might also have been to produce information for the US which is trying hard to destabilize a number of Latin American countries because they are getting cheeky and refusing to take American orders any more. And if Obama thinks Brazil is a threat to American power, well, then, Harper thinks it's a threat, too.

We have no idea yet how much our spies are doing in how many countries. But, as the documents come out, indications are they are operating all over the world.

Then there's the enemy within our own borders. Yes, make no mistake about it. In the view of Harper and his big business friends, native peoples and environmentalists are the enemy. We don't yet know how far the spying goes - whether it includes phone taps, mail, computers - and whether it goes far beyond native peoples and environmentalists.  But we do know how it is used.

Regularly, our domestic gestapo meet with Canadian   big business leaders to tell them what's going on among these native people and environmentalists so they can take appropriate action. Your tax dollars at work.

This has been going on for at least eight years, and all of it based on legislation framed by Harper to set up our two, high budget  spy agencies. Quite apart from illegality of all this, quite apart apart from the contempt it shows for international law; quite apart from its assault on human rights, this has set up a spy system within Canada that look disturbingly similar to the American National Security Agency - with which it works closely.

No wonder Harper had his party draw up that pamphlet that is a racist attack on narive peoples. (Be sure to ask Robert Goguen for your copy.) No wonder he is preparing to take control of native education. This is a declaration of war on native peoples, a war to put and end not only to native rights, but to the very idea there are such beings as native peoples.                          

Similarly, turning loose the spies on environmentalists is a first step in declaring war on anybody who disagrees with the government. Harper has done more to destroy this country than separatists ever did. We have never had a government with such utter contempt for law and for our rights.

The evidence also suggests very strongly that Harper lied and is still lying about what he knows. He claims he wasn't aware of the work  his spy agencies are doing. That was never believable simply because Harper is such a control freak. Of course, he has known and has known in detail.

He set up the legilsation. He approved the skyrocketing budgets to set up this spying racket. He is the one who has specified that the spies are to report regularly to big business.

We have a prime minister who is in politics only to serve big business. Only big business has the right to know about our spying apparatus and to be briefed regularly. As for  the rest of us, we  had better shut up or we get added to the list of enemies.

I had never expected to see anything as corrupt and as abusive of human rights as this in Canada, not even under a Harper. We exist only to make profits for big business. Big business exists only to make profits for itself.

As for the Canadian people - screw them.

Canada is in the most serious danger it has faced. We've been rocked into unconciousness by private journalism so that, I fear, we'll look on all this with a stunned silence.  Come on, Norbert.

You're the guy who's always grouching that government is too big. I've never felt that you really knew what you were talking about when you wrote that. But, if you meant it at all, this is a time when I would agree with you. A government that spends our taxes to break international law, to make us all subject to the greeds of big business, to throw our human rights into the dustbin is certainly too damn big.

But you won't have either the courage or the integrity to write that now, will you? No. You and your wretched Brunswick News won't even notice what is happening and, if I guess correctly, most of editors wouldn't understand it even if they did notice it.

We are within inches of throwing democracy and this country away.


To nobody's surprise, none of the above story appeared in today's TandT. Indeed, the news sections were really stinking, highlighted by a must know story about why icicles have ridges on them.

However, for the first time to my knowledge, both editorial and op ed pages were decent.
Oh, another story floating around is that Swiss bankers report that Russia today has the biggest wage gap in the world, with 110 people holding 35% of all the nation's wealth. (No, there are not daring men who worked their way up. These are political insiders who were given resources and money when Russia switched from capitalism to communism.)

Result? Russian society is now back where it was under the   Tsars and aristocracy of a centuty ago. And we all know how stable that was.

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  1. Chris Hedges described America as a corporate state. This description applies to Canada and many other nations these days.

    Why doesn't the mainstream media discuss this fact? Because they are a part of the corporate machinery, that's why.

    I think change can happen, but it won't be easy or pretty.