Friday, July 26, 2013

July 26: The world has changed....

......but the Times and Transcript didn't notice.

On Wednesday, the US Congress defeated two bills. This means it has confirmed and made permanent the greatest changes we have seen in a lifetime and more. It also means the world is condemned to unending war for as long as we can see.

The TandT could have had the story yesterday.It was available in time to make the paper.  When it didn't, I assumed that they must lay out the paper earlier than I had thought: but it would surely be in today's paper.

It isn't. So here's the story.

Bush, with the patriot act, laid the groundwork  that gave the president  (and hundreds of thousands of others) extraodinary powers to investigate, to imprison, and to torture just about any American citizen - as well as foreigners - without charge or trial.. Obama hugely extended those powers to include a level of domestic spying never before seen, building massive files on every person in the US (indeed, the world) based on warrantless checking of phone calls, e mail, group memberships, internet usage - there really is no limit.

Even car licence numbers are recorded and tracked to check travel  habits; and threr is a possibility of suvrveillance boxes being built into every car.

The US government admits to some one hundred thousand domestic spies in its employ; and it is now completing the world's largest data storage facility in a building bigger than the Pentagon.

The data happily includes that of millions of Canadians, British, French - all countries. It includes listening in on foreign government officials, business leaders, everybody.. Europeans are furious. The Canadian government didn't even whimper.

The bill to reverse this was defeated - by a small margin; but it was defeated.

What does it mean?

It means that American democracy is a thing of the past. Anything said that is critical of the government can put the speaker on the enemies' list - and even into prison without charge.This is a data file that can blackmail opponents, be sold or handed over to the powerful to be used against the weaker. More important, it will intimidate every American into being very careful to avoid criticizing anybody or any thing connected with power.

Not in Hitler's Germany, not in Stalin's USSR, not in Mao's China was there ever such a rigid and massive presence of state coercion.

It won't be noticed, of course. Every July 4, people will go on singing "My country 'tis of thee, Sweet land of liberty" - of a land from which liberty has vanished.

It's over. American democracy is over. It's been dying for a long time. Now, it's dead. And, given Canada's close policing ties with the US, it may well be over in Canada, too.

Then there was the bill to prevent the president from going to war without the consent of Congress. The constitution requires the consent of congress for war. But American presidents have been ignoring it ever since the consitution was first approved.

Contrary to what most people think, the US has probably been the world's most warlike nation ever since its birth. It just did it without declaring war. The first victims, for over a century, were native peoples.  War was, thoughfully, declared against us in 1812, and against Mexico a generation later.Both wars to provide land for Americans speculators.. In fact, American politicans, including presidents, openly spoke of "annexing" Canada into the twentieth century.  (The US is one of the few countries that still does not recognize the Arctic waters and islands as being Canadian. )

Then, from the late nineteenth century, it was Central American countries, conquered and dictators installed in order to please that nice Mr. Dole and his friends - almost all of these without declaring war. Such wars continue to this day in places like Guatemala, Columbia, and quite likely in other Latin American countries.

Then it was Hawaii and The Phillippines. More recently, it has many times bombed Pakistan, Somalia, Yemen, Somalia, Syria (yes, sending money, weapons, intelligence and training constitutes war ) without declaring war. The recent invasion of Haiti (with Canadian help) was really a war to expel the democratically elected president. It was disguised as a peacekeeping operation - and the news media cooperated in that. But when you send in troops, and kick out the elected president, that's called a war.

Most of these wars, in recent years, aren't even heard of. They are carried out by small groups called special ops who are active all over Latin America, Africa, and the Middle East in unreported wars.

Nobody really knows how often the US has gone to war, but estimates are in the neighbourhood of 200 - and that's almost certainly low.. Now, it's open season for the president; and the American consitution is just a piece of paper. And the president will fight wars, as always, that are for benefit of the loudest voices of the time - at first, for land speculators (which is what 1812 was about); then for fruit growers, for trade advantage, for oil companies....

Harper has the same tendencies. He has many times publicly announced that Canada will support Israel in every war - no matter who causes it. That rather contradicts all those November eleven speeches in which we are told that our soldiers died to protect the right of Canadians - through their elected mps - to decided when and against whom we go to war.

The way is now wide open to some very brutal years or, far more likely, decades of wars - fought by a police state. And Canada is not just next door. It's closely tied.

The US consitution is in shreds. In no real sense does American democracy exist. It has become a police state dedicated to world conquest to make its rich even richer. That is one hell of a recipe for disaster.

But the editors of the Times and Transcript thought it was more important to cover a train crash in Spain. Are the editors deliberately hiding things? Sometimes they do. Well, quite often they do. But other times? Well, other times I think they're just hopelessly uninformed and incompetent.

The aim now is for US world dominance in just about everything.

The bill to regain accountatibility for the president was lost.

Sorry to spend so much time on that story. But I never expected even the TandT to completely ignore such an event.

That means I don't have time to touch on the points I suggested yesterday about which nuclear powers present the greatest dangers.. Perhaps tomorrow.
With all the crises available to him, the editorial writer chose crosswalks as the great issue of our time. Unfortunately, he had nothing in particular to say about them.

Norbert has another three-topic day. The first two are trivial. The last one is quite good.

Alec Bruce's column is outstanding. It's about the destruction of the middle class, and the effect it has had on our society. Through he writes mostly about the US, the column accurately reflects Canada as well.

Bruce is perhaps too kind to Obama in this column, portraying him as simply a big talker with no solutions to anything. That was my first impression of him, too. And I could wish it had turned out to be correct, because he's turned out, insteand, to be the most destructive president in American history.

Michael Sullivan has a column on how nice it is to live in Shediac. I'm happy for you, Mr. Sullivan. But this is a page for serious opinion and insight. This reads as though you have been spending too much time with Rod Allen, lately.

For a look at what serious opinion and insight are, look down below the Sullivan column to the one by Suzuki. See the differience?

The last of the letters to the editor is about 'conservatism'. Alas! It's just another failure to understand what conservatism means. It doesn NOT mean conserving the best of the past. I think the meanings of conservative, liberal, socialest,etc.might be a useful topic for the next meeting of the current events group at the library. It might be a step in restoring sanity to political discussion.
Two apologies

1. I am in the midst of moving as well as contemplating some hospital time for my computer. I don't think it likely; but it's possible I might miss a day or so of the blog.
2. For the same reason, I am haviing awful time keeping up with mail. If I'm late, forgive me.


  1. 1984 came and went with little fanfare but it's roots were well cultivated by then. These contentious acts are merely legal justification for what has been transpiring for decades. Tis a black day indeed when it can be flaunted globally. Have we reached the tipping point or is there yet hope for a romanticist's allusions?

  2. Way back, in 1984, I did a broadcast for CBC Montreal in which I argued that orwell's world had already begun to appear. It's now here with a vengeance.
    I don't know where it goes. The system is self-destructive. It's bound to create uprisings all over the world. As well, that economic system we call capitalism (which really exists only for small business)is destroying economies, nations and, ultimately, itself all over the world.
    I don't know where it goes. I do know we have to speak very, very strongly in the coming elections. To vote Liberal or Conservative at any level will be fatal.

  3. It's nice to see that somebody hasn't fallen for Obama's ruses. The popular mainstream media is often accused of having a liberal bias and the fact that they offer little to no coverage of his most egregious offenses bolsters those accusations.

    When the Patriot Act was passed many moons ago, it was impossible to watch any political talk show that wasn't condemning Bush and declaring the USA as a police state.

  4. Obama, like Harper, like justin Trudeau, like Bush, like Clinton, like Alward has no political philosophy at all. They exist simply to serve their masters, and to satisfy their personal ambitions.
    I have known Liberal and Conservative mps were were people of political principal. But not many.

  5. Breaking news:

    Lac-M├ęgantic crude oil train derailment linked to Irving Oil pipeline

    We've all *suspected* this, but here it is in writing!


  6. Wow! But will it make the TandT news pages on Saturday! Exciting time in the Irving press offices.


  7. Very insightful read Graeme as usual! Thank You!

    CBC at the national level is continually preaching Washington's version of events, as in a recent interview I caught on 'Q' regarding the the cover of Rolling Stone and the Boston bombing which any half-witted person completely understands was a state-sponsored terror event with the main objective to simulate a martial law run and gauge public responses to it.

    But, the official narrative of terrorists hiding among us was embraced by the CBC's 2 guests and the host voiced nothing to the alternative.

    I attempted to leave a comment on the 'Q' site but it was quickly moderated off. So much for speaking the truth at CBC!

    Does anyone know where on the CBC network the truth regarding the fictional 'war on terror' is being exposed?

    Watch here at PressForTruthTV;

    There are multiple videos here with an educated opinion that CSIS and the Canadian gov along with the RCMP are conspiring with the FBI and others to condition Canadians to think we have terrorists as well.