Monday, July 22, 2013

July 22: Wow! Wow! Wow!

George "Skip" Wallin is back in letters to the editor. And, what a thrill! He's once again been chosen by Letters editor Rod Allen as Letter of the Day. He must really be good. His point this time is similar to his point every time. Doctors know nothing about the environment. No.

I mean, if you want to know about environment, you have to to go an expert on the environment - like Prof. Savoie, the sage on public policy - which is practically the same thing as the environment. Nobrbert's good on it, too. And for that matter, Mr. Wallin is a real pro on the subject. I mean, look at all the letters he's written on it. And  he's Rod Allen's choice as "letter of the day"!! Boy they don't come much better than that.

Meanwhile, just  to the left, is a ltter by Janet Hammock pointing out that Dr. Cleary, our Chief Medical Officer got a presitigious national award for work on environmental health - and the Tand T didn't report it.

But Rod Allen kept his head. (there were no buyers for it, anyway.) Janet Hammock was clearly not the letter of the day. Wallin was. (Could we some day have a list of Wallin's environmental distinctions and awards?)

Those two letters are, God help us, the outstanding items for the day in the TandT.  Well - except for a fast-breaking story on p. 1 that more craft beers are going on sale this week.

 This is one limp and vacant newspaper. This is what premier Alward would have grown up to be if he'd been born to a tabloid mommy and daddy.
Big news stories missimg?  Well, there's the collapse of Detroit, the city that is now dead after 20 years of hideous decline. It shouldn't be news at all, really. After all, BBC had a TV series about the disaster several years ago. The last time I saw it, some twenty years ago, there were already whole blocks of rubble, of houses with severe damage including great holes in the roof, with people living in them.

Now their are tens of thousands of empty houses and apartments, miles of vacant factories slowly collapsing. It look like the ruins of an ancient city. What caused this destruction?

It was partly  the monstrous corruption of the city government. But even more, it was free trade. That made it cheaper for the auto companies to move out, and build their cars where labour came for a few dollars a day - preferably in dictatorships. That's what free trade is really all about - exploiting cheap labour in poor countries that have no labour protection laws. As a bonus, the job losses in the US drove down wages to create lots of unemployed so desperate they would take anything at just about any wage.

And to help them out in the cost of their move, the auto industry got taxpayers' money in the from of bailouts. Now, with police and fire departments in Detroit severely cut, crime and arson are leading sports. Schools, even those still in use, are filthy and dangerous ruins.

Who is going to pay all that debt? Well, city pensioners will take a huge hit. So will Americn taxpayers in general. But don't worry about the automobile industry or the crooked politicians who did this. Their money is safe.

The fall of Detroit is really not just a one-day sensation. The collapse of this city is part of a general collapse throughout the whole US that our news bas been largely ignoring. Industry has all by disappeared from the US. Poverty is soaring, even as billionaires make ever bigger profits and pay ever lessening taxes.

Indeed, we are watching the collapse of western power which has dominated the world from 1492. Spain and Portugal died about 1900. Britain, France and The Netherlands and Belgium died shortly after World War 2. Now it's the US.

It's a crash caused largely by the greed and irresonsibility of big busines, and by our failure to control it throuogh government. Now, with free trade, big business doesn't have to worry a damn about nations any more. With free trade, the nation has pretty much ceased to exist - except when big business needs it to fight a war for it.

It's going to get worse.
Gosh, don't they know they could solve t heir problem with a stadium and a hockey rink? Then they could have pro teams for hockey and football, and make piles of money.

The paper also missed the big oil spill at Cold Lake Alberta. Harper won't allow anybody to see it. But government scientists have warned that this has been going on for weeks. that it's out of control. that there's no end in sight, and that the damage to animal life and the environment is severe.

It was reported in of July 21. The scientists are anonymous - a good idea when you're working for Harper.  The government and company say it's all under control and perfectly safe. The view of the scientists is quite different. (Maybe we could send Skip Wallin and Prof. Savoie out there to get an informed report.)

The oil, incidentally, is produced by a system similar to fracking. And the problem is that with the rock shield now factured, it isn't possibly to stop the flow of oil.

Anyway, don't worry. It didn't appear in the TandT. So it can't be all that important.

In other news that didn't make it is the confrontation on highway 116 betweeen anti-shale gas protestors and SWN which has now joyfully extended its good works into fragile wetlands.

The editorial and publishing staffs of the Irving press appear to be too supid to realize that, with their news blackouts and lies,  they are throwing away what little trust they ever had from this community. They are actually encouraging disillusionment with politicians and business leaders. And in doing that they are destoying the very framework of our society.

The editorial writer wets his pants over the treasure we have in Rob Moore as Minister of State. Mr. Moore, we are told, is a kindred spirit for premier Alward. Oh, joy! And a third super-hero, Robert Goguen, will be working with them. And you know what? All of them will be pooling every foot-pound of brain power to get that events centre. And, oh, then, the future will belong the Moncton. Oh, Joy. Oh rapture unforeseen.
Alec Bruce is excellent on the government's use of native people, especially children, to carry out degrading and harmful experiments. It's hard for us to grasp how vile and even evil that was. And It didn't happen all that long ago. It's hard to grasp. But Bruce at least gets us part way there.

If others had done this to us, we would loudly be condemning them and calling for revenge. But, oh, it's hard to make us realize the evil we have done.

Craig Babstock contributes yet another column of pointless anecdotes about our courts.

Steve Malloy, like many others, is concerned,that organizers of a rock concert in Halifax have invited Chris Brown to headline a show. (He's the one who recently gave a savage beating to his girlfriend - and who has shown no signs of being a changed man.)

Well - yeah. Obviously the concert orgnizers are louts. Brown is a lout. And anybody who goes to hear him is a lout. I would certainly have no objection to banning Brown. But, surely, the problem here of Halifex is not the Brown problem. It's a much bigger problem and banning Brown won't solve it - the lout problem.


  1. I don`t know who Mr Skip (the truth) Wallin works for but his attitude begs the question as to whether the benefits package include private medical care outside NB...

  2. Mr Wallin's letter on Doctors...first of all he has no way of knowing what information/knowledge etc the doctors based their decision on and second of all he quotes some papers that he felt were inadequate....duh....even IF they were inadequate and even IF doctors research included an examination of the info he mentions of the reasons for the numerous calls for a moratorium is a lack of valid peer reviewed scientific evidence re risks vs benefits...not to mention the lack of public health info because of mutual nondisclosure after the gas companies pay people off...I could go on but the tongue is a sword and one needs to be discerning.
    I will ask if the Liberals had extensive unbiased info from both sides when they granted the exploration leases ???