Sunday, July 21, 2013

July 21, Just a brief, Sunday note....

I've been out of touch with them for quite a while, but all the mafia I knew were great church attenders. Mostly Catholics, they usually made the earliest mass on Sunday - before breakfast, but after a night of checking gambling and hooker receipts. (Something, I guess, like casino operators.)

A mafia wedding was something not to be missed for the sheer splendour of the wedding families, and the magnificent dinners after the weddings - with bottle after bottle of splendid wine from their own (illegal) wineries. Yes, the Lord was well served by the Mafia.

The major gambling bosses of the time, though, were not Italian mafia. They were the Jewish mob. But they equalled their Italian brethren in devotion to their places of worshhip. (Protestant mobsters, for some reason, tended to be agnostics. I remember fondly one of them, Montreal's top armed holdup man, who used to love to argue religion with me.)

I thought of alll this piety as I read yesterday's TandT of yet another apecial service, everybody welcome, at The Irving Chapel. And I though of my centuries of highland Scots Presbyterian acnestors, dismayed as they looked down from an exclusively Presbyterian heaven at what was happening to their church.

If there is any trace of morality that is evident in the various operations of Irving enterprises or Irvng political activity, or of the Irving press, I should dearly love to know what it might be.

They, with other business leaders in this province, are prominent disciples of the gospel of pure greed as a virtue. Greed is good. Low pay for the lower classes is good. Making piles of money out of essential services is good. Depriving people of basic necessities is good. Taking over government and effectively destroying democracy is good. Using newspapers to hide information, to spread propaganda and to lie is good. (I'm not making this up. You can read their holy words as found in the gospels of Ayn Rand, a novelist who preached exactly what the greedy and self-centered wanted to hear..

We've seen a tidal wave of this philosophy wash over North America and Europe - and even over China.

Destroy the environment - for profit.
Deprive people of health care - for profit.
Kill millions in wars - for profit.
Corrupt the governments - for profit.

It's always been there, of course. But never before has it been there with such force and such lack of any sense of alternative. Never before has the opposition been so weak.

There's a reason for morality. No society survives without basic rules to limit the greedy, the powerful - and the greedy and powerful made stupid by their greed and power.

We are living in a society in which the government ignores not only the wishes but the basic needs of the people it governs. This is a government has has permitted the heavy-handed intrusion of big business into government - as in Mr. Irving's intrusion into the ministry of finance (what the hell was Alward thinking of shen he allowed that to happen?), and Robert Irving's intrusion into the conduct of City Council. (What the hell were the mayor and the councillors thinking when they allowed that to happen.?)

This stage is fascism. This intrusion of business is, partly, what the word 'fascism' means. (No. It is not conservativism. In fact, conservatism has an essentially moral basis - as does liberalism. Things like government social services and trade unions have their roots in conservatism. Betcha didn't know that.)

But immorality doesn't work. Eventually, it destroys every society that tries it. Even as it destroys itself, it's destroying us.

But, hey, enjoy the service at The Irving Chapel. It will be so relaxing. You won't have to think at all. It'll be just like reading the Faith Page in the Irving Press. Or, if you prefer, just like attending a mafia wedding.


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  1. The "story" of the week that everybody missed:

    Miramichi Lumber Products mill shuts down again.

    The "story" being: there is no wood (on crown land) for them to get (guess who got it?).